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Angela Merkel
Follow Merkel's meteoric rise from pastor's daughter to Time Person of the Year. As a young woman emerging from East Germany, she successfully navigated the male-dominated sphere of German politics to become first female Chancellor of Germany.

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Elon Musk
Revel in the life story of a thrilling 21st century Iron Man come alive. See how Musk went from bullied boy to young innovator to self-taught rocket scientist, ultimately becoming one of the richest men in the world.

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Jimmy Carter
Hear the inspiring story of a long-shot outsider who fought his way to the top office in the world, beat the odds against him again and again, and never looked back in his quest to better the lives of millions.

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Diana, Princess of Wales
The story of Princess Diana's life, including her heartaches and triumphs.

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Chuck Berry
Take a riveting ride on the Chuck Berry train exploring the life, the legend, the music, and the man who is regularly credited as the father of rock and roll. We will meet the family who loved him, the players who were there for the rise, and the stars who bow to his inspiration and credit him for their own success.

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Pope Francis
Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, becomes the first pope from the Americas, the first non-European and first Jesuit priest to hold the highest office in the Catholic Church.

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In Their Own Words is a riveting documentary series brought to you by PBS, premiering in 2015. As predicted from the series' title, In Their Own Words strategically uses first-person narratives to delve deep into the lives and careers of influential figures in history, politics, science, yet it doesn't limit itself solely to that and rather connects the viewers with an array of fascinating personalities from various sectors of human endeavor. This top-notch documentary series provides the viewer with an inside look into the lives of influential individuals who have had a significant impact on the world. It punctuates the intimate details of their personalities and characteristics, coupled with their personal stories of struggle, success, and the lessons learned along the way. Utilizing personal testimony, chock-full of direct quotes, excerpts from speeches, interviews, and personal reflection, the series ensures to let the subjects narrate their own tales, giving the audiences an authentic, personal, and empathetic account of their journey. What sets In Their Own Words apart from other biographical documentary series is the depth and detailed approach it takes in understanding and portraying its subjects. Instead of relying on third-party accounts or quotes taken out of context, the series lets personalities speak for themselves, making the show much more engaging and allowing a personal connection between the subject and viewer. This series presents the stories of these personalities in their own authentic voice and, in doing so, the viewers are guided not just to the achievement of the characters but also to the human qualities that drove them. The series does not only focus on the professional journey of its subjects but also takes a dive into their personal lives, presenting a holistic view of their character. It portrays the subjects as more than their fame, success or influence. We see them not just as icons but as human beings with all their flaws, quirks, and uniqueness. This balanced approach makes for a richer and more satisfying viewing experience, addressing our fascination and curiosity about these enigmatic characters. Another unique feature of In Their Own Words is its creative storytelling approach. The series artfully combines the personal narrative with rare footage, family photos, and interviews with friends, family members, colleagues, or critics who directly knew or interacted with the subject. Such technique often reveals previously unknown or less-known insights about these figures, providing the audience a new perspective, or reaffirming the known beliefs about these personas. Each episode of In Their Own Words serves as an informative, comprehensive, and stimulating biography that triggers thoughtful reflection, encourages constructive conversation, and inspires viewers to learn from the life journeys of these personalities. The series does an extraordinary job of bridging the gap between the individual and the audience, making the viewing experience not just enlightening but often relatable, moving, and motivating. The series was well-received by viewers and critics alike who appreciated the innovative concept and execution. It's praised for its ability to humanize and demystify the figures it covers and for offering an unparalleled look into their lives, thoughts, and emotions. The diversity of the figures covered reflects the wide demographic appeal of the show, as it brings out stories from all walks of life and motivations, making it a must-watch for the curious minds seeking a deeper understanding and inspiration. In a nutshell, In Their Own Words offers an intriguing, informative journey into the lives of people who have left indelible marks on human history. It's a compilation of sincere, emotional, and inspirational biographies, unraveling the inner workings of figures we often hold in awe. PBS succeeded in creating a docuseries that does more than telling a life story – it makes you live that life, it makes you engage, experience, and even challenge the core ideas and vision that these personalities held, all through the original and profound narrative In Their Own Words. Thus, it is not just a show but an opportunity for personal growth, learning, and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to make a mark on the world.

In Their Own Words (2015) is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

Brian Unger, Sean Francis, Don Mischer
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