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Episode 8
2020. As the world grapples with the Covid pandemic, after years in exile, Massimo sees the opportunity to finally get justice.

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Episode 7
It's the final confrontation in the data war. Massimo has to finalise a radical new 5G deal with the EU and reveal irrefutable proof of the truths he has learnt about the threat to democracy, all without being discovered by his enemies.

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Episode 6
Now knowing that he is a target, Massimo is desperate to retrieve the evidence that has been stolen from him. He comes up with a new plan to protect Europe and its citizens, offering a 'third way'-- assuring neither China nor the United States will win the data war.

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Episode 5
An accident outside a private Mayfair bank creates a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the creator of Bitcoin. It is a race against time between Dominic and the Chinese, with Massimo caught in the middle and beginning to question the decisions he has made until now: is Dominic actually the one behind everything?

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Episode 4
The battle lines are drawn between NYL and Dominic's new company -- with former colleagues and friends pitted against one another. At stake is ownership of a major social media company -- but also a huge nuclear energy deal involving the Chinese.

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Episode 3
Finally convinced by Dominic, Massimo's suspicions over Wu Zhi and Liwei are growing and as a result, he helps Dominic sabotage a deal of huge strategic importance to NYL's Chinese investors. Oliver discovers that someone has sabotaged his chance of a future outside NYL and his friendship with Massimo suffers the consequences.

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Episode 2
Massimo and his team vow to discover the truth about Brexit's tragic aftermath, and Dominic tries to convince Massimo that the Chinese are behind it.

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Episode 1
Dominic Morgan warns Massimo Ruggero that a new geo-political data war between China and the West has begun.

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Devils is a gripping international financial thriller series that originally aired on the CW in 2020. The enthralling plot of the series is based on the bestselling novel "I Diavoli" by Guido Maria Brera. The cast of the series includes top-notch performers like Alessandro Borghi, Patrick Dempsey, Kasia Smutniak, Laia Costa, Malachi Kirby, Pia Mechler, Nathalie Rapti Gomez, Harry Michell, Sallie Harmsen, Lars Mikkelsen, Tatjana Nardone, Jemma Powell, Chris Reilly, and Gabrielle Scharnitzky.

Set in the backdrop of international finance, the story unfolds in London, the heart of the financial world in the beautiful yet plotting world of buildings made of glass and steel. The protagonist is Massimo Ruggero, played by Alessandro Borghi, a charismatic and fearless Italian banker. With a steady history of successful deals, Massimo serves as the Head of Trading at one of the most important investment banks in the world, the New York London Investment Bank (NYL).

Massimo's life takes a turn when his mentor and the CEO of the bank, Dominic Morgan, portrayed by Patrick Dempsey, nominates another colleague over him for the vice-CEO position. Morgan, a charming, powerful, and manipulative leader, fiercely protects his current status and his chosen successor. This unexpected twist triggers a spiral of events including a scandal that forces Massimo to choose whether to ally himself with a rogue trader or stick with the devil he knows.

The series masterfully showcases the complex relationship between Massimo and Morgan. Dempsey's portrayal of Morgan brings out the nuanced character in a way that makes the audience question whether he is a mentor, a friend, or a ruthless player in the world of finance. While Alessandro Borghi's performance as Massimo captures the challenges and dilemmas faced by an ambitious professional undone by corporate machinations and personal grief.

The troubling undercurrents of global finance have never been more palpable, and the series gives a peek into high-stakes financial strategies that can inflict worldwide economic disasters. At the center of the plot are not just international banking conspiracies but also modern themes involving geopolitics, media control, and economic warfare.

Kasia Smutniak plays Nina Raus, a stylish and smart power-broker pulling strings behind the curtains. The talented Malachi Kirby appears as Oliver Harris, an important and controversial pawn in the game of financial chess. The cast also includes Pia Mechler as Eleanor Bourg, the ambitious and sharp hedge fund director, and Nathalie Rapti Gomez as Sofia Flores, a journalist striving for truth.

Devils plays into many of our contemporary fears and paranoias related to the inscrutable world of international finance. While the film noir aesthetics of the series make the world of finance look seductively glossy, the plot reveals the grim underbelly hidden behind the glamour. The series explores the financial world's corruption with an engaging narrative that is suspenseful, chilling, and thought-provoking.

The series is ripe with high-stake negotiations, power politics and makes audiences question who are the real devils in our society. Devils stands out with its multi-layered storytelling, gripping plot, and complex characterization. The series not only handles the thriller aspects with finesse but also delves deep into character development, giving audiences a chance to empathize with even the most morally gray characters.

The sprawling, international cast enhances Devils' global ambiance, and skillful acting brings a convincing feel to proceedings. Each character adds to the appeal of the series, and the performances engage the viewers from the beginning to the end of the season.

In summary, Devils is an intricately plotted financial thriller that doesn’t shy away from exploring some of the world’s most powerful institutions' dark sides. With complex characters, a tightly woven plot, and performance from seasoned actors, this series offers a riveting look into the big bad world of finance. The intensity and suspense of the series are sure to keep viewers on edge of their cushions. It is a must-see for those who are interested in well-crafted drama and intrigue.

Devils is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Pia Mechler, Alessandro Borghi, Malachi Kirby
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