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Competitive Spirit
Vincent will stop at nothing to win.

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Unpopular Mechanics
Randall loves to invent things, even if it means destroying other people's belongings.

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It's For You
Gary is like any other 14-year old boy yearning for some privacy.

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Town Gathering
Fourteen year old Erin has little else to do in her small town than to make up stories. She has developed quite the reputation for crying wolf.

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Imaginary Friend
When Eight-year-old Mary Anne moves to a new neighborhood, she meets two boys who don't know the meaning of kindness.

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So Very Attractive
Fourteen year old Julia is obsessed with being beautiful.

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All Booked Up
Thirteen year old Greg Davis hates books. He hates looking at them, he hates hearing about them, but most of all, he hates reading them.

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Trouble in Store
Best friends Derek and Rob love new things. They'll go to any means to get them, even stealing!

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Waste Not, Haunt Not
Richard and his younger brother Stephen, are willing to try anything to design the winning Science Fair project.

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Monster's Ate My Homework
Evan Wagner will do anything to get out of doing his homework, including lie to his teacher.

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Too Cool For School
Junior High School friends Stephanie and Jan hate rules.

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Sharon Sharalike
Selfish eight year old Shauna doesn't like to share, especially with her five year old sister Katie.

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"Tales from the Cryptkeeper" is an animated television series that first aired on CBS from 1993, showcasing an anthology of horror stories specifically adapted for children. The American series is a delightful blend of horror, humor, suspense, and life lessons. Based on the popular adult series, "Tales from the Crypt," this show intends to thrill its young audience while also imbibing valuable morals. While it never inclines entirely dark nor too frightening, it maintains a fascinating balance that gets every viewer hooked to the screen. The significant presence throughout the series is its enigmatic protagonist, the Cryptkeeper, voiced by John Kassir. The Cryptkeeper serves as a morbidly friendly guide to the crypt and the stories that lie within it. His character, existing in a dungeon-like setting speaks with a puckish, cackling voice adding to the eerie atmosphere and sharing a sort of spooky warmth with its audience. With each episode, he opens and closes the plot with a touch of grisly humor that echoes the dark comedic theme. One distinctive aspect of the series is its stellar voice cast. Elizabeth Hanna and David Hemblen lend their remarkable voice talents to a varied cast of characters, enhancing the show's vibe. The quality of voice acting in the series brings the animated characters to life, adding to the lively spirit of the stories. The animation style of "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" is ground-breaking and makes the series visually stunning, blending both classic and contemporary animation techniques. The series offers an impressively creepy yet appealing tone, rendering an attractive aesthetic that resonates well with children. The distinct color palette, the clear-cut character designs, and the atmospheric settings are a testament to the superior art direction and profound affirmation of the show's darker elements. As an anthology series, "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" doesn’t follow a continuous narrative. The individual stories must solely rely on their intrinsic value and effectiveness. The series skillfully crafts a range of stories based on urban legends, popular culture, folklore, and myths, each married with a fresh twist that takes the audience along with unexpected turns. The narratives vary from supernatural elements like ghosts, ghouls, and monsters to psychological horrors and suspense tales, all structured within a captivating storyline. One of the notable factors of the series is its knack for weaving lessons into its narratives. It manages to deliver insightful messages about the importance of honesty, friendship, humility, and compassion. Despite its somber title, the show never forgets its young audience, ensuring that darkness is often tempered with light, and the fear with laughter. "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" maintains a proper balance between the elements of terror and comedy. It features creepy stories with a lighter tone, making them suitable for children. This approach allows kids to enjoy the thrill and mystery associated with horror genres while simultaneously making sure not to overwhelm or scare them excessively. Over the years, the series has garnered positive reviews and appreciation, thanks to its engaging storylines, superior animation, excellent voice acting, and balanced approach. The show mainly appeals to children due to its fun and slightly scary aspects, but adults can also enjoy it for its witty humor and nostalgia. In conclusion, "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" is a unique, stylish, and entertaining piece of animated horror-comedy series that stands out due to its distinctive approach. The show's strength lies in its creatively imaginative plots, fun constructions, and carefully woven life-asserting lessons. For young viewers looking to delve into thrill, uncertainty, and life values, or adults seeking to relive their childhood fantasies, "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" makes for a truly enigmatic watch. From the enthralling opening scene to the climactic end, the series holds the viewer’s attention while sowing the seeds of intrigue, laughter, and learning, truly establishing itself as an unmissable gem of ’90s television.

Tales From the Cryptkeeper is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 1993. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

John Kassir, David Hemblen, Marc Donato, Tara Strong
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