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Five years after barely surviving his harrowing encounter with a prehistoric 75-foot shark in The Meg, deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor is back for another thrilling showdown in The Meg 2: The Trench. Jason Statham returns as the courageous Taylor, forced to confront the Megalodons once again when a research facility is attacked in the Mariana Trench. In this sequel directed by Ben Wheatley, Taylor's tranquil life training new rescue recruits is upended when his old friend Mac (Cliff Curtis) reaches out for help. Mac's oceanography institute in the Pacific has been sabotaged by a rogue employee, plunging a submersible crew to the bottom of the Mariana Trench where few have ever ventured before. To rescue the survivors from the crushed submarine and safely retrieve a valuable sample they were carrying, Taylor must come out of retirement. He persuades the reluctant Dr. Minway Zhang (Wu Jing) to join the dangerous mission and confront any Megs they encounter in the depths. Descending into the 36,000 foot trench puts them tantalizingly close to answers about the Megs, but also into the heart of their territory. Along with facing off against the giant sharks themselves, Taylor and Zhang discover a threat that's been lurking and evolving undiscovered. The film expands the underwater world as Taylor and Zhang explore glowing caverns, ancient shipwrecks, and new Marine life in claustrophobic manned submersibles. The action balances aquatic excitement with creepy suspense once things start going awry. Sophia Cai joins the cast as Taylor's 17-year-old daughter Suyin who stows away on the rescue ship, worried for her father's safety. The addition of Suyin raises the emotional stakes for Taylor during frightening Megalodon encounters. Four years after the global smash success of The Meg, the sequel aims to deliver everything fans loved about the original on an even grander scale. With Statham's swagger, exotic underwater photography, and sharks the size of planes, The Trench promises to take one of cinema's greatest monsters into exciting new territory.

The Meg 2: The Trench is a Action, Science Fiction, Horror movie released in 2023. It has a runtime of 116 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0..

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Ben Wheatley
Jason Statham, Jing Wu, Sienna Guillory
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