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Rabbit and the Spring Water
The little pheasants along with the bunny siblings go to a spring to get water for sick Mother Flora. While scooping up water, the dipper gets broken.

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Penguin Adventure
The little pheasants encounter Penguin who needs to go to the sea to return to the Antarctic. But when they reach the stream, it's frozen solid.

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Chip's Amazing Adventure - Part 2
Arriving at an unfamiliar place in a cherry box, Chip and the cherries are thrown onto a fruit stand in a supermarket. Chip runs around inside the supermarket, away from a naughty boy and the security guard.

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Picnic With The Water Striders - Part 2
The little pheasants in the nest boat are on their way to a picnic on the hill. But their friends want to join them and hop on the boat one by one along the way.

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Skip Mudskipper, Skip!
The little pheasants visit a mud flat. Chip befriends Mudskipper who jumps around on the mud flat. When it's time to go home, Chip says goodbye and takes off, leaving his scarf on the mud flat. Thinking Chip might worry about his scarf, Mudskippers starts jumping toward the forest with it!

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An Adventure with Granny Wagtail
Granny Wagtail is visiting the forest after a long time. The little pheasants help her find her way. She says she's looking for a little pheasant she used to play with. Huh? But we're the only pheasants in this forest. Who could she be looking for?

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Catfish and the Flower Phone
The little pheasants play with morning glories, using them as toy phones, but drop one in the pond. But someone in the pond beings to talk to them on the phone!

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Squirrel and the Baby Weevil
Squirrel who lives alone is envious of the pheasants taking care of each other. Then, one day, a baby chestnut curculio crawls out of a chestnut that Squirrel picks up and calls him Dad.

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Hopping with Little Hopper
Mother Grasshopper is busy chasing her son around to feed him. He's too busy jumping around to eat. The little pheasants admire the grasshopper's hopping skills, but it looks like he's getting weaker and weaker. His stomach growls. Baby Grasshopper, let's get some food!

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Playing with the Dragonfly
The little pheasants spot Dragonfly sitting on a foxtail. They approach him to become friends but he flitters away.

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Riding With The Salmon!
The little pheasants visit the stream on bicycles and see a school of salmon returning home from the sea. Where do the salmon live?

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Playful Baby Tiger
Baby Tiger appears in front of the little pheasants playing with a boomerang. He chews on the boomerang and Chip's beloved straw doll to pieces.

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Mr. Otter and the Bicycle
Skillful Mr. Otter makes a four-person bicycle for the little pheasants. With Mother Flora's help, they soon get used to it and can ride it by themselves. They take off and reach the pond. Oh, no! We haven't learned how to stop the bicycle!

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Laugh, Water Deer, Laugh!
The forest's best comedic duo, Red Squirrel and Squirrel! But even they can't make Water Deer laugh. The little pheasants try their hardest to crack up Water Deer who bursts into laughter in the end. But... the laughter sounds a little unusual. Is that why you tried not to laugh? Water Deer, your laughter sounds great!

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Little Squirrel Romi
Romi, a tomboy baby squirrel, shows up! She cuts in line to go down on a slide and always wants to the first in line in playing choochoo.

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The Sleepy Dormouse
It's time for the Dormouse family to hibernate. However, Baby Dormouse that wants to play more sneaks out of the cave and goes sledding with the little pheasants.

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Black Snake Train
Choo-choo! The little pheasants are riding the Snake train, slowly and safely. Then, they pick up Squirrel on the way, but Squirrel tickles Snake, wanting him to go faster. Snake begins to run amok like a rollercoaster. Up and down, up and down! Whoa! It's too fast!

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Mrs. Magpie's Missing Persimmon
The little pheasants took a persimmon from a tree. But it was the last persimmon from Mrs. Magpie's persimmon tree. The chicks try to put it back on the tree, but it's not easy. Then, Mrs. Magpie appears and sees what they're doing. Little pheasants, anyone can make a mistake, but from next time, just tell me.

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Calf's First Outing
The little pheasants visit Mrs. Cow's home to play with Calf. But Calf won't do anything without his mom. The chicks take Calf on a winter outing and arrive at a frozen pond. Calf is terrified of the icy pond. Can Calf skate alone like the little pheasants?

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It's a Mud Monster!
Mrs. Tree Frog, why are you putting mud on your face? Oh, it makes my skin smooth! Curious little pheasants put mud on their faces too. But other animal friends start running away, scared at seeing them. Whoa! It's Mud Monsters!

