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But You Don't Do That Anymore
In the series finale, Patty and Ellen battle in court, and the aftermath permanently changes their lives.

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I Like Your Chair
McClaren's latest leak forces Ellen into the spotlight. Tension between McClaren and Rutger Simon boils over.

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I'm Afraid of What I'll Find
As Patty is asked to throw her hat in the ring as a potential Supreme Court nominee, Ellen's associate Kate Franklin approaches Michael Hewes on behalf of his grandfather, Lyle, whom Michael believed was dead. Once they meet, Lyle recounts the details of Patty's childhood and her subsequent efforts to cut him off from their family's land before asking Michael to grant Patty custody of his daughter in exchange for the property.

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The Storm's Moving In
Patty and Ellen get caught in a blizzard; McClaren discovers a major player in the trading scandal.

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I Need to Win
Ellen's painful past comes back to haunt her.

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There's Something Wrong With Me
McClaren's past begins to haunt him; Patty has a confrontation with an old enemy.

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I Love You, Mommy
Patty and Ellen seek the source of the Princefield leak, while Patty deals with Ellen through the media.

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Failure is Failure
Ellen is suspicious about the inconsistencies in McClaren's story. Later, Ellen's mother requests her help.

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Have You Met the Eel Yet?
A hacker claims to have vital information about the leak at Princefield; Patty's former colleague offers to help Ellen.

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You Want to End This Once and For All?
In the fifth season premiere, a revealing case has Patty and Ellen on opposite sides.

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Damages is a labyrinthine, complex legal drama series that aired from 2007 till 2012, being one of the prestige offerings of The 101 network. The series is anchored by the inimitable Glenn Close, who plays the ferocious and determined litigator Patty Hewes, the founder of her own law firm, Hewes & Associates. With her magnetic performance and her character's chilling pragmatism, Close skyrockets the portrayal of powerful women in legal dramas, ensuring Patty’s place as one of television’s most memorable characters. Alongside Close, the talented Rose Byrne embodies the character of Ellen Parsons, a fresh law school graduate who becomes the newest associate at Hewes & Associates.

The narrative structure of Damages is particularly appealing, using a dual timeline approach that juxtaposes the present and future, revealing the fate of characters before depicting the chain of events that led them there. Rather than kill the suspense, this engrossing mechanism ties viewers in knots trying to figure out the how's and why's of every twist and turn. The storylines that run across each season are tight and compelling, usually revolving around complex legal cases that pull in elements of political corruption, corporate greed, family dynamics, and personal vendettas.

With Patty Hewes being one of the nation's most revered high-stakes litigators, the cases depicted in the series aren't your everyday lawsuits. They involve high-profile figures, multi-billion dollar corporations, and at times even cross international jurisdictions. Yet the series is not confined to courtroom procedures, evidentiary hearings, and legal maneuverings. The crux of Damages lies in exploring the murky morals of its characters, their manipulative tactics, and power struggles, providing a complex character study of what people might do under immense pressure.

The relationship between Patty and Ellen forms the crux of the series, starting as a mentor-mentee dynamic but soon evolves into a layered and fraught relationship as the series progresses. Patty’s hard-nosed ruthlessness and absolute determination to win at all costs contrast sharply with Ellen’s idealism and initial naiveté. Yet Ellen learns quickly, proving to be a worthy match in this high-stakes game where loyalty and trust are constantly tested. Their relationship, filled with power shifts, secrets and manipulations, makes for compelling drama and forms the emotional core amongst the strategizing and legal antics.

What makes Damages stand out is its ability to sustain high tension and create atmospheric grit, embracing the dark side of every character, revealing motivations through exceptional writing and performances. While the series leverages legal drama tropes, it's far from being formulaic, rather it’s often unpredictable, intricately plotted, and consistently leaves viewers on edge.

The supporting cast of Damages is as strong as the leads, featuring notable talent like Ted Danson, Željko Ivanek, and Tate Donovan, amongst others. Every character has a role to play in the large puzzle that each season poses. They are complex, flawed and keep you guessing about their true motives, providing added depth to the primary narrative. At its best, the show demonstrates how one’s professional life can bleed into their personal life, causing damaging effects. However, it also showcases resilience and the human ability to deal with life-altering changes. The character outcomes, dynamics and arcs feel real and believable, thanks to the fine execution by the cast and the comprehensive writing.

On a technical level, the series earns high points for its slick production, clever writing, and thrilling pacing. The intense score, the gripping editing, and the moody cinematography contribute efficiently in maintaining the gripping nature of this thriller.

In conclusion, Damages is a riveting and intelligent legal thriller that offers a window into the high-stakes world of litigation. It is a show that successfully plunges into the core of its characters, using litigation as the backdrop. With compelling story arcs, layered characters, and praiseworthy performances, especially by Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, Damages makes for a binge-worthy series that keeps viewers constantly on their toes.

Damages is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 59 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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