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Giga Bytes Back
Using an elaborate dance routine to distract the villains, Y and D sneak into the fortress and free Dr. Glare.

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Homesick Highway
Y's propellers are fixed using the remnants of a drone. Team Tobot embarks on a rescue mission for Dr.

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Punches and Paddles
Ambusher becomes ambushee as the Tobots turn Mr. Majeeko's surprise attack on its head, driving him back off the shore.

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Drawbridge Drama
The Tobots are in poor condition after their battle. Dr. Noh leads the team to an island research lab run by his friend. The weary Tobots are forced to keep fighting when the bridge refuses to retract. With no other option Dr. Noh destroys the bridge, keeping Diluk away but stranding Team Tobot on the island. Dr. Noh's friend Dr. Shade shows the Pilots his plan to integrate all the Tobots.

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Shocks and Showdowns
Diluk and Mr. Majeeko lure the Tobots and their Pilots to their headquarters. Mr. Towers activates the powerful FortressBot, and though the Tobots make an admirable attempt, it proves too strong even for Deltatron. Just when it's starting to look like the end for the Tobots, Limo and Dr. Noh arrive and order the kids to retreat. Mr. Towers sends Diluk and Mr. Majeeko off with the Hounderbots.

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Chase and Trace
Mr. Towers and Mr. Majeeko are locked in a car-chase with Officer Oh and Neon, but manage to escape thanks to Diluk. The news of the breakout reaches the Chairman and Team Tobot. Dr. Noh instructs them to split up and cover all roads to the factory, but the groups are distracted by the decoy landslide Diluk sets off. Mr. Towers, Diluk and Mr. Majeeko succeed in infiltrating the Chairman's hideout.

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Brake Pedal Break-Out
The Tobots and their Pilots are learning to love the farming lifestyle. In prison, Mr. Towers receives a letter of dismissal from the Chairman, sending him on the warpath for revenge. He also intercepts a letter from Mr. Holmes addressed to Diluk, containing a secret phone number. Mr. Towers promises Diluk access to these digits on the condition of his assistance.

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Guardians and Guard Rails
The Tobot team goes to claim their tour of the factory. Mr. Towers sends his bots to wreak havoc for the villagers and stall the Tobots long enough for BulldozerBot to be completed. Their new opponent proves to be tougher than they'd imagined but with the help of D, a newly re-programmed T and the angry villagers, the Tobots defeat BulldozerBot.

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Off Road, Off Key
The Pilots have a run-in with Diluk after he sabotages the greenhouse they built, making the Tobots look unreliable. Using his sway at the farming club, Diluk bans the Tobots from the village all over again.

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Reverse Revenge
Noticing that the Tobots are regaining favor with the locals, Mr. Majeeko sends Forkbot to interfere, but is tricked into making them look ever better.

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Traps and Transformations
Diluk and the Bikerbots begin working for Cheryl Holmes, in exchange she allows them to stay at her house. Meanwhile, the Tobot pilots attempt to win back the hearts of the villagers by volunteering around town, much to the irritation of Mr.

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Beats and Battles
Team Tobot returns to the campsite with Dr. Noh and Noah. Noah parts ways with the Tobots, promising to see them the following morning. Diluk is hard at work on a farm nearby, doing hard labor in exchange for Mrs. Holmes' home address. Kory and Tobot Y take to the skies to investigate Dr. Noh's claims that the water pollution is stemming from the nearby factory.

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Riders and Outsiders
Team Tobot enjoys the momentary peace in Daedo while Dr. Noh continues to investigate the source of the water pollution.

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Rescuing Radar
With the mighty Excabot defeated, Mr. Towers triggers a self-destruct sequence on his underground operation.

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Tunnel Teamwork
Team Tobot enters the underground network dug by the villains and try to locate Liam. Kory's disdain for Liam starts to boil over.

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Dump Truck Drama
Coach Kook is face-to-face with Diluk and the Excabot when Liam and Tobot K arrive just in time. The Excabot is able to use some of Angela's latest tricks to overpower Tobot K, but is stopped by the arrival of the rest of the Tobot team.

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Revved Up Rivals
Liam, unable to find a solution to his snoring, considers leaving Daedo. Mr. Towers is eager to continue excavating, but Diluk tricks him into buying filmmaking equipment under the guise of "extra security". Mr. Majeeko takes the Excabot in an attempt to impress Mr. Towers. Dr. Noh, Coach Kook and Liam detect the Excabot underground, resulting in a heated battle between Tobot K and the Excabot.

