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POTUS and the Next Gen Hot Rods
Jay joins President Joe Biden at the secret service training ground to discuss hot-rodding and the future of electric cars. Then comedian Jim Jefferies and Jay take car recycling to a whole new level in an action-packed game of car soccer.

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Kelly Clarkson challenges Jay to a manure-fueled tractor race in a state of the art truly visionary vehicle. We get an exclusive offroad drive in the newest Ford Bronco Raptor with actor Titus Welliver.

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Classic vs Cutting Edge
Jay takes a wild cruise down memory lane with musician Pitbull in a pristine 1956 Packard and meets up with Ford CEO Jim Farley to take an exclusive drive in the new F-150 Lightning pickup. Jay then convinces Mandalorean star Katee Sackhoff to exchange her classic Harley for the new electric Livewire motorcycle!

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Jamie Lee Curtis' Automotive Life
Hollywood legend Jamie Lee Curtis takes Jay though her hilarious automotive history, and comedian Jeff Dunham gets roasted at the Firefighter training grounds. Actor Diego Boneta takes a literal spin on a watery skid plate at the Porsche Experience.

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The Bigger the Better
This show proves that bigger really is better. First, Jay and Tim Allen take a wild ride through the history of trucks as told by two morons.

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Elon Musk: Mars Legacy
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk invites Jay to Texas where we get an exclusive personal tour of his revolutionary rocket factory, SpaceX. Tony Hawk shows off his newly converted electric vintage Corvette.

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Fast Living
Jay has a blast with Post Malone in an explosive new hypercar, the F5 Venom. Then, race legend Danica Patrick comes out of retirement to school Jay on the finer points of racing in the super-rare Aston Martin Vulcan.

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Premiere Cars
Brie Larson - Captain Marvel herself - kicks off "Jay Leno's Garage" with the newly released Nissan Z - and teaches Jay how to fly! Actor and TV host Alfonso Ribeiro reveals his secret passion!

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Jay Leno's Garage is a fascinating television series that premiered on CNBC in 2015. It is hosted by Jay Leno, an iconic figure, comedian, and longtime host of The Tonight Show, who is known for his melodious comedic style and charming personality. However, Leno is not just a comedian; he's also an avowed petrolhead with a deep passion for all things automotive. This show is a testament to his dual enthusiasm for comedy and cars, creating an enchanting blend of entertainment and information for car enthusiasts, gearheads, and casual viewers alike. Jay Leno's Garage revolves around Leno's immense classic car collection, which is even more remarkable given that it's one of the world's largest private collections. It filled with approximately 286 vehicles, 169 cars and 117 motorcycles as of 2021, of various makes, models, and eras. His garage, which is more akin to an automobile museum, spans multiple warehouses in Burbank, California, each filled to the brim with beautifully restored and maintained vehicles. The crux of the show is Leno showcasing and heralding the world's most exciting cars. This interactive spectacle takes viewers on a journey, highlighting the workmanship, history, practicality, and beauty of these automobiles. Each episode typically focuses on one or more specific car or motorcycle, often rare or unique, and delves into its history and features. It provides an immersive and educational viewing experience, introducing audiences to the unparalleled designs, innovative technologies, and inspiring stories behind these machines. Jay Leno's Garage also includes an exciting mix of celebrities, well-known figures from the auto industry, and automotive innovators, which further elevates the show's appeal. Many of these guests join Leno to discuss their experiences and relationships with cars, making for some compelling conversations and fun excursions. From Patton Oswalt's experiences with his old Corolla to Tim Allen's hearty ride in a GT40, each episode presents a unique and entertaining facet of the automotive world. Throughout the show, Leno's passion for motor vehicles is infectious. His knowledge of cars and their histories is deep and comprehensive, making him a fascinating guide for viewers. His natural humorous bantering ability and conversational style with his guests add an additional layer of charm to the show. One of the distinguishing features of Jay Leno's Garage is the sheer variety of vehicles covered in the program. You'll see everything from high-end luxury cars and fierce sports vehicles to vintage beauties and innovative green technologies. Additionally, it's not all glitz and glamour; it showcases a slew of everyday user-friendly cars, making it incredibly relatable to the average viewer. Jay Leno's Garage is more than just a TV show; it's a passion project that serves as an ode to the world of automobiles. It encapsulates the thrill, history, and beauty of vehicles, weaving together a tapestry of automotive culture that may appeal to car aficionados and novices alike. Its mix of comedy, extensive knowledge, and behind-the-scenes peeks into the automotive world make it a joy to watch. Moreover, the cinematography and production values of the show are top-notch. Given Leno's attention to detail with his cars, it's no surprise that the show follows suit. Each car's detailing is beautifully captured, and the driving sequences are superbly filmed, adding to the allure of the show. In conclusion, Jay Leno's Garage is a celebration of automobile culture that will delight car lovers and could even convert non-enthusiasts with its engaging storytelling and impeccable presentation. With Leno's charisma, knowledge, and guest appearances from some familiar figures, it becomes more than just a car show; it becomes a fascinating journey through the world of automobiles, demonstrating their evolution, impact on society, and how they've captured imaginations worldwide. Though this journey began in 2015, Jay Leno's Garage continues, unabated, to entertain, educate, and enthrall viewers, solidifying its position as a staple in the automotive entertainment industry.

Jay Leno's Garage is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 88 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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