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Escape to the Chateau at Christmas
The Strawbridges prepare their festive celebrations, and want to thank everyone who has helped them along the way with the chateau's biggest party yet. All hands are on deck collecting and decorating the Christmas tree, preparing a festive feast, and carrying out time honoured family traditions.

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Winter Garden Room
Dick and Angel create a conservatory-style winter garden room. Meanwhile, the chateau is busy hosting its biggest wedding ever, so there is also lots of organisation to do.

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Games Room and Hidden Treasure
Dick and Angel visit one of the last unexplored areas of the attic. Among the dust and cobwebs, they uncover more of the chateau's unexpected treasures, including an old train set.

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Bling Birthday Party
After eight long years, the peach tree in the walled garden is finally fruiting, and Dick, Angel, Arthur, and Dorothy can't wait to try the very first peach ever grown by the Strawbridge family. Dick and Angel will also soon be hosting a very important 50th birthday party for one of their closest friends, Sophie, without whom they would never have met.

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Summer Kitchen
The summer's drought and high temperatures have left the moat's water level lower than ever, and the family work together to save the fish. Over in the walled garden, the recent transformation of the folly has opened Dick and Angel's eyes to the potential of the area around it.

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19th-century Folly Retreat
In the spring, the family turn their attention to the beloved walled garden. On the north-facing wall, there is something rather special hidden beneath the ivy that they would like to tackle; a 19th-century folly in need of renovation.

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Natasha and Victoria's Big Wedding
Dick and Angel are preparing to welcome guests once more, from cleaning and weeding to tidying the 12 acres of land, it's all hands-on deck to get the chateau wedding ready. Angel is in her element as she makes the wedding's floral arrangements, while Dick swaps hats and performs his duties as a Celebrant.

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Atelier de Mariage
Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree prepare to open their home for wedding season after two years - but there are still plenty of jobs to do before the first guests arrive. Work continues on giving the 150-year-old exterior walls a 21st-century new look, while Dick and Angel have a job to do in the room that was once the chateau's cider and vinegar store.

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Escape to the Chateau is a charming British television series that captures the hearts and imaginations of viewers by documenting an adventurous couple's endeavor to renovate a majestic, yet dilapidated 19th-century chateau in the picturesque region of Pays de la Loire in France. Available on Peacock Premium, this series offers viewers an inside look at the trials, tribulations, and triumphs experienced by Dick Strawbridge, a retired British army officer and engineer, and his partner Angel Adoree, a fashion and design enthusiast, as they embark on the colossal project of restoring the Chateau de la Motte-Husson to its former glory.

At its core, Escape to the Chateau is an enticing blend of lifestyle, DIY renovation, and a personal narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever dreamt of leaving the hustle and bustle of the urban life for a simpler, more romantic rural existence. Through each episode, Dick and Angel welcome the audience into their lives, sharing their passion for sustainability, creativity, and the can-do spirit that defines their journey.

The chateau, an exquisite French château originally built in the 19th century, stands as the silent protagonist of the series—its towers, moat, and expansive grounds setting the scene for an inspiring and visually stunning backdrop. With 45 rooms in need of attention and a five-acre walled garden begging for cultivation, the series showcases the monumental task the couple has taken on. The audience is invited to witness the mix of restoration, craft, and even elements of engineering acumen that is required to rescue this historic property from neglect.

Each season builds on the narrative of transformation as Dick and Angel tackle various projects throughout the vast estate. Whether they are modernizing the chateau's dilapidated plumbing and heating systems, restoring traditional roofing, redesigning the interior spaces, or going hands-on with the decoration and furnishing, the journey is one of both discovery and creativity. Viewers are treated to a host of educational and entertaining moments as they learn about the different strategies and techniques used to overcome the challenges of restoring an old structure, shaped not only by the necessity of comfort and functionality but also by heritage and historical accuracy.

Furthermore, Escape to the Chateau is a lesson in resourcefulness and sustainability. Dick and Angel demonstrate a remarkable ability to repurpose materials and objects, cultivate a self-sufficient lifestyle, and rely on local craftspeople and their expertise. Their focus often veers towards using what is available on-site or in local markets, imbuing the entire project with a strong sense of eco-friendliness and community involvement.

The show also gives audiences a window into the personal life of the Strawbridge family. As viewers, we see the chateau through the changing seasons, celebrating traditional French holidays and hosting events, which adds a rich cultural aspect to the show. Watching the family adapt to their new life in France is both relatable and heartwarming, with touching scenes of Dick and Angel's children exploring the countryside and participating in the chateau's renovation.

Another delightful aspect of Escape to the Chateau is found in the segments that focus on the various income-generating ventures the couple undertakes to fund their renovation. From the creation of a unique wedding venue to the launch of a luxury glamping experience, Dick and Angel use their business acumen and sheer grit to turn their home into a multifaceted enterprise. These endeavors add another layer of interest to the show; it's not just a home makeover series but also the story of a growing family business.

The cinematography of Escape to the Chateau deserves a special mention. The visually rich presentation of the landscapes, interiors, and the intricate details of both the building efforts and the decorative end-results greatly enhances the storytelling. Stunning shots of the Loire Valley countryside, the chateau bathed in golden hour lighting, and the impressive architectural details are woven seamlessly into each episode, providing a feast for the eyes and a lure for wanderlust.

Escape to the Chateau is not simply a renovation or lifestyle show—it is a deeply human story about taking risks, pursuing dreams, and nurturing family and home. Its appeal lies in the authenticity of its protagonists, the beauty and complexity of the project, and the universal yearning to create something beautiful and lasting. As a testament to bold living and the romance of a bygone era brought back to life, this heartwarming series charms audiences with each episode, making it an evergreen favorite on Peacock Premium.

Escape to the Chateau is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 53 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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