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Just What The Doctor Ordered
The mentors take on inventors who want to make a mint off the medical field. Deanne meets a former combat medic looking to prevent fatal blood loss on the battlefield with the X-Suit.

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Weekend Warriors
George and Deanne help two father-son teams trying to turn pastimes into profit. George meets a single father looking to inspire his son with the Tailgater, an easy-to-use table and chair system.

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Making Green
Deanne and George explore two ideas that could not only save the world, but could also make millions. Deanne teams ups with the inventor of the Hive Genie, a beehive-monitoring device that could help identify the key causes of bee population decline.

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Athletic Ambition
George and Deanne team up with inventors who are looking to capitalize on the athletics market. George mentors a former NCAA basketball player looking to modernize drills with the Lazer 900, a computerized training system.

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Millennial Markets
The mentors advise two millennials who are ready to take their respective industries by storm. George enters the rave world with sound-reactive glasses called Dropshades.

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Toy Tycoons
Deanne and George meet two inventors who are looking to make a fortune from fun. George is intrigued by a Hawaiian inventor’s combination skate and surfboard called the WaveSkate.

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Barrier to Entry
Tastier steak? Relief for sweaty construction workers? Two teams of inventors think they have solutions. Deanne helps a family who has thrown all their resources into the "Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat"--a hard hat with a solar powered fan system. Meanwhile, George meets two meat lovers whose invention, the "Steakager," aims to bring restaurant quality dry aged steak into the home for a fraction of the price.

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Life Savers
In the season premiere, two inventions with one lofty goal: save lives. Deanne meets an emergency nurse who has invented the "Goldilocks Valves," a device that could revolutionize the way nurses and paramedics perform CPR.

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Make Me a Millionaire Inventor is a thrilling reality TV series, first aired on CNBC in 2015. This innovative, exciting show provides a unique and captivating view into the rewarding but challenging world of invention and entrepreneurship. The series is a creative exploration of people’s brilliant minds as they navigate the challenges of the competitive invention landscape.

The show's primary mission is to bridge the chasm between everyday inventors with an awe-inspiring concept and the potential marketplace for their ideas. However, it isn’t merely a series that is about inventions; it also provides invaluable insights into the extraordinary journey that inventors undertake. It puts a spotlight on the exceptional inventiveness, creativity, resilience, among a blend of other qualities that are essential pillars in the world of invention and entrepreneurship.

Each episode features two inventors who are partnered with expert mentors to help them convert their innovative ideas into functioning prototypes. The mentors who are part of the show have years of industry experience, and their role entails assisting the inventors in both troubleshooting and perfecting their inventions. The relationship between the mentors and inventors brings forward some fascinating dynamics throughout the show.

The inventors featured on the show come from all walks of life, bringing with them an incredible range of ideas. From household gadgets to groundbreaking, sophisticated technologies that have the potential to revolutionize entire industries, the spectrum of innovation is broad and limitless. These inventors aren't just creating objects of novelty or luxury; they're crafting solutions designed to resolve real-world issues, which drives home the importance of their work and adds an extra layer of gripping intensity to the series.

Once the inventions are fully developed, the inventors are tasked with delivering a pitch to a panel of interested investors – a nerve-wracking, high-stakes event that can make or break their dreams. If the investors find the potential in the invention and are convinced it can be commercialized successfully, they are presented with the possibility of a life-changing investment. Hence, the creators are not only being tested on the meritability of their creation but also on their delivery and ability to persuade potential investors that their invention is worth backing.

One unique aspect of Make Me a Millionaire Inventor is its real, almost palpable focus on authenticity. The show does an outstanding job of not only capturing the soaring highs when a prototype works or an investor comes on board but also the crushing lows when things don't quite go as planned. It illustrates the reality of turning dreams into tangible creations, highlighting that the inventing journey is a long one, fraught with risks, failures, and disappointments. As such, the inventors' determination and driven spirit are genuinely inspiring, giving viewers a sense of both empathy and excitement and painting a realistic picture of the beautiful yet demanding world of innovation.

Make Me a Millionaire Inventor offers an entertaining mix of creativity, resilience, hope, and relentless determination. It fosters the celebration of ingenuity, while also giving a voice and a stage to those determined enough to create solutions to problems most of us have yet to even identify. It is a splendid venture into the captivating world of inventing, which taps into the immense potential of everyday people, fostering the belief that anyone, irrespective of their background, location, or circumstances, can change the world by taking their ingenious ideas and making them a reality.

The series is a must-watch for aspiring inventors, entrepreneurs, or even investors who want to know more about the invention journey. It offers informative, accessible insights into the often inscrutable realm of inventing, making it suitable for both the knowledgeable and the curious amateur. The series showcases that invention is more than a fleeting spark of brilliance—it's a painstaking process of trial and error, execution, and adaptation to finally achieve success.

In conclusion, Make Me a Millionaire Inventor is a fascinating journey of creation and innovation, celebrating the idiosyncrasies, challenges, and successes of several unique inventors. It's a television show that captures the human spirit's inventiveness, resilience, and resourcefulness in its raw, mesmerizing form.

Make Me a Millionaire Inventor is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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