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Secret Weapons
November 20, 1944. The USS Mississinewa, a massive oil tanker, sits off the coast of the island of Ulithi.

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In the fighter pilot business, they say "speed is life." Speed means the ability to maneuver. Speed is the initiative in a dogfight -- with the speed advantage you can almost always out perform and out think your opponent.

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Death of the Luftwaffe
A WWII surprise attack by Germany in several European locations in January 1945 caused a clash between Allied and German fighters in the Operation Bodenplatte battles.

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MIG Killers of Midway
Recalling Vietnam War battles involving planes from the USS Midway.

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Tuskegee Airmen
Battles involving the Tuskegee Airmen, America's first all-black squadron of fighter pilots, are recalled.

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Dogfights of Desert Storm
A generational leap in technology and strategy is put to the ultimate test over enemy airspace in Iraq.

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P-51 Mustang
Recalling World War II battles involving the P-51 Mustang, including a group of Mustangs that are attacked leaving Iwo Jima and a battle in Germany.

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The Bloodiest Day
Recalling Vietnam War battles fought on May 10, 1972, during Operation Linebacker, a combined Navy and Air Force air assault.

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Desert Aces
Desert battles involving the Israeli Air Force and its Dassault Mirage III fighter are chronicled. Included: a profile of former Israeli fighter pilot Giora Epstein.

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Night Fighters
Night battles and tactics are explored.

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Luftwaffe's Deadliest Mission
Recalling the Sonderkommando Elbe, a World War II German ramming unit.

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No Room for Error
Low-level battles fought just over the treetops, where split-second decisions are critical, are recalled. Included: a World War II battle involving U.

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The First Dogfighters
Legendary flying aces and notorious dogfights of WWI are examined using computer graphics, firsthand accounts, archival footage. Included: Ernst Udet; Georges Guynemer; Arthur Raymond Brooks.

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Dogfights of the Holy Land
Battles involving the Israeli Air Force and its Dassault Mirage III fighter are chronicled. Included: a profile of former Israeli fighter pilot Giora Epstein.

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Gun Kills of Vietnam
Guns kills in air battles during the Vietnam War are examined. Included: a battle between an A-1H Skyraider and a MiG-17.

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Battles involving Thunderbolts are recalled.

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Jet vs. Jet
Famous air battles involving jets are re-created using computer graphics, archival footage and re-enactments. Also: firsthand accounts of the battles.

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Battles involving kamikazes are recalled.

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Dogfights, a captivating Military documentary series from History, first aired in 2005 and ran until 2007. This action infused, historical non-fiction series brings the gravity defying world of aerial combat to life through dramatic, highly cinematic recreations. Designed to appeal to both history buffs and aviation enthusiasts alike, Dogfights offers an up-close and personal view into the experiences of some of the world's greatest fighter pilots from many different eras in history. Each episode of Dogfights carefully explores a significant aerial battle or series of battles from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. What makes Dogfights so specialize is it doesn't just speak about the battles in a general aspect, it relates the events of the wars through the eyes of the pilots who actually fought in them, thus allowing the viewers to share their experiences. The series spans complex and diverse air-battles, including the legendary Battle of Britain, the air skirmishes of the Pacific Theater during the Second World War, dogfights over the Korean peninsula, and the air to air combat over the jungles of Vietnam. Arguably the most exciting aspect of Dogfights are the extraordinary 3D animations, which are used to recreate the powerful aerial engagements with spine-chilling realism. These animations bring to life the flight paths, tactics and maneuvers of the planes in a way that footage or still images cannot capture. Beside the stunning visuals, the series also boasts an engaging narration which guides the viewer through each battle's tactical details and strategies, making it both exciting and educational. One standout feature of Dogfights is its deep dive into the technology and engineering behind the aircrafts. From the famous Fokker Dr. I triplane of the First World War to the advanced F-4 Phantom jet used in Vietnam, Dogfights illustrates not just the evolution of aerial combat, but also the rapid advancement in aviation technology throughout the 20th century. The series highlights the strengths and weaknesses of these aircrafts, and how they shaped the outcomes of the battles, as most of these dogfights were won or lost based on the abilities of these warbirds. But what truly gives soul to Dogfights are the stories of the men who piloted these aircrafts. Within each episode, interviews with surviving pilots, or dramatized accounts based on diaries and letters, relay the personal experiences, emotions, and stresses of aerial combat. This human perspective is pivotal, as it ties together the historical events, the strategies, and the technological aspects into a personal and compelling narrative that transcends the overall war scenario. Furthermore, the series does not shy away from addressing the harsh realities of war, depicting the courage, the skill, the danger, the fears as well as the heavy toll that these battles had on the pilots. It gives stark reminders of the losses and sacrifices associated with war, making Dogfights more than just a showcase of aviation prowess, but a deeply moving account of the men who were thrust into these death-defying battles. Overall, Dogfights is a thrilling journey into the most perilous, high stakes world of dogfighting. Packed with thrilling action sequences, state-of-the-art animation, meticulously recreated scenarios, intense battle strategies, unveiling the progression of air combat technologies, and heartfelt testimonials from the pilots themselves, Dogfights gives viewers an enthralling—and thought provoking—insight into the world of military aviation like no other series. Every episode of Dogfights is a tribute to the bravery, sacrifice, and ingenuity of the men who fought—and often gave their lives—in the most pivotal air battles of the 20th century. Whether you're interested in military aviation, history, or human drama, Dogfights offers a compelling viewing experience.

Dogfights is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

Phil Crowley, Frederick Blesse, Robinson Risner
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