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Foreverwood (2)
While packing up her house and preparing to leave Everwood with Jake, Nina tells Hannah that she knows Andy bought an engagement ring for her. Hannah convinces Nina to sneak into the house while the Browns are out to get a look at the ring.

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Foreverwood (1)
While packing to leave Everwood, Nina confides in Hannah that she knows Andy bought an engagement ring, and Hannah convinces her to sneak into the Brown's house to take a look at it. But when Jake finds out about the ring, he goes to confront Andy about his feelings for Nina.

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Goodbye Love
Nina's struggle to figure out who he loves more between Andy and Jake takes new development when Ephram tells her his father bought an engagement ring. Memories brought back to Amy about Ephram and her, making her revaluate everything about each other.

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Andy's father shows up shockingly at the Brown house after 15 years of absence. Bright gets drunk in his 21st birthday party and ends up getting rushed to the hospital after falling through a window.

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Enjoy The Ride
Returning home, Reid, strangely cheerful, finds Bright miserable and dejected, then finally gets the courage up to ask Amy out. The date become quadruple when Amy gets Nick to make his move on Hannah.

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All The Lonely People
Ephram finds Reid unconscious after overdosing on pills in a failed suicide attempt. Bright, feeling miserable after their breakup tries to fix things between him and Hannah.

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Ephram discovers the truth about what happened between Bright and Ada and wonders what he should do with the potentially devistating information. Irv's estranged daughter arrives at his book signing, much to the chagrin of Edna.

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The Land of Confusion
Bright makes a mistake that threatens his relationship with Hannah; Kyle gets a Juilliard audition and Andy, knowing this news triggers feelings of regret in Ephram, encourages his son to try another music school; Nina tells Andy she wants to propose to Jake; and Amy reluctantly brings Laurie to her parents' house for dinner.

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Across the Lines
Andy and Jake's early morning get-together is interrupted when a drunk driver crashes into a pole in front of them. Later, Jake goes to the hospital in order to talk to the driver about addiction.

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An Ounce of Prevention
An eighteen-year-old girl comes into Andy's clinic to be checked for breast cancer because it runs in her family. When the results come in, the girl and her older sister, who has had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer, return to see them.

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You're a Good Man, Andy Brown
Andy goes to a Rabbi, Josh Stein, for help in planning Delia's Bat Mitzvah. Despite bringing back feelings about his own lost son, Ephram supports Kyle as his estranged father returns to town.

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Lost and Found
Ephram falls deep into a depression when he can't figure out his relationship with Amy. He only gets more depressed once he hears that Will Cleveland, his former piano teacher and mentor, has passed away.

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Amy and Ephram try to sort out their relationship and future after they sleep together. Jake and Nina's relationship hits a bump when Nina learns about Jake's addiction to prescription drugs.

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Getting to Know You
Though still madly in love with Amy, Ephram, much to his chagrin, has become more of a "girlfriend" to Amy than a boyfriend. Their new-found friendship takes a romantic turn when they end up waking up together.

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So Long, Farewell...
Bright and Amy try to deal with Hannah leaving and each of them take her departure harder than they expected. Jake and Cliff, one of Jake's friends, go on a high-risk, high-skill level bike ride, but their excitement is cut short when the trip takes a near fatal turn.

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Pro Choice
Hannah's mother arrives in Everwood to tell her daughter that her father has died, and Bright tries step up to help Hannah through this hard time. Ephram has a hard time dealing with Amy and Reid's new relationship while Andy has a hard time finding a kidney donor for a patient when the patient's daughter refuses to donate a kidney.

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Free Fall
Wanting to fix Andy and Jake's friendship, Nina suggests that the men go to counseling to sort out their differences with a professional. Meanwhile, Andy tells Ephram that Amy might have a boyfriend; Rose deals with losing the mayoral election; and Ephram continues to learn the about the complications in Kyle's life.

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Connect Four
While camping with Andy and Harold, Ephram reveals the real reason he came home. Back in Everwood, Bright considers a sexless relationship with Hannah when he learns that she doesn't believe in pre-marital sex.

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Pieces of Me
To make money, Eprham begins giving piano lessons to a Kyle, a 14-year-old piano prodigy, but the lessons stir up old emotions in Ephram. Meanwhile, Andy meets with a brain tumor patient and his wife; Delia tells Andy that she wants a Bat Mitzvah; and Harold and Rose deal with the stress of test results and the results of the Everwood mayoral election.

