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A Happy Marriage
Cinderella is escorted with pomp and ceremony to the castle to meet prince Charles, who is delighted to learn that the girl he danced with at the ball is actually Cinderella. After he introduces her to his parents, the preparations for the wedding begin.

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The Shoe of Happiness
Prince Charles is enchanted by the mysterious girl who disappeared into thin air at the ball after losing a glass shoe on the palace stairs and he is desperate to find her. Hans and Alex decide to help him and obtain the king's permission to seek out the girl.

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The Invitation to the Ball
With the support of Hans, his old, trusted advisor, the king wants to organize a Grand Ball and invite all the aristocratic girls of the kingdom, as well as the princesses of neighboring lands, so that the prince will at last be able to chose his bride. The king's messenger delivers invitations to Cinderella's home.

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Eliminate the Prince
Prince Charles and Alex discover that a gang of bandits is plotting against the king. They manage to escape an ambush organized by Terrol and his men, who are, as usual, in the pay of Zaral.

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Cinderella is in Danger
While Cinderella is walking through the market she runs into Charles, who stands accused of stealing an apple. Cinderella sticks up for him, but is accused of being his accomplice.

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Memories of My Mother
Cinderella dwells on the few memories she has of her mother. Pierre and Cinderella's animal friends tell her she was very beautiful and kind, just like Cinderella, and that she used to love taking quiet walks in the fields.

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Traveling Toward Happiness
Cinderella's stepmother reads a letter from Cinderella's father in which he writes that he has found a good man for Catherine to marry. He has already talked to the parents of Merville, the young man in question, who is very well connected.

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Let's Get Rid of Those Bandits
Duke Zaral is irritated by local gossip. It seems that Cinderella's stepmother has made it widely known that the duke himself will see to it that one of her two daughters will become the prince's bride.

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The Disturbing Painter
The king wants his son to sit for an official portrait, and Duke Zaral suggests an excellent painter. The painter in question is a strange individual named Zore, who lives alone in a castle atop a mountain peak.

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Kindness in a Small Heart
Cinderella tries to defend Catherine and Jeanne by taking the blame for the disappearance of her stepmothers most valuable ring, although she knows her stepsisters have been arguing over it ever since Jeanne took it from her mother's jewel case. Cinderella promises the ring will be returned that same evening and is then told that if it isn't, she will be kicked out of the house.

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The Prince and Housework
Cinderella has a high fever and her stepmother is in a quandary because she is expecting an important guest. Catherine and Jeanne are put to work, but neither one is any good in the kitchen.

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The Two Charles
Once again, prince Charles slips out of the castle in disguise.This time he runs into Cinderella who tells him that prince Charles is riding through the city in a carriage.

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Prince Charles' Secret
Duke Zaral invites Cinderella and her stepsisters to stay in the Emerald Castle for a while, hoping that their presence will help him keep track of the prince and prevent Charles from putting a spoke in his devious plans. Catherine and Jeanne are both very excited and honored by the invitation.

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The Way of Love...Isabel Runs Away
After being rebuffed by prince Charles, Isabel decides to run away and force him to come looking for her. While she flees the city, however, she is robbed.

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Pleased to Meet You, Prince
By now Charles has grown very suspicious of Zaral, and tries to learn more about him from Isabel. At the same time, unbeknownst to Charles, the king and queen have organize a grand ball so that their son will at last be able to meet a girl, with whom he will fall in love.

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What I Would Give to Live a Fantastic Love Story
Cinderella and Jan, the fortune teller, try to help Nicolas (the violinist) convince the parents of his beloved Variel (the Marquis and Marchioness), to let him marry their daughter in spite of the class difference. Unfortunately, this attempt fails miserably.

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The Sad Violinist
Zaral is determined to arrange a marriage between his daughter, Isabel, and prince Charles. On the prince's birthday, he invites all the eligible young ladies of the kingdom to a ball in the castle.

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There's Something Strange About Him
Cinderella is sent into the woods to gather roses. At the same time, prince Charles discovers that great changes have taken place at the royal court.

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The Magic of a Smile
A circus has arrived in the city to perform for the royal family. As Cinderella wanders around the circus tents, she meets an acrobat named Mary, who is training for the act she performs on a balloon.

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The False Fortune Teller
When Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters find out that a fortune teller has arrived in the city, they are determined to learn what their future holds and thus,send Cinderella out to find him. Cinderella's search fails, however she runs into a mysterious young man who promises to find the fortune teller and bring him to her home.

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The Mystery of the Vineyard
Many grapes have been stolen out of the castle vineyard, causing the gamekeeper to be on an especially high state of alert. Cinderella's stepmother learns about the grand thefts that have taken place, and plots to discredit Cinderella by sending her out to fetch some grapes from the same vineyard, telling her it belongs to her family.

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A Dream Meeting
When they learn that the prince plans to go hunting, Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother decide to have a picnic in the same woods where he is most likely to be found. However, when they arrive in the middle of the woods, a storm breaks and a sudden gust of wind blows Jeanne's hat off her head.

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The Horse
Cinderella must find the prince's page so that she may bring him home to be questioned by her stepmother and stepsisters regarding the prince's likes and dislikes. In so doing, Catherine and Jeanne hope to become candidates for his hand in marriage, as one of the two must be chosen.

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The Mysterious Boy
Cinderella and her stepsisters go shopping in the city. While Cinderella waits outside the shops with the packages, she once again runs into the young man she had met the day before.

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The Flowers from My Dream
Cinderella's two stepsisters decide to enter the contest hosting the election of the Flower Queen. They order Cinderella to stay home and help them get ready.

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I Want to Become a Splendid Young Lady
Cinderella's father departs on a long business trip, leaving his daughter in the care of her new stepmother. However, the situation does not bode well for her.

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Cinderella is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 50 episodes, the show debuted on 1995. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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