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Hollywood Harry is a 1986 thriller film that depicts the life of a retired homicide detective named Harry Petry, who is compelled to investigate a series of murders in Hollywood. The movie stars Robert Forster as Harry, Joe Spinell as Max Green, and Shannon Wilcox as Lacey Scott. Directed by Robert Forster, the film has a running time of 99 minutes and is rated R.

Harry Petry is a retired LAPD detective who is now working as a cab driver in Hollywood. Although he loves his current job, he cannot forget his past as a detective, and he continues to observe the city and its inhabitants carefully. He becomes concerned when he learns of a series of gruesome murders that have occurred in the area over the last few months. The victims are all women, and they have been brutally beaten and strangled. Harry is sure that the murders are connected, but he is not sure how.

As Harry's concerns grow, he realizes that he is fielding information from a variety of sources. He discovers that Max Green, a writer with a passion for true crime, is gathering information about the murders and has started to suspect that the killer is a Hollywood big shot. Meanwhile, Lacey Scott, a young actress who is trying to make it in Hollywood, has just landed a role in a new movie, whose director is, coincidentally, the main suspect.

Despite Harry's initial reluctance to get involved, he soon finds himself drawn into the investigation, working with Max and Lacey to uncover the truth. The movie is a tense, gritty thriller that shows the seedier side of Hollywood. Robert Forster's performance is outstanding, and he delivers a nuanced portrayal of Harry Petry as a man who is tired of the violence he has seen in the past, but unable to resist the lure of an unsolved case.

Joe Spinell's character Max Green provides a strong counterpoint to Harry's cautious approach to the case, as Green is an emotional and impulsive individual who believes he already knows the killer's identity. Despite their different approaches, Harry and Max develop a strong bond during the course of the investigation.

Shannon Wilcox's portrayal of Lacey Scott provides both a love interest and an important source of information, as Lacey gradually becomes more involved in the investigation. Her character's vulnerability and naivete are juxtaposed against Harry's world-weariness, and their interactions form a poignant subplot that adds depth to the movie.

The movie's pacing is slow but steady, with a measured approach to character development that heightens the suspense as the plot thickens. The film makes great use of the Hollywood setting, with its neon-lit streets and sleazy bars providing an atmospheric backdrop for the story.

Overall, Hollywood Harry is a gripping and stylish thriller that offers a realistic portrayal of both the glamor and the seediness of Hollywood. Robert Forster's performance is a standout, and the supporting cast provides strong support. The movie's conclusion is satisfying, leaving viewers with a sense of closure while also hinting that Harry's passion for solving crimes may never truly be satisfied.

Hollywood Harry is a Comedy, Drama, Thriller movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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