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The Fixer
Jessica is split between her personal and professional life. Keri makes a decision on her future.

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The Rival
Angela leads a tent city outside City Hall. Keri thinks about her future. McGann finds Nick.

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The Political Wife
Keri goes on a trip with Stephanie; Angela assists her neighbors; Jessica contends with Yoli's problem.

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The Immigration Lawyer
Jessica tries to square a debt. Nick reels from McGann's bombshell. Yoli deals with personal news.

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The Donor
Construction starts on North Park. Jessica finds new financial backers for Bobby's campaign.

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The Former City Attorney
Keri's past comes back to haunt her. Yoli and Derrick give a CEO the Chicago tour.

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The Deputy Mayor
With Bobby out, the Deputy Mayor pushes his own agenda. Jessica digs into a murder from North Park.

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The Union Leader
Jessica goes head to head with McGann, who doesn't like her challenging his alderman appointee.

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The Superintendent
Jessica's reputation in the press puts the police contract in jeopardy.

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The Alderman
Jessica starts her new job in the Mayor's office; it's a new world, and a whole new power struggle.

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Pearson is a captivating legal drama series from the stables of USA Network. It premiered in 2019 and serves as an alluring spin-off from the critically acclaimed show, "Suits." The series puts Jessica Pearson, previously seen navigating the world of law in Suits, at the helm of the narrative. This makes the show an intriguing exploration of power, politics, and law as it draws viewers into the heart of Chicago's shady political landscape.

Jessica Pearson, played by the charismatic Gina Torres, is a debarred New York lawyer who has over the years earned her stripes in the field of law. As she transplants her life to the Windy City in Pearson, her street-savvy, tenacious spirit and strong principles are put to the test on numerous occasions. The transition from the corporate world of Suits to the murky political climate of Pearson gives the viewers a fresh look into Jessica's character, showcasing her strengths and vulnerabilities in an entirely new scenario.

Pearson begins with Jessica Pearson stepping into the role of the city’s mayor's fixer, tackling a variety of legal and political challenges thrown at her way. She is immediately thrust into a world that demands her to confront ethical dilemmas, and employ political maneuvers to untangle red tape and deal with city problems. Jessica's character is often seen wrestling with her moral compass, especially when working under Mayor Bobby Novak, who maintains order in the city with a mix of selfish ambitions and deep-seated secrets.

Part of what makes Pearson compelling to watch is the intersection of politics, power, and law. The show balances these themes while juggling an array of complex characters, each battling their own demons and pursuing different agendas. There’s Mayor Bobby Novak’s special assistant Nick D'Amato, who is presented as a devoted public servant and brooding, cautious man, haunted by his past and questions of loyalty. Keri Allen, the city attorney and the mayor's former girlfriend, also plays a significant role, showcasing a tough exterior as the only woman in Novak’s inner circle, while grappling with her personal conflicts.

Drama brims at every corner of Pearson. Jessica must continually face her past and the high-stake risks of her new life, where she is forced to confront not just the city’s bureaucratic intricacies, but also political corruption. However, Jessica, famous for her wit, resilience, and tactical prowess, constantly adapts to the underbelly of Chicago's political landscape, making every episode an unnerving battle of wits and will.

Beyond being a legal-political drama, Pearson also stands out with its keen depiction of Chicago and its diverse cultures and societies. Central to the narrative is the contrast between the wealth and poverty, privilege and struggle, law and crime, and morality and corruption that define the city. Jessica, navigating these radically opposite worlds, embodies a potent symbol of resistance and survival.

Regarded for her performance in Suits, Gina Torres completely owns her role as Jessica Pearson in the spin-off. With grit, determination, and a dash of vulnerability, Torres takes the character to new heights, proving that Jessica Pearson can hold her own in this new world. Complemented by a talented ensemble cast, Gina Torres brilliantly portrays a powerful woman who is just as captivating and complex as the world she steps into.

The cinematography of Pearson adds yet another layer of depth to the series, with the cityscape of Chicago playing as much a character in the story as anyone else. The city's flashing lights, towering skyscrapers, neglected neighborhoods, and gritty streets stand in profound contrast with one another and beautifully mirror the stark disparities and inner turmoils of its characters.

At its core, Pearson is a series about power, survival, and the blurred lines between good and bad. It portrays a world where the powerful play by their rules and the underdogs strive to make their voices heard. The show's brilliance lies in portraying these intricacies and challenges, with Jessica Pearson at the center, revealing the intriguing, sometimes disturbing, but always compelling world of Chicago politics.

Pearson is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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