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Bussin' Out
The Welder Up tour bus receives an interior steampunk makeover; Merlon converts a Cummins diesel engine to run on vegetable oil; Travis installs triple turbos; Steve is poised to make his largest profit yet with an unusual flip.

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Big Bad Bus
Steve faces his toughest challenge yet when must design a tour bus that represents WelderUp while meeting the high standards of his business partners- sisters Donnalee and Stacy. Steve stands to make his largest profit yet off of an unusual flip.

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The Real Iron Man Revealed
With only two weeks left to go building the Iron Rod truck for Tyrone. The Welderup crew still has to build an engine, install it, and re-cut the frame to add shocks.

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Iron Man and the Mullet
Steve and the Welderup crew have to get creative when they're tasked with building an iron-worker themed rat rod that doubles as a work truck. Justin makes a big mistake and Steve then tries to flip a beat-up '67 Coronet that he finds in a junkyard.

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Curse of the Haunted Rod
The Haunted Rod is cursed. The suspension and the engine don't fit, triggering major body work; and when the engine doesn't fire they miss the deadline.

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Tricks No Treats
When longtime friends commission Steve to build a spooky car, he goes above and beyond the grave when he digs up a haunted '55 Chevy. While Justin and Travis battle to modify the cursed car, Steve and Merlon flip a Depression Era Plymouth.

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One Big Gas Car
The Welder Up crew scramble to finish the 70's gasser, but they run into several problems while testing the car out. Also, Merlon plans a surprise gift for Steve to replace a bike he loved as a kid but lost.

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Episode 5
Steve takes on one of his funkiest projects ever when he agrees to build a crazy 70's-era gasser racecar for a Navy Veteran. Also, Steve tries to make money by restoring and flipping a Prohibition-era bootlegger Model A truck to a Vegas police captain.

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Episode 4
Steve and the crew commit to meeting the original Superhero build time and delivering the Villain Rat Rod in three weeks; with no sign of a transmission, it doesn't look as though the crew will escape the clutches of this perilous deadline.

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Episode 3
Steve is asked to build a scary villain rat rod in three weeks and a vintage-inspired charity bike for military veterans in two weeks; Steve worries when the villain car frame takes longer than expected and the Vet Bike won't start.

Watch Vegas Rat Rods Season 4 Episode 3 Now

Race and Reveal
With the delivery date for the ultimate Vintage Dirt Bike Hauler imminent, Steve pushes his crew to complete his vision. And when Welder Up's reputation for building the meanest and fastest rat rods is challenged, Steve races a local ****-talker.

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Stevel Darneval
Steve and his Welder Up crew are back, their builds bigger than ever! Welder Up takes on transforming a 58 Chevy Apache into a badass Vintage Dirt Bike Hauler.

Watch Vegas Rat Rods Season 4 Episode 1 Now

Born to Rod
Steve gets ready for epic new year of Vegas Rat Rods while paying tribute to all that got him here: his dad, his crew, his city and his most bitchin' builds.

Watch Vegas Rat Rods Season 4 Episode 101 Now

Vegas Rat Rods is a riveting reality television series with an emphasis on motor vehicles, notably Rat Rods. The series takes its name from these unique vehicles which challenge typical automobile aesthetics, instead embracing a distinctive, worn-down look with greatly modified engines and bodies for high performance.

The show is primarily set in the hustle and bustle of Sin City - Las Vegas - more specifically at Welder Up, a renowned custom car shop. Welder Up is headed by Steve Darnell, a custom car builder with an established reputation for pushing the boundaries of creativity and design to produce rat rod masterpieces.

Each episode of Vegas Rat Rods often starts with a client providing Steve and his talented team of eccentric mechanics with a new challenge. It can range from creating a car with special capabilities to replicating the spirit of a past era or even integrating specific personal symbols of the client. The show then takes the viewers on a thrilling journey behind the scenes, showcasing the entire process from conceptualization to completion.

Steve Darnell embodies the gritty, rugged spirit of the rat rod community. With his vast knowledge of automobile anatomy and unconventional thinking, Darnell forges ahead to come up with highly creative and unique designs. He consistently demonstrates his ability to see possible gems where most people see junk.

The team at Welder Up includes a variety of skilled mechanics each with their own niche expertise areas. From the tattooed ‘Muscle’ who adds power to the vehicles, Tracy the 'Mad Scientist' who brings his innovative problem-solving strategies to the fore, and barber-historian ‘Barber Dave’, there is a captivating mix of strong personalities. However, the team at Welder Up doesn't always have synergy. Conflicts do arise, frequently fueled by the high pressure of meeting stringent deadlines, leading to situations filled with tension and high drama that adds a fascinating angle to the show.

One of the attractions of Vegas Rat Rods is its gritty yet satisfying process. Working against the clock, the team members take on seemingly impossible challenges, transforming abandoned wrecks into powerful, fully functional masterpieces, complete with their own story and personality. In addition, the team makes a concerted effort to preserve the original patina of the cars, modding them in a way that exposes their history while clearly displaying signs of their modifications - a hallmark of the Rat Rod aesthetics.

The viewers get to see the rough world of automotive restoration coupled with the world of Rat Rods - where older, decaying car models are repurposed into road-worthy pieces of art, showcasing the team’s creativity, while highlighting the essence of Rat Rods, which is reviving the discarded and the forgotten. This aspect entertains not only car enthusiasts but also those who appreciate the transformation of something old and rusty into a work of art that roars on the road.

Moreover, the show can also serve as an educational watch for those interested in the world of automotive renovation. Concepts related to automobile engineering, welding techniques, and custom modding get explained in the process, providing a valuable insight into the practical aspects of custom car building.

There is more to Vegas Rat Rods than just car restoration though. It paints a broader picture centered around the concept of making the best out of what is available, not wasting, and giving new life to the old. This is clearly demonstrated in Steve's commitment to uphold the character of the original vehicles while enhancing them through modifications.

Since its debut in 2014, Vegas Rat Rods has showcased restorations on a variety of rare and iconic cars. The team at Welder Up has displayed the huge potential that thoughtful restoration can bring, turning rusted relics into dream machines.

All in all, Vegas Rat Rods delivers an engaging viewing experience that combines the world of aggressive automobile restoration with an amazing blend of imaginative flair and mechanical inventiveness, giving a new lease of life to discarded relics of the past while presenting a thrilling dose of interpersonal dynamics among the talented crew of Welder Up. With its captivating transformations, fiery team dynamics, and immersive storytelling, it continues to engage audiences, taking them along for an unforgettable journey into the world of Rat Rods.

Vegas Rat Rods is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 43 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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