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Episode 13
Facing the rope, the Wild Boys are offered a last minute reprieve by Fife -rescue Emilia from the Butlers and he'll pardon them. But Jack's rescue plan goes awry when Scanlon is revealed as Frank's prisoner.

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Episode 12
Ruby is murdered and it seems it all has to do with the Old East Road. It is not clear if she was killed by her "lover" Fuller or mistaken for Catherine who has inherited the property of Old George.

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Episode 11
When Conrad comes into possession of a map, the race is on for the gold. Breaking away with Mad Dog Morgan, one of the baddest bushrangers roaming the wild, Conrad is soon pursued by the rest of the Wild Boys, Scanlon and the Traps.

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Episode 10
When the Butlers target farmer, Old George, on the Old East Road, George seeks the Wild Boys' help. Jack, in fighting off the Butler's assault, comes to realize that Frank Butler was also part of the original murder of the Ryans.

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Episode 9
Mary's thrilled to have her younger brother Ben come to town. He's a great uncle to Tommy. But Ben has other reasons for coming to Hopetoun and it doesn't involve family. He enlists the help of the Wild Boys in what appears to be a robbery.

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Episode 8
Just as the Wild Boys are relinquishing their plans to target Hopetoun's Assayer, they run into Jessie, a disarming risk-taking female bushranger. She convinces them to join forces with her, but her plan quickly becomes complicated.

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Episode 7
In the midst of a rum shortage as a result of a spate of hold-ups, which are wrongly blamed on Jack, Fuller convinces Emilia to set the boys up to save Conrad. When the sting goes wrong and Conrad's shot, Jack's convinced they have a rat in their ranks.

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Episode 6
With body parts turning up in the bush around Hopetoun, there are rumors that a cannibal's on the loose. But when Scanlon pulls a dead woman from the river, he comes to realize that a villain from the days he was a cattle duffer with Jack has returned.

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Episode 5
Dan's past comes back to haunt him when an old girlfriend convinces him to marry her. Meanwhile, the Wild Boys are also being threatened by a new bushranger in town called Captain Moonlite: he's dangerous, eccentric and rather elusive.

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Episode 4
With the Hopetoun Cup being run in town, Jack is determined to ride and win the event - and make a nice score by stealing the favorite, painting it up and entering it as their own.

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Episode 3
After Mary's bar burns as a result of foul play, Jack decides to rob the Hopetoun Bank to help her out. But after the boys take the manager and his wife hostage they discover the bank's vault is empty.

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Episode 2
Jack comes to after being shot to discover that a family has been murdered. Cared for by Mary, he's almost caught when Fuller raids her pub.

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Episode 1
Jack and Dan return to Hopetoun after a month away. With a new Chief of Police arriving their existence as bushrangers is suddenly under threat.

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Set in the backdrop of the Australian outback in the 1850s, "Wild Boys” is a television series brought to life by Endemol and premiered in 2011 with Daniel MacPherson in the lead role. A thrilling narrative full of action, adventure, mystery and drama, the series amusingly entwines historical storylines featuring bush rangers, gold rushes, and colonial deal making. It's an amalgamation of "spaghetti" westerns, buddy stories and heist capers, that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Daniel MacPherson does a magnificent job as Jack Keenan, the charismatic leader of the Wild Boys, a group of rough-and-ready bushrangers causing mischief and mayhem in the New South Wales colony during the gold rush period. A daring yet charming rogue, Jack is an outlaw with a heart of gold, who has a reputation for thrilling exploits and a taste for danger. MacPherson’s acting prowess brings Jack’s complex and layered personality and his physical durability to life, drawing the audience deeper into the narrative.

The series introduces a whole array of characters that are well-etched and equally captivating. The supporting ensemble consists of actors such as Michael Dorman, who plays Dan Sinclair, David Field as Captain Moonlite, Anna Hutchison as Emelia Fife, and Jeremy Sims as Finn Scanlon. With detailed character arcs, every actor brings depth and life to their roles, fostering intriguing dynamics and relationships throughout the show.

The storyline of "Wild Boys" centres around the turbulent times of Australia's colonial period, offering a peek into life in a wild and unruly frontier. The show portrays a raw and ruthless world where gold fever is rampant, bushrangers rule the roads, and the authorities are corrupt officials seeking control and land. Jack and his Wild Boys live life by their wits and courage, boldly robbing coaches and doing their best to stay one step ahead of troopers and bounty hunters. Laws are their enemies, and outsmarting the constabulary is their sport.

At the core of "Wild Boys", there's a struggle for freedom, not just from the actual laws that bind individuals but those of morality and societal expectations too. It tactfully deals with themes of friendship, loyalty, love, and survival in the rough outback, adding a layer of introspection and soulfulness to an otherwise purely adventurous storyline.

The series is more than just the physical action, it is also abundant with intelligent strategizing and quick-witted dialogue. There are shades of humour laced in, that balance the tension building elements and provide relief from the relentless energy. The dialogues are impactful, sometimes cheeky, delivering humorous banter and sharp retorts that blend seamlessly with the overall tone of the show.

Visually, "Wild Boys" features some stunning cinematography. The Australian landscape provides a captivating backdrop, with its vast plains, dense bush, and dramatic cliffs and the series makes full use of this, incorporating panoramic shots and close-ups that communicate the sheer beauty and terror of the outback.

"Wild Boys" stays true to the grimness of its setting, not shying away from graphic violence or the harsh realities of life during colonial times. It brilliantly captures the lawlessness of the bush, the desperation of the settlers, and the harsh brutality of survival with seriousness and sensitivity.

The series offers a fresh perspective on the romanticized lives of bushrangers and sheds light on an exciting and significant period in Australian history. With its blend of history, action, adventure, romance, comedy, and engaging performances, "Wild Boys" presents an entertaining and gripping narrative. It is not just a show about outlaws living life on the edge, it's a story of survival, rebellion, and the pursuit of freedom in an era fraught with adversity.

"Wild Boys" is a celebration of bravery, resilience and friendship set amidst a tumultuous historical backdrop, making it a worthwhile watch for fans of historical dramas or adventure shows. Offering intrigue, excitement, and spectacle, this show promises a thrilling ride through Australia's wild colonial past.

Wild Boys is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Daniel MacPherson, Nathaniel Dean, Zoe Ventoura, Christopher Stollery, Michael Dorman, Jeremy Sims, Anna Hutchison, David Field
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