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When Positive is Negative
Maddy wants peace between Victor and Cedric; Shante fears she's following her mother's path; Kayla becomes ill; and Loretta thinks she's starting menopause.

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High School Deja Vu
Maddy makes friends with successful pregnant women; Kayla tries to hide her new relationship; Victor and Cedric work together on a project; Marcus is afraid that he may soon be a father.

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She's Back
Maddy is irritated when she learns that Victor's ex-wife, Carmen, is back in the picture and bonding with Shante; Loretta goes to great lengths to learn the sex of Maddy's baby; Victor has a man-to-man talk with Shante's boyfriend.

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A Moving Story
Maddy struggles with her pregnancy, especially its impact on her professional life; Shante argues with her mother about her strict house rules; Kayla rejects a new admirer; and Loretta battles the aging process.

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Some destination attractions get overlooked and others aren't so obvious. In fact, you might never think to visit them.

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Second Time Around
I'm standing in the middle of what used to be the Turia river in Valencia, Spain. A catastrophic flood that caused tremendous damage and loss of life was met by an incredible response that changed everything.

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A Pregnant Pause
When researching our choices on Home Away or AirBnB, we're often presented with good but somewhat limited information. Recently, it turned out that our modern apartment rental from Nacho and Jacobo in Valencia was guarded by an imposing medieval tower just fifty yards away.

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The Curse
Maddy's daughter turns 16 and celebrates, with her father going a little too far.

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Here We Go Again is a delightful, heartwarming sitcom series, released in the year 2016, by the cable network, TV One. The series registers its predominance in the realm of television programming by juggling elements of comedy, emotional drama, and nuanced explorations of life in the modern age. The title alone serves as both a humorous and precise predictor of the direction of the show - an ongoing rollercoaster that reflects the ups and downs life throws in our way.

In the heart of the narrative lies the Walker family, whose members have their personal, intermingling saga of love, relationships, and destiny. Maddy Walker, the leading character, is a middle-aged woman who has experienced the effect of love gone wrong in her life more than once. Her experiences have led to multiple generational instances of teen pregnancy punctuating her family, making the storyline rich yet relatable. This lively sequence of events presents the Walker family descending into uncharted territories of their lives, stirring the narrative with a good dose of laughter, poignancy, and unexpected happenings.

Moreover, Here We Go Again embraces the humor of uncomfortable situations that characterize everyday life and capitalizes on the inherent drama of family dynamics by offering a lighthearted take on relationships, parental angst, and the subsequent fallout. The essence of the show is not just an inquisition into themes commonly tackled by sitcoms, such as romance, marital discord, or generational conflicts. Instead, it skilfully adds an engaging twist to these conventional elements, driving the underlying sentiment ‘Here We Go Again,’ impelling its narratives and the lives of its characters.

The enchanting cast brings these compelling narratives to life, each actor nailing their character’s distinctive traits. The lead character, Maddy Walker, and her loving yet complicated daughter, Shante, are portrayed by LeToya Luckett and Kyndall Ferguson. Their strikingly realistic portrayal of the complicated mother-daughter relationship anchors the show. The cast also includes Wendy Raquel Robinson and Andra Fuller, whose performances, coupled with their dynamic character arcs, add depth to the show.

Furthermore, the show does an excellent job of demonstrating the layered complexity of relationships. The inherent tension between past and present, the struggle of single motherhood, and the outlines of strong women characters are adroitly handled. For instance, while Maddy Walker is strategizing to circumvent her family curse, her daughter simultaneously gets involved in a relationship and faces similar trials, spiraling the narrative into an engrossing tale of mother-daughter relationships, life choices, regret, and stubborn hope.

However, more than just a sitcom about love, life, and relationships, Here We Go Again is also about the power of second chances. It imparts the idea that change is possible, and everyone has the right to learn from their mistakes and break the detrimental cycle of familial patterns. It portrays how the characters balance their past mistakes with their current choices and aspirations for the future—a unique storytelling approach that sets the series apart from conventional sitcoms.

Perhaps what is most endearing about the series is its knack for presenting situations in their true-to-life light without resorting to melodrama or over-the-top humor. While the Walker family grapples with their shared history and its impacts on their lives, viewers can't help but resonate with their dilemmas and feel an immense sense of relief and satisfaction when they navigate through them, triumphantly.

Overall, Here We Go Again captivates its audience by drawing on familiar staples of the sitcom genre while also delving into unique, compelling narratives of its own. The Walker family dynamic, incorporated with well-executed comedic aspects and emotional depth, gives the series its unique charm. It presents an incredibly enjoyable viewing experience that combines relatable themes, appealing characters, and well-plotted storylines, thereby creating a meaningful and memorable addition to the television landscape of 2016. With its novel narrative style and perfectly blended elements of drama and comedy, Here We Go Again succeeds in being more than a conventional sitcom — it becomes a representation of life’s joys and struggles encountered in a real, middle-class family that viewers can warmly relate to.

Here We Go Again is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch Here We Go Again online? Here We Go Again is available on TV One with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Here We Go Again on demand at Apple TV Channels online.

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