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Baby Hawk's First Flight
Jack, flying on a leaf, falls into a falcon nest placed high on a cliff. Falcon Baby, who can't fly yet, tries flying with Jack on a leaf.

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Get Up Mr. Scarecrow!
The little pheasants find a new playground where they jump around with Sparrows. But this playground is so strange!

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Surprise for Mommy
Wanting to be good dancers, the little pheasants take Mrs. Golden Oriole's dance class. They try hard to learn to dance for their Mom. But Chip is like he has two left feet. Soon Mother Flora will be here to see them dance. Can the chicks show a great dance for their Mom?

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Horn Beetle, Champion of the Forest
Chip's forsythia petal has gone under a rock! Then, Dynastid Beetle appears and lifts it up like it's nothing.

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Cat in the Playground
Anything that crosses this line is mine! Cat draws a line on the ground and takes everything that crosses it.

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Goldfish in the Forest
The little pheasants meet Goldfish in a plastic bag that has been washed away by the rain. It's Goldfish's first visit to the forest, so the chicks decide to show him around.

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Mr. Peacock's Got Style
The little pheasants want to be dandy just like Mr. Peacock! They put on nice clothes and try walking like models. They're supposed to behave themselves and not to get their clothes dirty. But they want to play in mud. Mr. Peacock, come play in the mud with us!

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A Great Sea Adventure With Captain Crawfish
Curious about the sea, the little pheasants and Mother Flora visit Captain Lobster. Off they go on a big sailboat with the captain to the stream!

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The Babysitter
Today, Crow, a first-time babysitter, is supposed to take care of the little pheasants. She's eager but her body can't keep up.

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The Forest Cleaners!
The little pheasants make a mess in the Playground and leave for a meal. When they come back, their toys are gone!

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The Little Sparrows
Today is the birthday of Squirrel, a friend of the little pheasants'. But the chicks forget what day it is and Squirrel gets upset.

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Wonders Under The Water
Chip finds a pretty pebble near the stream. But he drops it into the water when Jack fools around. How can I find the pebble? Then, Water Spider with a bubble on her head springs out of the water. The little pheasants use bubbles made by Water Spider and go on to explore the mysterious underwater world to find the pebble.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 18 Now

Tangerines in the Snow
Bbamgduk and the little pheasants decide to keep an eye on a basket full of tangerines until Grandpa returns. But the hungry Squirrel knocks it over, trying to steal a tangerine.

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The Little Pheasants and the Boy
The little pheasants, who were playing jegichagi, happen to meet a human boy. Awkward at first, but soon, they're all playing together and reach the stream.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 16 Now

Friends Finish Together!
Why are you so slow, Cicada Larva? Cicindela Chinensis makes fun of him. The little pheasants think Cicindela Chinensis is too mean. They form a team with Cicada Larva and race against Cicindela Chinensis. You can do it, Cicada Larva! Cicada Larva finally reaches the finish line! Who will be the winner?

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Shrew's Special Treasure
The little pheasants ride on each other's shoulders to pick a pomegranate. But the pomegranate that fell to the ground starts to run away like it has legs!

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A Butterfly Dream
Duri rescues Swallowtail Prince tangled on a spider web and gets invited to the butterfly kingdom. A flower ring turns her into a butterfly and she has a good time with Butterfly Prince.

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The Egg Movers
Father Appasus with his eggs on his back is rushing to somewhere. He's in a hurry to get to the pond before the eggs hatch.

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Fun at Mrs. Pig's!
The little pheasants visit Mrs. Pig's home for fun and delicious things. But it's time to go home. Reluctant to leave, Bobby decides to remain and play alone. But it's no fun playing alone. Missing his siblings, Bobby finally decides to return home. He always has the most fun with them!

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 11 Now

The Wild Geese Adventure
After seeing a beautiful flight of the geese, the little pheasants play, pretending to be geese. Then, a real goose appears!

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 10 Now

Sing Along With The Cicadas
The little pheasants are erecting a stone tower which crumbles down because of the ear-splitting noise of the cicadas. The forest animals suffer from the noise too.

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Tricky Tree Frog
The little pheasants are walking in the forest, singing the frog song, and meet stubborn Tree Frog. Mother Flora suggests rope jumping together, but Tree Frog says "No, I don't want to!

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Babysitting Baby Bear
The little pheasants are looking forward to meeting Baby Asiatic Black Bear, but it turns out the baby is huge! The chicks are babysitting the baby at the request of Mrs.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 7 Now

The Talented Baby Spider
Someone covered the whole forest with spider webs! The little pheasants start looking for the culprit.

