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Episode 72
Katia asks Zhadan to confess his crimes and he points a gun at her. Irina tries to poison Katerina and Makarova.

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Episode 71
Katerina stops Zhadan from killing Makarova, and the latter tells her the whole truth: how Zhadan came up with a blackmail scheme, how Vera figured it out, insulted Zhadan, who couldn't stand it and stabbed her with a knife. Katerina finds out the truth about Zhadan's background, his work for a criminal boss.

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Episode 70
Bezus tells Katia that it was Zhadan who came up with the scheme to blackmail Vera, and he only implemented it. Vira couldn't live with her disgrace and killed herself.

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Episode 69
Katia tells Olga that she is coming back to Zhadan: she believes him and forgives him. On Rogneda's instructions, Makarova sends out invitations to a soiree to the gentlemen of the high society.

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Episode 68
Katia helps Stefan get out of jail, but refuses to have anything to do with him. Marichka helps Stefan get the purse.

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Episode 67
Zhadan offers Stefan freedom if he promises not to seek contact with Katia. Katia agrees to return Chervinka to Piotr if he lets Larisa live there with her son, doesn't buy serfs anymore, and gives Galia her job back, he accepts.

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Episode 66
Katia finds out that Piotr has taken their son away from Larisa, returned to Chervinka. Larisa explains Zhadan's secret sale of Chervinka with his love for Katia.

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Episode 65
Katerina rides to Nezhin with Zadunayskiy and Liubarskaya. Zhadan, thinking that Olga and Nazar will lead him to Katia, follows them in Chernigov.

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Episode 64
Olga and Nazar spot Zhadan and send a warning to Katia. With the help of Liudmila Katia escapes from the monastery.

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Episode 63
Natalie allows Katia to stay at the convent. Zoriana is taken ill of smallpox. Olga and Nazar take care of her. Katia finds out that Kseniya's stepfather sent her to the convent to lay hands on her inheritance. Bezus is planning to set up an opium den at the brothel. Stefan is trying to get the purse with the daguerreotype and fails. Natalie informs Zhadan that Katerina is at her convent.

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Episode 62
Stefan and Olga manage to abduct Katia from the clinic and hide her at Olga's. Oksana finds out that Nastia is homeless now and seriously ill.

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Episode 61
Zhadan is tending to Katia at the hospital, trying to gain her forgiveness. Olga follows Nazar and finds out where Katia is kept.

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Episode 60
Olga figures out that the book, Katia has carried from Zhadan's office, records revenues from the brothel. Olga and Stefan find a witness of the start of Zhadan's brilliant career and find out that he used to work for a criminal Don Gromyko.

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Episode 59
Stefan proves to Katia that Vera loved him and not Zhadan. Katia asks Nastia and finds out that Zhadan was a special client, he didn't kill Vera, and a daguerreotype of the killer is sewn into the lining of a purse.

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Episode 58
Nazar rescues Olga from the goons. Katia returns to her work at the hospital. Larisa quits the theater company and goes to Chervinka. Piotr sends her away. Olga hires a bodyguard, who appears to be Stefan. He tels her about Zhadan and she helps him to meet Katia to tell her the truth about her husbund. Karp introduces Polina to his children, and the meeting ends up in a confrontation.

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Episode 57
Stefan escapes from Zhadan. Andrey explains to Katia that he and Vera were in love, but she had to marry Stefan who killed her out of jealousy and is now trying to take revenge upon Zhadan.

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Episode 56
Nazar blames Katia for Orysia's death. Natalie requests that her father gave to the church her inheritance.

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Episode 55
Irina advises to cancel the auction, Katia disagrees. Zhadan doesn't come to the event. He finds out that Piotr is behind the articles. Katia confides in Stefan: she needs to talk to someone about this day. Rogneda demands that Bezus close the doors of their house to Zhadan and Katia but he disobeys her. For the first time, Stefan questions his plan to revenge Zhadan through Katerina.

