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Nadine Jordan, the accused killer of Torres and McNamara has been convicted of their murders. She receives a life sentence with no parole which upsets Moreno.

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The Troubles
When a woman becomes a fugitive, Nina uses her only resource to help find her, her daughter. Stone's life becomes threatened.

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Going Native
The unit goes after the leader of a criminal empire who is extorting money from several businesses in Manhattan. This case turns personal for Barker when he is reunited with an old flame and is treated like family by the target.

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Sign o' the Times
The Special Investigations Division tries to track a serious serial killer who targets young men on the rave scene by giving them tainted drugs. During this G catches Nina and his dad together in bed.

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The Unusual Suspects
Following the shooting of a nanny and a baby, Stone, Delaney, Williams and Barker go undercover to try to capture the weapons-suppliers. Meanwhile, Nina and J.

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Capital Punishment
In order to uncover the detectives responsible for a series of killings, Williams and Delaney pose as uniformed cops.

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Quid Pro Quo
The detectives discover that the CIA is involved in a money-laundering scheme involving the killer of Moreno's husband at a bank in a Cuban neighborhood.

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Rat Trap
Delaney is torn between family ties and duty when her brother becomes the suspect in an arson case when the unit probes mysterious fires in the garment district.

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Mob Street
Detective Stone becomes torn between work and family while trying to reveal a stock-manipulation scam being conducted by a brokerage firm.

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Spare Parts
Missing teenagers prompt the unit to investigate a private hospital's organ-donor program.

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The unit goes after a Ukrainian kingpin who is using this "pipeline" to distribute cocaine, and causing massive deaths. But when the unit bust him, they find out that he is under diplomatic immunity and can't be prosecuted by the laws of the US.

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Drop-Dead Gorgeous
After a model's drug overdose, Williams and Barker pose as publishers of a new magazine.

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Change Change Change
JC and Nina are called into the office of the chief of detectives after 6 months of being off to deal with the deaths of McNamara and Torres. They are assigned to the Special Investigations Division.

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New York Undercover is a groundbreaking police drama that debuted in 1994 and rapidly garnered critical acclaim for its realistic and compelling portrayal of crime in urban America. The show was a production of the Peacock Premium network and features a diverse and talented cast, with brilliant storytelling that captures the complexities and gray areas inherent in battling crime in America's most vibrant city.

Set in the lively streets of Harlem, New York City, the show centers on two undercover detectives, J.C. Williams, a seasoned veteran of the force, and Eddie Torres, a young hotshot detective with street smarts. These two detectives navigate the challenges of the New York City streets, tackling a wide variety of cases from homicide to narcotics, all while striving to uphold justice in an often chaotic world.

The show was ground-breaking in its narrative structure, shifting away from the predominantly episodic nature of police procedurals of that time. Instead, New York Undercover wove continuity throughout its seasons, building arcs for its characters and laying the groundwork for intricate, multi-episode storylines. The canvass of New York's urban environment provides a unique and colorful backdrop to these stories, allowing for exploration of a diverse range of issues, including crime, race, and social justice. Along with tackling the standard police procedural themes, the series isn’t afraid to delve into the personal lives of its central characters.

The series introduced viewers to J.C. Williams, portrayed by Malik Yoba, a detective whose commitment to his work is only rivaled by the love for his young son. His partner, Eddie Torres, played by Michael DeLorenzo, is a dedicated detective angled with a dose of street wisdom, given he grew up in the neighborhood he now polices. Their partnership is one of genuine friendship and mutual respect, their bond forming the emotional core of the show.

Gerald Anthony "G" Williams, played by George Gore II, is the son of J.C. Williams, and his journey from a precocious child to a mature young man forms one of the significant story arcs in the show. Nina Moreno, portrayed by Lauren Vélez, is another detective in their unit. An intelligent and steadfast member of the team, her character adds an extra layer of depth to the narrative, emphasizing the capability and strength of women in a primarily male-dominated field.

Capturing the essence of the 90s, New York Undercover also become well-known for its remarkable integration of popular music into the series. From hip-hop and R&B to jazz and Latin rhythms, the music performances at the detectives' favorite local bar – Natalie's - by various iconic artists, adds an extra layer of authenticity and vibrancy mirroring the diverse musical scene of New York City at the time.

New York Undercover makes a conscious effort to present New York City as a diverse metropolitan hub where different cultures and races intersect. There's a clear effort to depict the city's multi-ethnic communities, their dynamics, and how they're impacted by the socio-economic issues of the time. Additionally, the series was ahead of its time, showcasing an ethnically diverse main cast, a rare sight during its broadcast in the mid-'90s.

On the technical level, New York Undercover shines with its bold style of cinematography. The series pushes beyond the sterile aesthetic of many other crime dramas, utilizing shadow and light to create a more cinematic atmosphere. This, along with gritty location shooting and authentic set pieces, bolsters the palpable sense of realism that distinguishes the show.

Overall, New York Undercover stands as an innovative, thought-provoking cop drama that capitalizes on its era and location to create stories that are both engaging and reflective of the times. Its courage to challenge conventions, combined with compelling storytelling, dynamic characters, and authentic representation of diverse cultures, made it a standout offering of the Peacock Premium network in the 1990s.

New York Undercover is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 89 episodes, the show debuted on 1994. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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How can I watch New York Undercover online? New York Undercover is available on Peacock Premium with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch New York Undercover on demand at Amazon Prime, Peacock Premium online.

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