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And The Winner Is...
After the winner is announced, the crew has an afterparty in the office; Drew and Stacey learn about their feelings for each other; cliffhanger: the network president tells Stacey to fire Drew.

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Final Four!
Everyone tries to figure out who leaked the nudes of Darcy, and it's revealed to be Darrell, who was trying to frame Freddie to eliminate him; [Maisy Kelly is disqualified] for being underage; guest judge Eli asks Drew and Stacey out on a joint date after seeing their chemistry [Darrell Docket is eliminated for leaking Darcy's pics]

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Let's Be Real!
Drew & Stacey finally have it out and set out together to try to bring the show back from the ratings basement by finally working together - but will it work, or tear the show apart?

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Let's Sell Out!
As the ratings continue to plummet Marci forces the show to go back to their roots with splashy costumes and colors to satisfy the sponsors. Defiantly Drew & Stacey decide if they have to sell out they will REALLY sell out.

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Destiny is Calling! (ft. Sasha Pieterse)
After years apart Holli's former partner Destiny Wood (Sasha Pieterse) arrives to visit, begging to be a guest judge and suck Holli back into a former life she has been trying to run away from. Meanwhile the remaining 6 contestants sing in duets!

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We Have to Sing What?!
As Drew begins to lose control he allows the contestants to sing any song they wish, but after forgetting to get the songs cleared Stacey has the last resort...

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Coming Out?!
With Drew firmly in charge of the show he begins to implement his changes, much to the contestant's chagrin.

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Stripped Down!
With Drew firmly in charge of the show he begins to implement his changes, much to the contestant's chagrin.

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The Chicken Theory?!
As Drew settles in as boss of Sing It! He begins to formulate his plans to bring the "real" back in "reality" TV as the Top 10 contestants prepare to sing in "Pop Week".

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The Show Begins!
In the series premiere of Sing It!, the long running singing competition show goes through a regime change right at the start of the season, as they announce the final ten.

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Set in the thrilling and high-octane world of competitive singing reality shows, Sing It! is a captivating series from YouTube Red that premiered in 2016. The show brings viewers an engaging balance between comedy and melodrama as it depicts the desperate struggle of producers, contestants, and executives to keep their show afloat. The plot of Sing It! revolves around a fictional reality television show on the verge of cancellation. After over a dozen seasons, the popular singing competition show suddenly faces an existential crisis. There's an urgent need for desperate measures to salvage the beloved series, and an amusing chain of events unfolds. Comedy, music, and drama interlace as characters strive to save their unpredictable world colored with melody and discord. Sing It! emphasizes the behind-the-scenes events of a singing reality show, painting an authentic, yet hilarious, picture of this niche television genre. The series offers a fascinating insight into what it takes to produce a successful reality singing competition with various unique, larger-than-life characters who offer a fair share of comedy, drama, and unexpected surprises. From executive tussles, unbelievable demands, rising pressures, cut-throat competition, to the fiery battleground of talented contestants, the plot presents an exciting mix, capturing the unpredictable nature of show business. Stacey (Mircea Monroe), a long-time associate producer, finds herself abruptly promoted to showrunner, replacing the former producer, Phil (Mark Sullivan). Phil meets an untimely exit after facing a personal scandal. Stacey is left to deal with the chaos and pressure of the show, grappling with challenging decisions, managing a quirky team, and dealing with an immensely talented, yet volatile group of contestants. Drew Tarver plays the role of the newbie, unpaid intern, Lil' Zach, who brings his energetic charm and innocence to the chaotic set. One important aspect of Sing It! is how the characters' personal lives entwine with their professional lives, adding another layer of interest to the storyline. The show offers an introspective look into each of the characters' ambitions, insecurities, rivalries, and relationships, giving the narrative depth and creating a strong emotional connection with viewers. As the characters chart their paths, viewers also get a peek into the pressure-filled world of reality television and the sacrifices it sometimes necessitates. The contestants, each with a unique story, add a multi-faceted dimension to the series with their diverse backgrounds and compelling personal narratives. They vie for the coveted title under the industry's glaring spotlights, battling crises, pressure, and internal battles. Their journey from auditions to the grand finale adds an enticing element of competition to the narrative, making every episode a pulsating watch. The backdrop of Sing It! is adorned with spectacular performances and incredible music, immersing the viewers in the world of vocal talent. The cast features real-life musicians who bring authenticity to the performances. All these elements of drama, comedy, rivalry, and power struggles are well complemented by catchy tunes and stunning performances, making the series musically rich, entertaining, and emotionally touching. Adding a layer of satire, Sing It! also wittily parodies the complexity and sometimes absurdity of show business, offering viewers a chance to laugh and relate to the darker sides of fame and stardom. The show has its tongue firmly in its cheek as it pokes fun at the clichés, stereotypes, and eccentricities that often characterize the entertainment industry. This ability to blend satire with drama distinguishes Sing It! as a unique comedic gem. Under the creative genius of the Internet sensations and creators, Benny and Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers), Sing It! benefits from their innate understanding of the digital audience and ability to present compelling drama laced with humor. The writing, pacing, and character development in Sing It! are indicative of the Fine Brothers' ability to tap into the zeitgeist, offering an exciting watch for all fans of music, comedy, and drama. In summation, Sing It! is a music-filled, comedic drama that balances laughter and emotion in its portrayal of the fascinating world of reality singing competition shows. This show offers a unique viewing experience for fans of music and ensemble comedy, capturing the reality of the television industry with a hearty dose of humor and melodious tunes. It serves as an intriguing exploration of ambition, competition, fame, and the art of making television—all of which makes Sing It! a must-watch show.

Sing It! is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.2.

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Mircea Monroe, Mark Jude Sullivan, Preston Jones
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