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David Farrier
David Farrier returns to the town for a screening of what the network have made. But no one is happy with how they've been portrayed and what was supposed to be a heartfelt reunion turns into a mutiny.

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Rhod Gainer
Rhod Gainer is the local lawyer with no regard for the law. Played by Rhys Darby, Rhod is a car enthusiast who gets himself in more trouble than his clients.

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Louise Cooper
Louise Cooper is a local artist and a man-eater. When David Farrier comes to town, her radar is immediately on him.

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Bill Napier
Bill Napier, the local park ranger, is better at talking to trees than people. The chaos that follows him everywhere presents some filming challenges.

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Mary Ledbetter
Mary Ledbetter rules this town with an iron fist. She's the local gossip, and a day in her company will test David Farrier's patience to the limit.

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Ron Taylor
Rhys Darby is Ron Taylor, an entrepreneur by nature whose whale watching business is in deep trouble. Ready to do anything to keep it afloat Ron is heading for a run in with the law and David Farrier may become his reluctant accomplice.

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Steve Whittle
Is he crazy or a genius? Steve Whittle, played by Rhys Darby, runs an alien encounter support service for people like him who have been abducted by visitors from outer space.

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Terry Pole
Rhys Darby plays Terry Pole, a lifeguard and leg model. It's the day of the local sexy legs competition and Terry believes some of his competitors have resorted to sabotage to keep him from winning.

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Short Poppies is a unique, offbeat comedy series that aired in 2014 on TV One. Developed and produced in New Zealand, this mockumentary-style show is a creation of well-known Kiwi actor and comedian, Rhys Darby, most recognized internationally for his role in HBO’s Flight of the Conchords. Short Poppies takes you on a hilarious journey through the fictional small-town community of The Bay, introducing you to its eccentric and whimsical inhabitants as the series unfolds.

Each episode of the first season, which consists of eight parts, is an exploration of a different citizen’s life in the town. What sets Short Poppies apart from other shows is that all of these colourful and irreverent characters are played by Rhys Darby himself. As such, Darby’s comedic genius and chameleonic ability to step into multiple roles, and his inherent knack for satirising rural life, is showcased brilliantly in this series.

The narrative is cleverly framed through the eyes of a hapless, real-life journalist, David Farrier, (playing himself), who is assigned the task of profiling the townsfolk for a series of human interest pieces. Farrier’s interactions with the various characters not only provide a window into the colourful tapestry of The Bay's community, they also lead to situations filled with Deadpan humour, satire, and absurdity that form the backbone of Short Poppies' comedy.

Among the characters brought to life by Darby, the audience meets Terry Pole, a lifeguard with an inflated sense of his abilities and importance; Ron Taylor, a UFOlogist in continuous search of extra-terrestrial signs; Bill Napier, a pompous, out-of-touch conservationist; Mary Ledbetter, the town’s busybody and gossip queen with her own unique worldview; and Steve Whittle, an optimistic but very unsuccessful entrepreneur. Each character is endearingly quirky and awkward in their own way, inviting the audience to revel in their peculiarities and foibles.

While Short Poppies is rich with humour, its brilliance lies in its ability to simultaneously paint a warm and affectionate portrait of its characters, despite their idiosyncrasies. There’s a sense of charm and authenticity that underlies each episode, allowing viewers to connect and empathise with the different personas, no matter how outlandish their traits or situations might be. This delicate balance of comedy and empathy is meticulously crafted, lending depth to the show.

And while the show is essentially a comedy, it also cleverly uses the mockumentary format to satirise the concept of celebrity in small-town life, the persistence of local gossip, and the everyday eccentricities that make each person unique. The series brilliantly captures the essence of a small community, where everyone knows everyone and the most mundane can become the most extraordinary.

The world of Short Poppies is brought to life not just by Darby's flexible performance but also by an exemplary ensemble cast, including fellow New Zealander and Flight of the Conchords alumni, Karl Urban, and American comedian, Stephen Merchant, guest-starring in several episodes. The cast’s performances are pitch-perfect and they flawlessly enhance the humor and heart that Darby's characters inherently possess.

Short Poppies is a light-hearted take on rural life, dauntlessly zany, and yet, at times, surprisingly poignant. Underneath the laughter, there are moments of quiet reflection on human nature and the significance of community. It's versatile, lighthearted, often ridiculous, but also reminiscent of the authenticity found in small towns globally.

While fully appreciated by a kiwi audience that can identify with the familiar cultural nuances, the comedy and relatability of the characters in Short Poppies also translate well to an international audience. The show has a universal appeal that makes it a delightful watch for anyone who appreciates groundbreaking comedy imbued with quirk and affectionate humour. It offers a refreshing break from standard sitcoms, a comedic ensemble piece where all the characters are played by one man, and a loving parody of small-town life that's filled with heart.

Short Poppies is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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How can I watch Short Poppies online? Short Poppies is available on TV One with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Short Poppies on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Amazon online.

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