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Put On A Happy Face
Amy, trying to adjust to college life and coming to terms with the fact that her crush, Reid, is gay, is thrown another punch when she learns that Ephram will be living with her brother and Reid. Nina and Jake try to move on with their lives after Nina makes her decision; and Bright and Eprham take Hannah to a party.

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The Next Step
Andy is devastated when he learns that Ephram won't move back home but is going to live with Bright and Reid instead. Hannah begins to reconsider her relationship with Bright when he tells her about his "three dates and out" rule.

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A Kiss to Build a Dream On
As the season opens where last season's cliff-hanger left off, Nina is forced to choose between Andy and Jake, but will she pick the man she truly loves? At Delia's request, Ephram returns to Everwood just in time for a wedding.

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Everwood is a heartfelt, emotional American drama television series that aired on the WB network from 2002 to 2006. The series presents a captivating blend of family drama, romance, and personal growth, skillfully painting a portrait of a small mountain town and the diverse characters who live there. The series stars accomplished actor Treat Williams in the role of Dr. Andrew Brown, a renowned neurosurgeon from the bustling city of New York. Tragedy strikes Dr. Brown's life when his wife dies in a car accident, leaving him with two children to care for. Struggling to cope with his grief and the notorious challenge of single parenting, he decided to start anew. He embarks on a journey away from the city's frenzied life to the calm picturesque town of Everwood, Colorado - his late wife's favorite place. Largely focusing on the familial dynamics, the series mirrors the struggles of the Brown family as they navigate through the complexities of life in a new environment. Gregory Smith portrays Ephram, Dr. Brown's stubborn and bitter son who initially resents the drastic change. Emily VanCamp shines as Amy Abbott, Ephram's love interest, dealing with her own series of challenging circumstances. Through their performances, the show greatly explores teenage angst and the trials of adolescence. Everwood's ensemble cast is rounded out by characters who contribute to the richness of the series' narrative. Edna Harper, a vibrant and comical nurse played by Debra Mooney and her relatively skeptical husband Irv, portrayed by John Beasley ensure that there's seldom a dull moment in the show. Dr. Brown’s young adorable daughter Delia, performed by Vivien Cardone, brings a different dynamic to the show as she strives to adjust and enjoy small-town living. The versatile Chris Pratt also makes his breakout television role in Everwood, playing the character Bright Abbott. Stephnie Niznik in the role of Nina Feeney, the loyal and supportive neighbor, also enriches the emotional quotient of the show. Other community-members played by Merrilyn Gann, Tom Amandes, and Marcia Cross, among others, intensely bring out the warmth, the spirit, and the virtue of small-town existence, adding a charming hue to the narrative. The series introduces Scott Wolf in its later seasons as Dr. Jake Hartman, a charismatic and dynamic doctor, shaking up the dynamics in the town. Sarah Drew and Michael Flynn also joined the cast in consequential roles, adding their unique flair to the series. Everwood's narrative power is derived from its exploration of common human trials, showing characters grappling with grief, forgiveness, love, and ethical conflicts. The series is not shy about confronting sensitive issues such as mental health, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy, tackling them with utmost grace and sensitivity. The strength of the series lies in its ability to blend these profound themes with relatable, everyday situations, resulting in stories that touches the viewer's soul. Even though the series is set in a fictional town, it is centered around real emotions. Everwood is the kind of show that tugs at heartstrings, simultaneously managing to provide a sense of warmth and comfort. The series is filled with life lessons, further enhanced by the incredibly powerful performances of its ensemble cast. It beautifully depicts a myriad of emotions and relationships, offering an authentic portrayal of human experiences. The small-town setting of Everwood, Colorado, with its breathtaking landscapes, backdrops of mountains, and scenic charm, contributes greatly to the overall ambiance of the show. It is an integral part of the series, embodying the serene escape Dr. Brown was looking for from his life in New York and symbolizing a sanctuary where characters seek solace, redemption, and growth. Everwood, with its poignant narrative enriched with resonant characters, puts forth a world that reflects reality while offering an escapist television experience. It is a series that embraces its audience with open arms, encouraging them to experience the joys, the sorrows, the conflicts, and the adventures of life in their ever-evolving journey in the unique, humble town of Everwood.

Everwood is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 89 episodes, the show debuted on 2002. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Vivien Cardone, Tom Amandes, Treat Williams, Stephanie Niznik, Gregory Smith, Merrilyn Gann, Debra Mooney, Chris Pratt, Emily VanCamp, John Beasley, Sarah Drew, Scott Wolf, Anne Heche, Nora Zehetner, Sarah Lancaster, Marcia Cross, Paul Wesley
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