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Frontline Stories
Follow the men and women of the Army, Navy, Drug Enforcement Administration, Coast Guard and other forces through the chaos of battle with real-life, first-person footage.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 17 Now

Close Quarters Combat
An Army patrol in Mongah/Zoldag, Afghanistan one of the Taliban's original strongholds turns into a close-range ambush. Pinned down by the Taliban in extremely close quarters, the elite infantry group unleashes grenades, mortars and rockets on the enemy in a battle for their lives.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 16 Now

Man Down
On a search and destroy patrol, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Hattesohl and his team have one goal -- find the Taliban, pin them down and attack. When a firefight erupts in an Afghani graveyard, Staff Sgt. Zach Fraker takes a bullet and the soldiers must race the clock to save his life. And in an earlier operation, a unit of Marines has been tasked with holding the southernmost line of Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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Bomb Squad Boom
Aerial gunner Staff Sgt. Scott Matthews of the Air National Guard and his team take to the sky in helicopters and rush to the site of an overturned vehicle with a shocking number of casualties.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 14 Now

On patrol in Afghanistan, soldiers find themselves surrounded by the Taliban. Running low on ammo, they must fend off an intense enemy assault and hope reinforcements arrive in time.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 13 Now

Fallen Hero
When a small group of Marines set out after a Taliban squad known to be attacking one of their main supply routes, Taliban fighters turn the tables and ambush the Marines from close range. In the midst of a spray of fire, the Marines' machine gunner gets hit.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 12 Now

Mountaintop Revenge
While on a mission to check on the locals of the village near the American Forward Operating Base (FOB) Kala Gush in the mountains of Afghanistan, an Army platoon is attacked by the Taliban. Gunner Spc.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 11 Now

Sniper Hunt
See the perils of war through the eyes of our brave American service members — as the fighting is happening.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 9 Now

Out Of Ammo
Follow the men and women of the armed forces through the chaos of battle with real-life, first-person footage. See the action unfold as the U.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Trapped by the Enemy
While on their way to rescue a foot patrol, a convoy of Marines gets stuck in a trench and is ambushed by Taliban forces in Afghanistan. They need to tow their lead vehicle out before the enemy gets the upper hand.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 7 Now

I'm Hit!
When a solider is shot in the arm, he wonders if he will bleed out.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Battle for Antenna Hill
The soldiers are in an epic and deadly battle against the Taliban to take Antenna Hill in Afghanistan's Jaghatu district.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 5 Now

Behind Enemy Lines
To capture the Taliban the soldiers cross into enemy territory in Charkh, Afghanistan.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 4 Now

Bleeding Out
After getting hit with shrapnel during an attack a soldier is in critical condition; a U.S. sergeant in Iraq helps a dangerous raid and comes upon a suicide bomber.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 3 Now

Caught Outside the Wire
A military outpost in the remote mountains of Afghanistan is under Taliban siege, but they hold back because a hailstorm is limiting all visibility. The enemy gains ground and the soldiers have to risk it all to fire off a missile.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 2 Now

Chasing Down the Enemy (Pilot)
Two soldiers chase an enemy who is trying to escape on motorcycle. After the pursuit, they come face to face with the Taliban.

Watch EyeWitness War Season 1 Episode 1 Now

EyeWitness War is a groundbreaking docu-reality series produced by National Geographic in 2013. As the title suggests, the show offers an intimate view into real-life combat scenarios, told through the lenses of military men and women themselves. This unfiltered, immersive experience provides a deep and personal look into the dangerous, thrilling, and oftentimes traumatic world of warfront. Each episode of EyeWitness War follows different units of soldiers or law enforcement professionals who wear helmet cameras and other recording devices during their missions. This 'point-of-view' style filmmaking is what sets this series apart from others. Instead of having a camera crew following the military personnel, the soldiers themselves become the cameramen, capturing and sharing raw footage from the heart of the battlegrounds. Breathtaking, adrenaline-rush scenes that often go unnoticed are brought into the limelight, offering a firsthand perspective of life at the warfront. The show covers a wide range of missions across various terrains and situations, from high-speed chase in Afghanistan to dangerous raids in South Central U.S. It paints a stark and honest picture of battlefield realities and the high-stakes operations that soldiers undertake daily. The tense, unpredictable and oftentimes hostile environment is laid bare for all to see, as audiences gain a unique insight into the fast-paced, life-altering world of military combat operations. While the footage is raw and uncut, presenting intense combat situations, the series does an excellent job at maintaining viewer discretion. The producers of EyeWitness War take great care to ensure the series respects the dignity and integrity of soldiers while providing a realistic portrayal of war-time scenarios. It's this measured approach that makes the show a compelling watch. Throughout the series, viewers will also hear the soldiers explain their thought processes, decision-making challenges, and human emotions they experience while navigating dangerous battlefields. This personal narrative adds another level of depth to the show, enriching the firsthand combat footage with the soldiers' emotions and thoughts. It allows audiences to form a real connection with the soldiers, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the military personnel's sacrifices. An interesting aspect of EyeWitness War is its educational value. The show not only helps the audience to comprehend the complexities of war situations but also increases their understanding of military operation dynamics, team camaraderie, tactics, and survival skills. It provides an opportunity for viewers to reflect on the psychological, physical, and emotional demands of working in such an intense profession. Another key element of the show that sets it apart is its tone of complete authenticity. The series avoids sensationalizing or dramatizing the realities of war. It focuses on presenting the bare, unembellished truth, often highlighting the chaotic, messy, and brutal realities of combat. This commitment to authenticity makes EyeWitness War a powerful, impactful watch. Throughout the show, the courage, resilience, and camaraderie among the military personnel shine through. These elements of human spirit intersperse with intense action sequences, making the series profoundly moving, exciting, and inspirational. In its entirety, EyeWitness War is a unflinchingly bold, gritty, and brave documentary series that offers a rare inside look into the world of modern warfare. It respects its subjects, treasures their stories, and shares them in an impactful and dignified manner. It reminds audiences of the brutal truth of war while simultaneously highlighting the astonishing bravery, relentless dedication, and the unbreakable brotherhood of soldiers on the frontline. Whether you're interested in military operations, looking to have a closer glimpse into the life of soldiers or simply love exhilarating, real-life action sequences, EyeWitness War is sure to grip you from start to finish. Through its unique filmmaking style, captivating narratives, and honest portrayal, the series succeeds in crossing the lines between documentary and reality, leaving an unforgettable impression.

EyeWitness War is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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