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Episode 8
Just has lied about the death of Emilie's mother and it transpires that Sofie and Sebastian's absolution from the curse will have grave consequences for his family. Which side will Emilie take?

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Episode 7
As the twins realise there may be other black-eyes at the school, Just reveals how far he is willing to go to fight them. Meanwhile, the hunt for the gold heart intensifies, with fatal consequences.

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Episode 6
The twins find some graves in the forest and wonder whether they're connected to the curse. Emilie uncovers Sofie's secret, testing their relationship.

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Episode 5
Sebastian wants Sofie to exploit her relationship with Emilie to obtain more information about their secret. Nadja is now such a big danger that the siblings have to take drastic action to prevent her from revealing it.

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Episode 4
Ditlev's death shocks the school. Just convinces the police that it was suicide, but he knows better and starts his own investigation to identify the murder.

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Episode 3
Sofie and Sebastian discover some old paintings in the attic and learn that their secret goes many years back in time. Ditlev's obsession with Sofie is still a problem.

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Episode 2
Sofie and Sebastian find out why their mother went to Ottmansgaard, but they have still got their instinctive desire to suck.

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Episode 1
Heartless follows teens Sofie and Sebastian - siblings with a deep, dark and fatal secret. In order to survive they must suck energy out of other people.

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Heartless is an engrossing dark fantasy drama series produced by Kanal 5 and originally aired from 2014 to 2015. A Danish production, it stands out due to its erotic and supernatural themes, interwoven with human drama and captivating mystery. The cultural distinctiveness of the series imparts a refreshing interpretation of genres that have always held a perennial appeal. The fascinating premise of Heartless centers on two orphaned twins, Sofie and Sebastian, who share a supernatural curse. Misfortune fell upon them at a tender age, and they are burdened with a strange condition – they must feed on the life forces of others to survive, with a single touch leading to instant death. This intense narrative highlights their moral struggles and their desperate quest to break this curse that threatens their existence. The series takes an unforeseen turn when the twins find themselves at Ottmangaard boarding school, a location laden with secrets of its own. This ancient institution established approximately 400 years ago is the last citadel of the old aristocracy and symbolizes the conservative values and norms of traditional society. The twins learn that their curse is inextricably linked to the school's history, intensifying the mystery. Their enigmatic past and the concealed secrets of the school become the focal point of the drama, keeping audience members engaged with a blend of suspense and thrill. The character development in Heartless is expertly done, with Sebastian and Sofie emerging as conflicted yet endearing protagonists. With each episode, they tread the tightrope separating the human from the monstrous, their needs and curses compelling them into becoming figures of terror even as they strive to retain their humanity. Their journey is not only about survival but also about seeking redemption. Consequently, they undertake desperate efforts to uncover the truth behind their curse, the secrets which Ottmangaard holds and the means to break their curse. It's this voyage, interspersed with moral ambiguity, struggle for survival, and insatiable curiosity, which forms the central narrative of Heartless. The interspersing of dark supernatural themes with traditional boarding school drama makes Heartless a unique riveting watch. The series pays close attention to the societal, historical, and cultural background, adding more layers to its supernatural narrative. The archaic setting of Ottmangaard is depicted brilliantly and often juxtaposed against the eerie, uncanny undertones associated with the twins' predicament. The series also indulges in the exploration of themes like alienation, identity, love, and loss. It dedicates considerable focus on the supporting characters who each have their unique stories and challenges, contributing significantly to enhancing the depth and appeal of the narrative. From a visual perspective, Heartless is a masterfully crafted surreal spectacle. The eerie cinematography, coupled with the gloomy ambiance of the ancient boarding school, lend an atmospheric, gothic touch to the series. This distinct visual narrative style undoubtedly elevates the overall intrigue and specter of the plot. Heartless, despite being a short-lived series, succeeds in creating an unforgettable impact due to its unique premise, intricate characterization, and spectacular storytelling. It's a visceral exploration of human nature in the face of survival, coupled with an imaginative spin on supernatural lore. This multi-layered drama instills a sense of discomfort yet simultaneously compels viewers to follow the journey of these two cursed souls caught in extraordinary circumstances. In summary, Heartless presents a riveting exploration of the supernatural, tinged with elements of romance, mystery, and drama. It subtly defies the genre conventions and excavates deeper, darker themes, making it an irresistible watch for fans of dark, introspective shows. It's a testimony to the extraordinary storytelling capability of Danish television, which seamlessly interweaves human emotions with supernatural elements.

Heartless is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

Kanal 5
Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Julie Zangenberg, Marie Hammer Boda, Thomas Ernst, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Julie Christiansen, Sebastian Jessen, Laura Christensen, Julie Grundtvig Wester, Christopher L
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