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Broke Straight Boys 108
Shannon appears on CNN talking about HIV and safe sex, two of the guys are found to be in love with each other, and Cage is found sleeping on the boss's bed.

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Broke Straight Boys 107
The guys have fun on some go-carts, Adam hurts his back because of Cage, and Johnny gets dismissed from Broke Straight Boys.

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Broke Straight Boys 106
Jimmy gets kicked out of the house while Damien and Johnny arrive, Shannon gets a birthday party and talks about his partner being murdered, and Sergio says goodbye.

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Broke Straight Boys 105
The guys undergo boot camp and a lie detector test. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Sabrina, Jimmy and Cage get into it.

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Family Matters
Newcomer Adam arrives at the house, Jimmy and Cage engage in a cage match, and Jimmy's girlfriend Beth discovers he's cheating on her.

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The Moment of Truth
As we get to know the guys more intimately, Kaden talks about his struggles with relationships.

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Viva Las Vegas
The guys who are 21 and overtake a trip to Las Vegas to promote in the clubs and have some fun.

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Broke Straight Boys 101
Welcome to the unique world of adult website and "Gay for Pay", a term which refers to straight men who do gay porn for money.

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Broke Straight Boys is a groundbreaking and controversial reality TV series that aired on Here TV in 2014. The show provides a candid exploration of the world of gay-for-pay pornography, focusing on the lives of male actors who identify as heterosexual but participate in homosexual pornography for money. Unlike many reality TV programs, this series isn’t just about sensationalism. It explores difficult conversations surrounding sexuality, the adult entertainment industry, and economic struggles while challenging societal norms and stereotypes. Set against the backdrop of the adult film industry, the show follows the personal and professional lives of five men who work for a popular adult website,, earning their livelihood through the markedly controversial and misunderstood arena of gay-for-pay work. The show thrusts into the limelight an industry that often remains behind closed doors, revealing the enigmatic and intricate lives of these men. Underpinning Broke Straight Boys is not just the exploration of the hustle in adult entertainment but also the probing into the complex interplay of sexuality and personal identity. The show admirably unmasks stereotypes ingrained deep in societal consciousness, opening up avenues for dialogue on sexual orientation and identity, letting viewers grapple with the notion that sexuality may be more fluid than traditionally prescribed. In terms of its cast, what sets apart the show is its focus on these actors who aren't playing fictional characters but portraying themselves. Each cast member is a participant in the world of gay-for-pay and brings their perspective, insecurities, aspirations, and personal stories to the table. They allow a rare look into their motivations, from the financial implications that lure them into this industry to how their work impacts their relationships, families, and overall life outside of work. From an emotional standpoint, Broke Straight Boys comes with a compelling and thought-provoking narrative that highlights human vulnerabilities, showcasing the reality behind the glossy veneer of adult entertainment. The personal stories, anecdotes, and struggles of the participants make the show emotionally charged, providing viewers with an intimate understanding of the characters’ complexities and dilemmas. Beyond the on-camera performance scenes, the show’s participants have their lives showcased in an unembellished manner. It delves into significant real-world issues, like coming to terms with societal judgments, managing relationships, and fighting personal battles, depicted through a raw and unfiltered lens. Furthermore, Broke Straight Boys does not shun away from tackling intertwined issues of economic struggle and survival, implicitly questioning the struggles inherent in the American dream narrative. It takes a hard look at how economic necessities shape and carve out unconventional career paths that typically lie outside the classic work frame. The show also takes a relational approach, highlighting the impact of the actors’ profession on their personal connections. There are gripping stories of acceptance and nonacceptance, love and estrangement, embodying the true-to-life experiences in their families and communities. It forces viewers to acknowledge the harsh realities that these actors, as real people with complex lives, face daily, extending the conversation beyond their on-camera performances to their everyday struggles. Broke Straight Boys is not designed for audiences seeking light-hearted or purely entertaining content; instead, it is a hard-hitting, real, and powerful series committed to breaking down barriers and challenging societal norms. This reality show has the potential to spark important conversations about sexuality, identity, societal standards, and the lengths people go to secure a livelihood in a struggling economy. With its controversial theme, the show effectively appeals to a more mature and open-minded audience that values probing discussions and deep social commentary. All said and done, any viewer prone to thoughtful examination of societal constructs and ready to mute outer judgment will find the narrative of Broke Straight Boys vivid, insightful, and surprisingly humane. The show does an incredible job of humanizing an industry that is typically denigrated, marking its unique place in the sphere of reality television, and paving the way for acceptance and understanding of alternate lifestyles and professions.

Broke Straight Boys is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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Shannon Prewitt, Paul Canon, Cage Kafig
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