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Experts and Excavations
Diluk is recognized by Mr. Towers and earns the respect he desperately craves. With the shoe on the other foot, Mr. Majeeko starts to become frustrated with his villainous employer. Liam is invited to sleep over at Dylan's home instead. Team Tobot brainstorms what the cause of the sinkholes could be. Coach Kook takes the investigation into his own hands.

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Fired Up, Tired Out
Ryan and Kory continue to have trouble sleeping due to Liam's incessant snoring. Diluk's frustration grows as Mr.

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Digging in Daedo
The Tobots receive some new martial arts training from Tobot K. Diluk recruits Angela to come and work for Mr.

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Suped Up Side Kicks
A new Tobot pilot arrives in Daedo and saves the day. As Dr. Noh works on his latest invention, an old friend of Franklin's and Limo's shows up in town. Diluk is tasked with grueling physical work under his new employer, Mr. Holmes. Mr. Towers begins to execute his master plan in Daedo City. Diluk encounters an old villainous colleague.

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Launched in 2018 by Janson Media, Tobot is a fascinating science fiction, action-adventure animation tailored primarily for children. Though it originated in South Korea, its fostering of virtues like truth, courage, friendship, and the defiance of adversity has secured its worldwide appeal to young viewers seeking a blend of fun, adventure, and moral lessons. The series reflects a vivid combination of high-quality animations, well-scripted punchlines, and a captivating plotline that keeps viewers hooked from the start to the end.

At the heart of Tobot lies a tale of two inventive young brothers, Ryan and Kory, who accidently acquire technological specifications to create robots, known as Tobots, from their father's blueprints. Their father, a brilliant and retired robotics engineer, disappears under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a legacy that his sons embrace with all their heart. Armed with their father's brilliance and their spirit of adventure, the brothers successfully create and bring to life the futuristic robots—Tobot X, Y, and Z. Together, they form a formidable team that stands against the forces of evil in their city.

Each Tobot has its unique abilities and character traits. For instance, Tobot X is renowned for its power and strength, Tobot Y for speed, and Tobot Z for the ability to fly. More than just automated machines, the Tobots are sentient beings embodied with artificial intelligence, developed enough to display their own behaviors, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. They express a range of emotions, experience joy and sadness, and grow in their understanding of the human world as the series progresses. Correspondingly, Ryan and Kory grow with their Tobots, maturing from being wide-eyed novices into seasoned problem solvers throughout the course of the show.

Apart from action-packed sequences, Tobot is a story of friendship. The bonds that Ryan and Kory share not only with each other but also with their mechanical counterparts, form a crucial aspect of the show's narrative. Together, they navigate through the joys and trials of adolescence, repeatedly demonstrating that unity and teamwork can overcome any hurdles. The spirit of brotherhood and loyalty extend beyond the human characters to the Tobots, further humanizing them and accentuating the show's moral dimensions.

Set in the large, metropolitan city of Daedo, Tobot captures the spirit of an ultra-modern society harmonizing with its advanced robotic technology. Each episode focuses on a new mission for Ryan, Kory, and the Tobots to undertake, often involving protecting their city from malevolent forces. Yet, the series isn't solely about defeating antagonists and facing external threats. It entails the brothers' journey of self-discovery, their progressive learning about responsibility, courage, sacrifices, and the essence of true heroism.

Tobot is undoubtedly distinguished by its innovative animation. The designers meticulously crafted every character and gadget, translating a futuristic concept into concrete visuals that appeal to young minds. The scenes where Tobots engage in fierce combats or speedily traverse through the city skyline are particularly awe-inspiring, showcasing phenomenal graphical prowess. This makes Tobot more than just an animation show; it is a visually engaging journey that reveals the artistic beauty of animation.

Moreover, the diverse range of characters makes Tobot more relatable. Viewers get an assortment of characters from various walks of life adding depth and intricacy to the storyline. From everyday heroes like Ryan and Kory to characters with shades of grey who serve as the antagonists, each personality adds a unique dimension to the show.

The narrative is brought to life by the impressive voice cast who do justice to each individual character. The dialogues are interspersed with light humor and timely punchlines, ensuring the storyline doesn't get too weighed down by the more serious themes of heroism and sacrifice. This makes for a balanced viewing experience, enjoyable for both children and adults alike.

In conclusion, Tobot creates an immersive world where technology, virtue, bravery, and camaraderie thrive. Its thought-provoking narrative, sturdy character development, ethical values, aesthetically pleasing graphical representation, and family-friendly humor make it stand out in the realm of children's animation. Be it young science enthusiasts, action-figure lovers, or admirers of heartfelt stories, Tobot has something to offer for all and makes for truly entertaining viewing.

Tobot is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 123 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch Tobot online? Tobot is available on Janson Media with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Tobot on demand at Tubi TV, Amazon online.

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