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Mandarin Ducks Reunited
Granny Mandarin Duck who loves helping others shows up and teaches the little pheasants how to blow a ground cherry. But she disappears even before the chicks thank her.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 5 Now

Antlers Are Wonderful
Deer doesn't like his cumbersome antlers. But when the little pheasants adorn them with a wreath, he begins to like them.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Our Incredible Clawed Friend!
Stag Beetle wants to play with the little pheasants, but he gets sad when his sharp pincer-like mandibles keep ruining the game. Just then, Mrs.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 3 Now

Silly Shy Sheep
The little pheasants and Mother Flora go on a picnic on a hill, and encounter a flock of white fluffy sheep. The chicks want to be friends with the sheep, but the scared sheep mistake the birds as monsters.

Watch Katuri Season 2 Episode 2 Now

Fantastic Mrs. Pigeon
Mrs. Dove from the city comes to visit the home of the little pheasants. Mother Flora and Mrs. Dove chat, drinking coffee. The coffee aroma makes the chicks wonder what coffee tastes like. Squirrel, who followed the smell, also vies for a chance to sip it. Does coffee really taste as good as it smells?

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Katuri is an enchanting children's animation series produced by Janson Media. Adored by both young audiences and their parents alike, the series centers around the adventures of a group of endearing woodland creatures, led by the feisty and courageous bird, Katuri. As a dynamic and multifaceted series, Katuri seeks to create a whimsical, animated fantasy that incorporates valuable life lessons and educational content into its narrative.

The show follows the eponymous lead character, Katuri, and her diverse group of animal friends, including a mischievous squirrel, a timid rabbit, and a wise old owl. These adorable characters create the heart of the narrative, bringing joy to the forest they call home while teaching a young audience valuable social and emotional lessons.

One of the points which sets Katuri apart from other children's programs is the unique and engaging world that it creates for its characters. The series is set in a lush, vibrant forest, alive with numerous other fascinating creatures. The show's creators have taken great care in realistically rendering the landscapes and habitats of the woodland setting, creating a visually stunning backdrop where Katuri and her friends live. The vivid animation adds an extra depth and dynamism to their adventurous explorations.

In each episode, Katuri and her friends engage in a multitude of fun and exciting adventures, where they learn about friendship, bravery, problem-solving, and the importance of teamwork. From rescuing friends who are in danger to exploring uncharted parts of their world, the animals encounter various teachable experiences that pose valuable life lessons and moral values for young viewers.

The myriad of enlightening topics cleverly woven into Katuri's storylines is another cornerstone of the series. It manages to teach its audience about different aspects of nature, the traits of various animal species, and the importance of ecological balance, in a way that children can understand and appreciate. Even more impressively, it accomplishes this without detracting from the entertainment value of the show.

Katuri is a non-dialogue series. The absence of dialogue does not take away from the storytelling but rather encourages viewers to focus on the visual storytelling, characters' expressions, and non-verbal cues. This, together with the colorful and visually captivating animation, the beautiful melody of the background score, and the well-designed sound effects work in harmony to effectively communicate the story and its themes.

Moreover, Katuri's design is set to promote inclusivity, as it is devoid of language barriers. With comical sounds and reactions that echo the animals' interactions, the series invites children from all cultural backgrounds to partake in its world. It's impressive how Katuri utilizes non-verbal communication and visual storytelling to transcend language boundaries and cater to an international audience.

Additionally, every episode of Katuri is accompanied by light-hearted humor that draws genuine laughter from its young audience. The characters’ unique personalities and their interactions not only offer endless fun and amusement but also warm the hearts of the viewers as they watch the camaraderie and growth between the band of friends.

Katuri’s simplicity, the heartwarming sense of camaraderie between the characters, the charmingly constructed make-believe world, and the important educational messages it imparts make it an exceptional watch for young children and their families. By blending entertainment and education, Katuri ingeniously strikes a balance that few shows manage to achieve.

In conclusion, Katuri's beautiful animation, wholesome and warm message, the light sprinkling of humor, the importance given to friendship and character development, all set in an immersive and appealing world, make it a quality show that stands out in the realm of children's programming. Earl and Buddy, along with their friends, offer a safe and joyous journey into the world of nature, where children are allowed to enjoy, learn, and grow along with them. Far more than a simple animated series, Katuri is indeed an enriching experience that offers a great platform to foster love for nature and communal values in young viewers. It is indeed an essential addition to quality children's content that Janson Media is known for.

Katuri is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 101 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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