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What Did You Do, Sara?
When the truth of what happened to Sara is finally exposed, Álex unleashes one last act of revenge on the Medusa Center.

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What Happened to Sara
César pays a visit to Tonya and resorts to a drastic method to get information about Sara. Under Reinaldo's watch, Chema undergoes horrifying treatment.

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Lab Rats
Worried about her treatment, Sara attempts to expose Reinaldo. Chema is admitted to the Medusa Center.

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Welcome to the Medusa Center
Álex fights for his life in the hospital. A distressed Chema asks his mom for help. A flashback shows how Sara became the focus of Reinaldo's experiment.

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Dead or Alive
Lucía's arrival takes Álex's investigation in another direction. A new lawyer takes Chema's case. César shows up at Álex's house to reclaim his money.

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Medusa Complex
Sara tells Nicandro's dad about his son's drug business. Reinaldo offers Marifer a deal. Álex secures protection for Chema. Nicandro visits Daniela.

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Presumed Dead
While investigating the link between Nicandro and Dr. Alanís, Álex uncovers a key suspect. Rodolfo asks Álex to help him bring his father to justice.

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Who Killed Sara? is a gripping and intense Mexican crime drama series that took Netflix by storm when it first aired in 2021. The series is a captivating choice for audiences who are into mystery, suspense, thrilling plot twists, and multi-layered storylines. With two successful seasons launched in 2021 and 2022, the Douglas Petrie creation has not only captivated the local audience but has gained global attention. The series unravels the gripping story of Alex Guzman's earnest search for truth and justice in the aftermath of his sister, Sara's, mysterious death, a literal cliffhanger that's hooked audiences since episode one. Sara died in a tragic parasailing accident while on vacation with her brother and her wealthy boyfriend's family, the Lazcanos. But was it really an accident? Alex, who was unjustly convicted for his sister's murder and spent eighteen years in prison, is hell-bent on finding the real culprit. The narrative takes viewers on a riveting journey as Alex's bold investigation unveils the darkest secrets of the Lazcano family, hinting that almost anyone could have been involved. The premise combines an enigmatic whodunit with gripping family drama, love, betrayal, and dark secrets that throw Alex and everyone he encounters into dangerous chaos. Audience fascination intensifies as the series paints everyone as a possible suspect, presenting an entangled web of narratives that blurs the boundary between friends and foes. Clever, and meticulously designed flashbacks makes the storyline even more compelling, allowing spectators a glimpse into Sara's life before the fatal incident and the relationships and conflicts that could have led to her death. As the hunt for Sara's killer intensitates, we witness fluctuating alliances, power dynamics, and shocking revelations that keep viewers at the edge of their seats. The intertwined lives and secrets of the characters offer an intricate tale that adds more complexity to the central mystery. The show's title character, Sara, is portrayed as a vibrant, brave young woman whose life was tragically cut short. As the investigation proceeds, her character's depth develops further through various narratives and testimonies, contributing to the suspense and intrigue. The series intelligently explores themes of vengeance, family loyalty, and deep-rooted corruption that add meaningful depth to the whodunit drama. The embattled protagonist Alex, expertly played by Manolo Cardona, battles with his quest for vengeance and his struggle to uncover the truth. His performance, rooted in raw emotion and a burning sense of justice for his sister, adds a human touch to the otherwise extensively plot-driven drama. The supporting cast, particularly the Lazcano family members, help in breathing life into the complex, engrossing narrative. Each character is carefully constructed to contribute to the overarching mystery, with their actions, motivations, and personal secrets contributing in their own unique way towards painting a bigger picture. Although originally a Mexican series, Who Killed Sara? incorporates elements that transcend cultural barriers, making it a universally gripping drama. Set in an atmospheric Mexican city, the series uses its locale to its advantage, portraying the character's affluent lifestyles and the contrast to Alex’s world post-prison. It's an exploration of a Latin American society from two gears, which enriches the story and gives it a socio-cultural depth. With a powerful blend of crime drama and family saga, Who Killed Sara? is a well-scripted, exceptional piece of mystery storytelling that consistently keeps the suspense high with each episode ending on a shocking cliffhanger that leaves viewers eager for the next. This intense narrative journey of truth-seeking against an establish but corrupt family serves as both a chilling psychological thriller and a searing commentary on how the pursuit of justice can often turn into a pursuit of vengeance. Overall, Who Killed Sara? creates an intricate, captivating world that leaves viewers questioning everything while rooting for the truth to emerge. The show's masterful storytelling, sudden plot twists, and character dynamics are sure to keep binge-watchers up all night. Who Killed Sara? is an intriguing binge-worthy show that promises suspense-packed entertainment with every episode, thrilling audiences worldwide with its narrative complexity and rich character development. It is a compelling, chilling, and outstanding addition to the global landscape of mystery television drama series.

Who Killed Sara? is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

Manolo Cardona, Ginés GarcÑa Millán, Carolina Miranda
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