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Peter Porteous decides he must return to England to aid the war effort. Meanwhile, a series of thefts at a nearby farm leads to a confrontation between the farmer and a German intruder.

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The Education of Nils Borg
A Swedish journalist arrives to report on the "model occupation" of the Channel Islands--and what the rest of Europe can expect under Nazi rule. The Germans strive to convey just the right image, but the islanders have a different picture to paint.

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From a View to a Death
A Russian prisoner of war attacks a camp guard and flees into the countryside. The escape affects all who come into contact with the man, and prompts a race between Reinicke and Richter's police chief to find him.

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The Right Blood
The arrival of a senior SS officer on the island causes the opportunistic Reinicke to speculate about the reasons for his visit. But the officer's mission is of a personal nature, prompting Richter to come to the defense of an islander's rights.

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War Game
A chess tournament seems like a good way to restore some normalcy. However, once the occupiers decide to participate, the tournament becomes a matter of national pride.

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After a townsperson's petty act, the Germans grow suspicious of the owners of a local tearoom and a young German soldier who frequents it. Coming after a deportation decree for all non-island-born residents, the action has consequences far beyond what was intended.

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The Raid
A small team of British commandos launches a raid on a nearby island. Once ashore, they learn that their operation has coincided with the arrival of a high-ranking delegation of German officers--and an opportunity to impact the outcome of the war.

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Post Mortem
Local landowner Peter Porteous returns to Guernsey after serving a prison term in France. In his eagerness to settle an old score, he again puts himself in the hands of the Germans, placing Dr.

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Committee Man
The German authorities and the islanders' representatives have a problem--one that only Dr. Martel can solve, but he refuses to cooperate.

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No Quarter Given
German efforts to confiscate all privately owned radio sets raise tensions on the island. Foster-Smythe is determined to resist, declaring that any cooperation with the Germans amounts to collaboration.

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Angels That Soar Above
Dr. Martel returns to the island after six months in a French prison. Richter hopes the doctor can ease relations between the soldiers and the islanders, but Martel has relations of a different sort to worry about.

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Reception for the General
To Richter's dismay, the new commander in chief insists on being received socially by the leading families of the island. Richter turns to a conflicted Olive Martel for help.

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Call of the Dead
A new commander in chief is appointed to the Channel Islands, and trouble begins when Dr. Martel's daughter, Clare, is arrested for trespassing in a prohibited zone.

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Enemy at the Door is a vintage British television drama series that originally aired from 1978 to 1980 produced by London Weekend Television for ITV. The series is set during the Second World War, specifically during the years 1940-1945, providing a dramatic depiction of what life might have been like for the residents of the Channel Islands when the Nazis occupied them.

Enemy at the Door is primarily set on Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel near the French coast. The show artfully encapsulates the tension, human drama, and the enduring spirit of community during wartime. It’s an unprecedented and chilling visual representation of a historical chapter that remains relatively unexplored in television and film.

The series is a keen exploration of the complex dynamics between the residents and the German occupying force. It effectively showcases the moral quandaries, personal loyalties, societal adjustments, and compromises people were forced to navigate during their years of living under Nazi rule. The scripts are imbued with a sense of gritty realism and human complexity that is compelling while remarkably balanced in its approach.

The main characters include the German senior officer in command of the military garrison, Major Dieter Richter, and the island's doctor, Dr. Philip Martel. Their tense interactions starkly illustrate the differences between the invaders and the occupied. Major Richter is sympathetic to the plight of the islanders and attempts to maintain peace and bilateral respect, which forms the central tension of the show. Meanwhile, Dr. Martel is continuously torn between his duty as a doctor, his responsibilities towards his people, and his interactions with the German officers. His character serves as a narrative force that navigates viewers through many moral grey areas during wartime.

Enemy at the Door is not about a grand scope war or significant strategic battles; instead, it emphasizes the ordinary people trapped amidst the extraordinary circumstances of war. It perfectly captures the essence of survival, resilience, and adaptability as the narrative unfolds. The show is not a massive, effects-laden war epic, but rather a quietly compelling piece of character-driven historical drama that focuses on the psychological impact of war and occupation on both the occupied and the occupiers.

An important supporting character in the series is Clare Martel, Dr. Martel's daughter. A dedicated, strong, and assertive woman intent on helping Guernsey's community in any possible way, Clare undertakes acts of passive resistance against the Germans while trying to keep the island's health and spirits alive.

The raw portrayal of interactions and human dynamics is particularly powerful, with the scripts managing to-humanize everyone involved. It's a tale of emotional resilience and toughness, showing us the trials and tribulations of the Channel Island residents under wartime conditions, painting a vivid image of a time and place that we may never fully comprehend.

Moreover, the show is stellar in its presentation, with meticulous detail being paid to the set design, props, and period-appropriate costume design—encompassing the essence of the era. The stark and somber cinematography complements the narrative's tone, intensifying the realistic and somewhat bleak atmosphere of the setting.

Importantly, the performances by the ensemble cast are riveting, with each actor delivering emotionally resonant performances, helping to create multi-layered and believable characters. They effectively convey the strains and frustrations of being caught up in an intense and dire historical situation.

In sum, Enemy at the Door is not just a war-time drama; it's a study in character and artifacts. Through its thorough exploration of this relatively obscure event in WWII history, it forces the viewer to confront the harsh realities of war, the sacrifices made, and the mundane yet extraordinary acts of courage displayed by ordinary members of the community. It is a top-notch series that presents a potent blend of history, human drama, and the resilience of individuals when faced with extreme circumstances.

Enemy at the Door is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 1978. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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