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Life and Death
In the first season finale, Grace's world continues to deteriorate, while the FBI closes in on Constantine. She attempts to define her role in both worlds.

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Constantine seeks assistance from a Chicago mob colleague in an attempt to help his estranged son Garrett, who is deep in debt to the ruthless Nogales Cartel. As payback for the favor, Constantine orders Grace to treat Trapani's girlfriend, who is harboring a shocking secret.

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Sibling Rivalry
When a champagne bomb is delivered to Constantine, he and Celeste try to determine who wants him dead. Meanwhile, Nate seeks Grace's help after an accident.

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Dr. Devlin and Dr. Robinson treat a priest who was wounded during an exorcism of a demon. After Constantine learns that newcomer Russell King is determined to take over downtown, he seeks help from Celeste and Al Trapani. Meanwhile, Dr. Devlin helps a runaway who may have witnessed a murder.

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Fluid Dynamics
Franco refers master thief Russell King to Dr. Devlin at Roosevelt Medical to treat his back pain, he finds he needs immediate surgery.

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Game Changers
In an attempt to form a coalition of mob factions, Constantine calls on Celeste LaPree, a former girlfriend and call girl-turned-madam, now married to a hypochondriac mafia boss who runs Chicago's Northside. Meanwhile, Franco forces Grace to make a decision based on love and loyalty.

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Turf War
When two innocent bystanders are caught up in an ambush meant for Franco and the rest of Moretti's crew, Grace tries to intervene. As the war between Moretti (guest star Michael Rapaport) and Constantine escalates, Grace is desperate in her attempt to end the feud.

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Grace and Brett feel the pressure of their busy schedules starting to take a toll on their relationship and reach a breaking point. Grace is in a serious situation when mob boss Paul Moretti takes matters into his own hands.

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Grace faces a moral dilemma in order to save her patient who needs a heart transplant.

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Change of Heart
After delivering a baby that Constantine intends to use for blackmail, Grace plans to help the mother keep her newborn son. Meanwhile, Moretti tries to prevent a witness from testifying at his trial.

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Protect and Serve
Dr. Devlin treats a family that was involved in a fatal car crash and then is forced to help the driver of the hit and run.

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Family Secrets
Constantine Alexander introduces Grace to Donte Amato, a formal rival of mob boss Paul Moretti who has a potentially fatal condition if not properly diagnosed. Meanwhile, Grace and Brett treat a bride who was too sick to stay at her wedding.

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The series premiere opens with Dr. Grace Devlin, a top resident at Chicago's Roosevelt Medical Center, struggling with a moral dilemma - she is indebted to the mafia.

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Mob Doctor is a compelling American television show that aired on Fox between 2012 and 2013. The series, which seamlessly blends drama, crime, and suspense, stars the talented Jordana Spiro as its lead character. The show pivots around an intriguing narrative and emphasizes intricate character development, keeping its audience on the edge of their seats.

At the core of Mob Doctor is Dr. Grace Devlin, portrayed brilliantly by Jordana Spiro. Grace is a promising young surgeon who seems to have a standard, albeit fast-paced, life working at a hospital in Chicago. However, she carries a life-altering secret: she has ties to the mafia. As the title suggests, she is the Mob Doctor, entwined in a world that needles a delicate balance between the conventional medical profession and working as a doctor under the mafia's requests, often involuntarily.

Navigating through a complicated personal history, Grace has a brother, Nate, whose gambling problems inadvertently get her tangled with the city's notorious mob, the Southside Outfit. To keep her brother safe from the mafia because of his debts, which he can’t pay, Grace strikes a deadly deal with the mob: her medical services for her brother's life. This arrangement sets the spine-chilling premise of the show, where Grace is committed to working occasionally for the Mafia, outside of her daily hospital responsibilities.

Amid all the chaos, Grace finds solace in her highly demanding job at the hospital. Her career shapes her life and acts as an escape from the harsh realities of her dangerous connections. Grace’s professional life is also painted with diverse characters, such as her boyfriend Dr. Brett Robinson, a fellow doctor, and her boss, Chief of Surgery Dr. Stafford White. They exist on the side of her life oblivious to her perilous mafia dealings.

Realistic portrayal of hospital scenarios imbued with medical emergencies is pivotal to the series. The show displays the contrast between these conventional medical situations against the backdrop of Grace's other unconventional patients’ treatments making the narrative more captivating. The dichotomy between her two worlds is stark and underscores the thread of suspense that runs throughout the series.

The show offers a deep dive into Grace's character as she walks the tightrope that separates her dual life. Committed to keeping her deadly secret from overwhelming her existence, she strives for integration with her hospital life. Her humanitarian outlook as a doctor often battles with the immoral duties she performs for the mafia. Yet, she remains a heavyweight champion, facing constant struggles and difficult decisions in her high-stakes life on her terms.

As a character, Grace Devlin is a study in contrasts. She is staunchly ethical in her role as a doctor, adhering to the Hippocratic Oath, while at the same time, she finds herself working for people whose business is inherently unethical. Her character also presents a persuasive perspective on how far someone would go to protect their family, in this case, her reckless brother Nate. Her relationships with other gang members, including Paul Moretti and Constantine Alexander, paint an even more complex picture of her character.

Set in the underbelly of Chicago’s organized crime, the series goes beyond Grace's character to explore the workings of the mob and their impact on society. The show is not just fast-paced but also intelligent and thought-provoking, offering an authentic view of the mafia universe. It is a thrilling exploration of how far one woman will go to protect her family, balance her professional duties, and survive in a treacherous world where one wrong move could be her last.

The Mob Doctor is thus a refreshing take on medical dramas and mafia entities, intertwining daily hospital life with the unpredictable world of the mob. Jordana Spiro shines as Grace Devlin, bringing a certain grit and authenticity to the character. The supporting cast also stand their ground, adding depth and intrigue to the story. The show masterfully explores moral dilemmas, the tension between personal and professional life, and the resultant human drama, flavored with crime and thrill. The Mob Doctor is a must-watch for those who enjoy multi-genre television programming with strong, complex characters.

The Mob Doctor is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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