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As the result of a surprise appearance from a visitor, Max and Ellie make their way on a twisted and terrifying path.

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A rebel is able to break into the asylum's old chapel where he ends up getting more than he bargained for. Max and Dan contend with each other.

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A new resident moves in, whose young brother has extraordinary powers.

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Ellie is aware of potential disaster for Reeta's wedding day. Dan tries to work his magic on the bride-to-be and has already proved himself indispensable to Warren.

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Pool of Tears
Ellie and the new residents at Brightmoor are aware of the danger lurking about them after warnings of a ghost in the water are not taken seriously.

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The Long Drop
Bedlam Heights has been renovated and renamed to Brightmoor, but its unearthly residents do not cease to bother the residents who are moving in.

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Bedlam, produced by BBC America, is a horror and supernatural drama series that ran from 2011 to 2013, starring Theo James, known from his performances in blockbuster hits such as the 'Divergent' film series. The name of the show, Bedlam, was inspired by a nickname for the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London - a psychiatric institution famous for its chaotic and disastrous conditions. The show's setting, echoing this historical inspiration, is 'Bedlam Heights', a markedly modern, luxurious, and renovated apartment complex. But beneath its glossy surface lies its shadowy past; the building was formerly an asylum with a dark and disturbing history. The focal character of the show's first season is Jed Harper (Theo James), who is instantly identifiable by his rugged good looks and charm. What sets Jed apart, however, is his uncanny ability to see ghosts and his connection to the darker, spiritual world. His character is not merely content with seeing these apparitions, he often encounters them in a relentless pursuit of resolving their unresolved pasts and ultimately, bringing them peace. Supporting Jed is a dynamic cast that brings a sense of palpable character tension and deepens the narrative threads. This includes Kate, the ambitious and driven entrepreneur behind Bedlam Heights, as well as her father, Warren - the part-cynical, part-pragmatic developer and owner of the property. Molly and Ryan, siblings with their distinct character traits and inherent family issues also join in on adding to the interpersonal dynamics, mystery, and dramatic intensity. Long-standing resident, Sadie Novak played by actress Nikesh Patel, is another key facet of the story. As a professional medium, Sadie effortlessly and seamlessly blends with Jed’s enigmatic world of specters, guiding him through his ghostly encounters, and further enriching the complex narrative tapestry of the show. As the series unfolds, the relationship between the characters grows deeper and more complex. Each episode introduces new apparitions, each with its own story to tell and secrets left to unearth. These spectral visitors routinely disrupt the lives of Bedlam Heights' residents and it is often up to Jed and Sadie to placate them. The series does a fantastic job straddling modern-day drama and psychological horror, bringing viewers a visually arresting and lushly produced show that proves there's more to ghost stories than just bump-in-the-night scare tactics. With its engrossing narratives, complex characters and frightful moments, Bedlam highlights the unease, fear, and terror that resides just beneath the surface of modern society. The show consistently explores familiar, yet impactful themes surrounding fear, death, sanity, and the human psyche. By doing so, it maintains a perfect balance between the realms of the living and the dead, uncertainty and revelation, dread and empathy. This skillful balancing act is complemented by a distinct visual style that combines contemporary aesthetics with classic gothic elements, creating a unique and captivating ambiance that is resonant of classic horror literature, yet modern and fresh. The creators of the show successfully manage this blend of dramatic relationships, ghost story mystique, and horror overtones to craft a series that delves into human complexities and vulnerabilities against a backdrop of supernatural intrigue. They’ve also expertly incorporated authenticity in the depiction of the various aspects of spiritualism, which adds to its engaging allure. By using the setting of a former asylum and integrating it into a contemporary narrative, Bedlam also delivers a subtle commentary on the social and personal implications of mental health, thereby grounding the show's supernatural aspect in real-world relevance. Bedlam, in its 2-season run, has delivered a genuinely unique perspective on contemporary horror television while maintaining the age-old tradition of ghostly storytelling. Its unique and innovative mix of individual drama, ensemble chemistry, mystery, and horror, combined with an intriguing premise, guarantees an engaging viewing experience for its audience. With suspense, chills, and a haunting atmosphere, Bedlam is a truly unique and unforgettable addition to the world of supernatural horror dramas.

Bedlam is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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