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The boys receive some troubling news from their landlord.

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Book Club
Ellen holds her latest Book Club gathering at the boys' apartment as Nate reaches his breaking point.

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Love Scenes
Nate climbs into bed with an unlikely lover.

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He's Got Jokes
To Luke's dismay, Blaine's one-night-stand joins the boys for breakfast.

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The boys throw a housewarming party.

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Luke gets too comfortable with his workout buddies despite Nate's jealousy.

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The boys search for a new roommate.

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Where Ya Headed?
Nate and Luke make a shocking discovery about their exes.

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Indoor Boys, an engaging original series from Here TV debuted in 2017, is a light-hearted web-series that piques the interest of viewers with its beloved and offbeat humor. Crafted by the dynamic duo of creators, writers, and stars, Alex Wyse and Wesley Taylor, Indoor Boys is a unique addition to the pantheon of shows that explore friendship, family, and self-discovery against the backdrop of humor and realism.

The show follows the lives of two roommates, Nate and Luke, played by Wyse and Taylor respectively. Living in Los Angeles, the close-knit duo spends most of their time in the comfort of their apartment navigating the complexities of their intertwined lives and combating their growing fear of the outside world. The title itself, "Indoor Boys," humorously underscores the storyline, as the two protagonists' lives revolve around their home.

Indoor Boys is not just a sitcom but is a distinctive play on the 'slice of life' narrative technique, where each episode encapsulates a different day in the life of Nate and Luke, allowing viewers a peek into their personal and shared adventures. Each short episodic vignette provides an opportunity to understand the complexities of the characters' personalities, their relationships, and the dilemmas that come with it.

The show covers various themes in an attempt to explore life from the perspective of two gay men. With the key themes including friendship, sexuality, family relationships, and exploration of personal boundaries, Indoor Boys resonationally depicts the unique circumstances and challenges of their lives. Yet, the creators meticulously ensure that the narrative never becomes overly dramatic or overwhelming instead, it often takes an intentionally lighter, funnier side to engage the audience.

The chemistry between Nate and Luke drives the show forward. As roommates, their close friendship often blurs the line between platonic and romantic engagement, which provides the central tension within the show. Their constant endeavors to define their relationship while maintaining their distinct personalities keep the audience hooked on the narrative.

Besides the primary characters, the show is peppered with a range of colorful supporting characters that fill the narrative with vibrancy and depth. Ranging from their intrusive and overly enthusiastic neighbor to their complicated family members, these characters inject a multitude of perspectives and humor into every episode. The show skillfully employs these relationships to demonstrate familial intricacies, awkward social interactions, and the vibrancy of life in LA.

An attribute that sets Indoor Boys apart from other shows on the digital platform is its inimitably engaging dialogue. The quick, sharp, and humor-drenched dialogue sets the tone and vibe of the series. Moreover, veracity is a crucial element of Indoor Boys' narrative. The show delves into the life of Nate and Luke with such authenticity that viewers can identify with the characters and the scenarios they navigate.

The series encapsulates the essence of modern-day digital storytelling. Though short in running time per episode, the series does not compromise on character development and storyline. Each episode contributes to advancing the overall narrative and character realization. The use of the apartment as the principal setting heightens the intimacy of the scenario and enhances the character's cultural and social interactions.

The show's vibe is further magnified by the exceptional performances by its lead actors. Alex Wyse and Wesley Taylor embody their characters with conviction, effectively portraying the dichotomy between the idiosyncratic characters' insular lifestyle and their struggle with wanting to explore beyond the walls of their haven.

In summary, Indoor Boys takes a close look at modern relationships and struggles through the lens of two gay men living in Los Angeles. It's a web-series that cleverly balances light-hearted comedy with weighty themes, creating an engaging and authentic portrayal of lives that are connected, disrupted and enriched by the humor and the hardships of shared living. Indoor Boys is a must-watch for anyone seeking a refreshing, humorous, and relatable show.

Indoor Boys is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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How can I watch Indoor Boys online? Indoor Boys is available on Here TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Indoor Boys on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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