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Episode 53
Zhadan and Katia secretly leave for a honeymoon. They meet Stefan five months later at a ball, where Katia publicly supports Olga Rodzievich and dances two dances with Stefan, causing a scandal.

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Episode 52
Bogdan finds love letters signed V. among Yablonevskiy's things. Zhadan gives orders to find this woman and decides to move back to Kiev. Stefan follows the couple to Kiev. Panas finds Natalka. Olga unveils her factory. Piotr cheats on Larisa, while Stefan offers Piotr a way to retrieve Chervinka. Piotr says yes. The Mother Superior tells Natalie that she looks to her as her successor.

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Episode 51
Zhadan moves to Chervinka. There he meets Stefan, dislikes him and asks Bogdan to find out more about him.

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Episode 50
Polish prince Stefan Yablonevskiy finds out about Katia's predicament and helps Katia to get Chervinka back and stays there as a guest. Piotr, Larisa, and their newborn son Lev are forced to leave.

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Episode 49
Lukyan and Bogdan chase the rider in the black cape. Doctors operate on Zhadan without much hope for success.

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Love In Chains is an intriguing historical drama produced by Janson Media in 2019. Set during the 19th century, in the period of serfdom in the Russian Empire, the series takes viewers into the heart of the society of the time, revealing its nuances, limitations, vagaries, as well as its inherent drama and conflicts.

The series centers around the gripping tale of Kateryna, the character around whom the narrative predominantly coalesces. Kateryna is a serf who possesses an extraordinary beauty and intelligence. She is shown serving in the household of a wealthy but cruel landowner Demidov and his family where her beauty and talents don't go unnoticed or unenvied. Her smartness and beauty, which might have been seen as advantages in a contemporary world, are often depicted as burdens in the harsh world of serfdom.

Throughout the series, the audiences get to experience Kateryna's trials, tribulations, heart-wrenching dilemmas and how she navigates through an extremely oppressive society. Her spirit and resilience in the face of adversity become focal points, thus painting a vivid canvas of human awakening, determination, survival and the quest for freedom.

However, Love In Chains does not only focus on the horrors of serfdom and the struggle for freedom, but it also delves deeply into love, romance, betrayal, and power. We see Kateryna torn between her feelings for her master's son, Alexei Demidov, and max Yaremenko, who becomes her conscious attempt to renegotiate her existence out of serfhood.

There's a substantial focus on the intricate interplay of emotions, power structures, and societal norms, with Kateryna's life becoming a turbulent whirl of ups and downs. At times, it takes on the tone of a classic soap opera roughly positioned within the context of a period drama. It keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats, wondering about her fate and her ability to triumph against the odds.

Throughout the series, the producers also take great pains to depict the detailed life of the period. The stellar production values imbue the series with an authentic 19th-century appeal. The costumes, sets, and locations are all carefully selected and crafted to provide a detailed and engrossing recreation of the time. From the grandeur of the noble's estates to the simplicity of a peasant's hut, every single detail is conscientiously depicted to add depth to the narrative, bring the era to life, and transport the viewers back in time.

The cast has skillfully brought to life a complex array of characters. Their performances add depth and substance to the story, making it relatable and emotionally engaging. The characters in the show are multifaceted, undergoing significant transformations and growth, further underlining the human element inherent in the storytelling that transcends the period setting.

Love In Chains is more than just a historical drama, it is a tale of resilience, human spirit, love, power, and the timeless quest for freedom. It provides viewers with an opportunity to look back on a period of history not always deeply explored on screen, while also deeply engaging in the personal story of an unforgettable woman. Each twist and turn in the narrative paints a vivid picture of the prevailing societal norms, creating an amalgam of a heart-wrenching love story, a gripping tale of survival, and an indictment of the oppressive institution of serfdom.

In the end, what sets Love In Chains apart is its engaging narrative, intricately designed characters, and the inventive touch of reality. With its blend of drama, romance, and history, it provides rich, engaging viewing for fans of period dramas and soap operas.

Love In Chains is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 71 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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