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Ambrose exposes the secret that threw Percy's life off course, setting off widespread consequences.

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Part VII
Unsure whom to trust, Ambrose hunts down his pursuers.

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Part VI
A shocking new crime further rattles the town of Clark Harbor. Ambrose and Meg team together.

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Part V
Ambrose discovers the source of Percy's ritualistic practices and dives deeper into her past.

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Part IV
When the Muldoons push to close the investigation, Ambrose refuses, pushing Sonya to the brink.

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Part III
Ambrose heads to the mainland to learn more about Percy's past and uncovers dark family secrets.

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Part II
A new suspect leads the investigation into an ongoing feud between the Lams and the Muldoons.

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Part I
Ambrose visits the town of Clark Harbor for a getaway and finds himself at the center of a tragedy.

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The Sinner is a captivating and mind-bending psychological crime thriller that aired on the USA Network from 2017 to 2021. Its story revolves around in-depth explorations of crime, culpability, and the psychological basis for aberrant behavior. The show stands out from traditional crime dramas, focusing not on the mystery of who did the deed, but on the emotional toll of unraveling the reasons why the crime occurred in the first place.

The series initially began as an adaptation of Petra Hammesfahr's novel "The Sinner", however, it quickly took on a life of its own. It has been remarked upon as a 'whydunnit' rather than a 'whodunnit', delving deep into the engagement of an inside-out investigation that hopes to uncover the motivations behind each crime—an unexpected twist for those accustomed to traditional crime dramas' suspense.

The show's first season follows the inveterate story of Cora Tannetti, portrayed by Jessica Biel, a seemingly typical wife, and mother, who shockingly commits a violent and apparently unsolicited act of murder on a sunny family beach day. The act baffles not only Tannetti herself but the entire town. Intrigued by the inexplicable nature of the murder, tenacious investigator Harry Ambrose, brought to life by Bill Pullman, progressively uncovers the layers behind the apparent brutality, navigating dark pasts, and complicated psychological webs that carry you, as a viewer, into a world where sinning never stands by itself.

The subsequent seasons extend the 'whydunnit' premise, with Bill Pullman's Harry Ambrose as the common thread through stories of tragic characters propelled towards catastrophe by unseen mental pressures. Each season presents viewers with someone committing an inexplicable act of violence and then unwraps why that happened, challenging viewers to wrestle with demanding subject matter. This dimension adds profound depth and context to each character’s actions and decisions, grounding each shocking act in sad, heavy reality.

Moreover, one of the most striking elements of The Sinner is its ability to constantly engage viewers with unexpected yet oddly logical twists and turns. The narrative structure is expertly layered, oscillating between the present and revealing fragments of the past. Together they intersect and support each other, slowly revealing an intricately constructed puzzle, and ensuring that the viewers remain hooked to the screen.

The Sinner is never a light-hearted watch. Despite the moroseness and macabre nature of the subject matter, The Sinner has numerous redeeming qualities. Among them are the extraordinary performances of its ensemble cast. Jessica Biel's riveting portrayal in the first season earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination. Subsequent seasons boast powerful performances from an array of stellar actors such as Carrie Coon, Tracy Letts, Chris Messina, Matt Bomer, and more. But Bill Pullman’s enduring portrayal of Harry Ambrose, the tortured detective, with his own struggles and demons to grapple with, continues to hold each season together.

Furthermore, the show's masterful atmospheric direction and cinematography are praiseworthy. They preach a dark and gloomy aura, reflecting the mental state of the characters while simultaneously enriching each scene's emotional weight. The use of flashbacks, haunting music scores, and meticulously crafted suspense heighten the tension that keeps fans gripped to their seats.

In essence, The Sinner explores the depths of the dark human psyche, shattering the facade of normality, uncovering the scars of the past. It zips in and out through time and memory, revealing that there's always a reason behind the inexplicability of actions. It exemplifies the notion that there's always more than what meets the eye, and often, the sinner is sinned against.

If you're a fan of intelligent, well-crafted thrillers that tend to turn conventions on their head, The Sinner is a fascinating foray into the often-unexplored depths of televised mystery. But be warned: once you dive in, it will keep you on the edge, constantly questioning and eager to decode each meticulously woven secret.

The Sinner is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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