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The Fate of the City
The heart has been torn out of the Medici family. After all the painful sacrifices suffered to realize a dream, one life-or-death decision remains.

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Lost Souls
An uneasy peace settles on the Medici household and an ailing Lorenzo. Yet Florence is rife with rumors stirred up by Savonarola, and enemies circle.

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A Man of No Importance
Ardinghelli turns up the pressure on the Medicis. Later, Lorenzo brings together Botticelli and da Vinci, and Bruno revisits an old foe: his family.

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The Holy See
In a Rome racked by chaos, Lorenzo and Clarice scramble to safeguard peace. But at what cost? Savonarola preaches to a growing flock back in Florence.

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Seven years later, on the eve of a peace conference, Riario's men seize Ferrara, drawing Lorenzo into a savage game. Lucrezia confides in Clarice.

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Lorenzo makes an audacious appeal to an enemy. But after learning of a new attack, he must use all his wiles to save Florence — and his own life.

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The Ten
Embattled, Lorenzo vows to never let Florence fall yet faces internal opposition. Savonarola clashes with leadership as wives exert their influence.

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Lorenzo's political skills are tested when the pope excommunicates Florence. Giuliano's son materializes, and Medici's head must reach into his heart.

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Medici is an evocative and enthralling historical period drama series that was originally broadcast on the Italian network Rai 1 from 2016 to 2019. Set in cannon of Renaissance period Italy, the narrative of Medici chiefly follows the rise of the Medici family, a renowned banking dynasty who accumulated significant wealth and influence in Florence, Italy, during the 15th century. The series comprises of 3 seasons each with a unique story arc: "Medici: Masters of Florence', 'Medici: The Magnificent' and 'Medici: The Final Season’. Every season revolves around different generations of the Medici family as they ascend from modest merchants to the architects of the Renaissance. Though unveiling the political intrigue is at the core of Medici, the series also elegantly presents the passionate interpersonal relationships, the family dynamics, the epochal art, architecture, and humanities, offering the viewers a rich tapestry of Renaissance and Medici's pivotal role in it. Season one, entitled "Medici: Masters of Florence", primarily focuses on the figure of Cosimo de' Medici (played by Richard Madden), the scion of Giovanni de' Medici (played by Dustin Hoffman). Giovanni's mysterious death and Cosimo's subsequent ascend to head of the family is a central theme to this season. The complex dynamics of politics, commerce, religion, and social hierarchy are portrayed brilliantly, including the fraught relationship with the Papacy and manipulation of state affairs. The second season, "Medici: The Magnificent", journeys into the earlier years of Lorenzo de' Medici (played by Daniel Sharman) - more famously known as Lorenzo the Magnificent. Carrying forward the legacy of his father and grandfather, with the inherent grip for business, diplomacy and acute political acumen, Lorenzo navigates the turbulent waters of political alliances, warring kingdoms, and competing interests. The series adeptly explores his role in the apogee of the Florentine reputation as the cradle of Renaissance. The final season brings the house of Medici progress, overshadowed by disasters, betrayals, and the upheaval caused by Girolamo Savonarola, a radical Dominican friar. Despite this though, the Medici's indomitable spirit, resilience, and their unwavering determination to protect their family and Florence is again depicted vividly. Medici is rooted in historical facts; however, it does not shy away from using creative liberties to graft a compelling narrative, how Filippo Brunelleschi's architectural marvel, the Florence Cathedral's dome, was financed by the Medicis or how the enigmatic art by Sandro Boticelli was under the Medici's patronage. The series is beautifully shot with panoramic views of Florence and Tuscany and staggering architectonic wonders, recreated to take the audience back to characteristically Renaissance Italy. The costumes are sumptuous and meticulously designed to reflect the social status of characters and the era. Acting performances are stellar carrying the narrative forward with emotional intensity and suspense. Moreover, the series turning the typical black-and-white presentation of history into a palette of greys – each character comes with their virtues and vices, their heroism marred by their inadequacies grounds the lofty saga into realities of the world, making it relatable and intriguing. In Medici, the spirit of the Renaissance is alive not only in the grandeur of the architecture or intricate frescoes but also in the fierce endeavor for power and dominance, the ceaseless pursuit of glory and survival and the unwavering faith in the human potential for greatness. As the series unfolds, it also depicts how these pursuits and faith have sculpted Western civilization and how their legacies continue to endure and resonate. Despite certain historical inaccuracies and dramatic interpretations, Medici offers an immersive experience into the opulent world of 15th-century Florence and a deep, personality-centric look into one of the most influential families of all time. Intrigue, power, passion, and a backdrop of arguably the most intriguing era of human history, the Medici series scores high on entertainment value and substance. It is an intriguing expedition into the heart of the Italian Renaissance and the great family that served as its patron and benefactor.

Medici is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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