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When I'm Alone
Loudermilk receives some news.

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Should Have Known Better
Mugsy takes a tumble.

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Resurrection Shuffle
Loudermilk is surprised.

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Wind Beneath My Wings
Roger is honored.

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Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry
Loudermilk admits he was wrong.

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Just What I Needed
Claire gets a new beau.

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Hit Me Baby One More Time
Members of the group explore their feminine side.

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American Idiot
Loudermilk and the group are challenged.

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There Goes My Baby
Ben shows off some unusual talents.

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Stuck In The Middle With You
Loudermilk becomes a dad. Sort of.

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Loudermilk is a remarkable comedy-drama television show that aired from 2017-2020 on the Audience Network. This intriguing series masterfully combines humor, romance, and ticks of drama, promising an addictive viewing for the audience. At its core, Loudermilk revolves around the life of Sam Loudermilk, a former musician and current substance abuse counselor, living in Seattle. Sam Loudermilk (Ron Livingston) is the central character of the series - a witty, acerbic, curmudgeonly, yet likable recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor. The character carries a charisma of his own, which is given edge by his outlook towards life originating from his past filled with rock 'n' roll, addiction-struggles and subsequent recovery. Even while he's seen changing the lives of others enrolled in his recovery program, he himself struggles with his own woes. His past bad decisions, especially during his days as a music critic, continue to haunt him, making his own personal life a tough ride. This contrast between Loudermilk’s professional efficiency and personal insufficiency is what enriches the story plot, offering glimpses of irony to the viewers. The characters around Loudermilk also play a significant role in moving the storyline forward. These include a motley crew of individuals in various stages of recovery, each with their unique problems and ways of dealing with them. Loudermilk’s own best friend and sponsor, Ben Burns (Will Sasso), aids as a sounding board, offering a contrasting personality type. A secondary but deeply involved plotline includes Claire Wilkes (Anja Savcic), a gritty young woman struggling with her own addiction, who finds herself involved with Loudermilk. Loudermilk’s charm lies in the scope it gives for poignant moments among the situations generated by his counseling sessions and the laughter evoked through his scathing sarcasm. Despite its comedic elements, the series does not shy away from addressing serious social issues like substance abuse, its devastating effects on addicts, and the painstaking process of rehabilitation. These elements help the audience comprehend the challenges faced by recovering addicts in everyday life, depicted with due sensitivity and care. The creators of the show, Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort, excellently blend Sam Loudermilk's roller-coaster personal life with his professional one. Farrelly, known for his works like "Dumb and Dumber" and "There's Something About Mary," brings out the humor potential from seemingly mundane situations. Mort, on the other hand, has previously worked on "The Colbert Report" and uses his experience in presenting a narrative set in a real-life context, with a touch of sharp wit. Loudermilk's plot keeps evolving, presenting fresh challenges to Sam and his fellow rehab group members at each step. There are plenty of unexpected twists that keep the audience guessing about the directions their lives might take. Through its seasons, it refreshingly humanizes all characters, ensuring their growth as well as their mistakes are portrayed realistically. The teleplay’s strength lies in its fully developed, solid performances and unforgettable dialogues. Ron Livingston, who has already proven his sardonic prowess in movies like "Office Space," is the soul of the show, skillfully slipping into the character of Sam Loudermilk. Other actors including Will Sasso, Anja Savcic, and a slew of supporting cast members also deliver splendid performances. From its sarcastic humor to its comprehensive portrayal of addiction and recovery, Loudermilk promises a viewing experience that elates, churns, and moves its audience. It is a compelling commentary on human flaws and redemptions and a toast to the spirit of resilience against all odds. With its remarkable characters and riveting performances, Loudermilk captures the viewers' attention, ensuring the comedy-drama genre brings both genuine laughter and moments of profound impact. The series leaves the viewers waiting for more, making it a memorable product of Audience Network.

Loudermilk is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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