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Standing by Peaceful Waters
With Millwood divided over a proposed mining project, lawyer and new mother Joanna Chang takes on the case of a landowner whose farm is standing in the way of the mine.

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Where The Shadows Lie Waiting
With one day left before the disciplinary hearing, Joanna and Billy set out to finish the case against the mine.

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The Homecoming
As Joanna and Billy scramble to keep their case alive, the evidence they uncover begins to point to a shocking conclusion about the mine.

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Spirits in The Material World
Joanna and Billy, struggling to deal with the demands of being new parents, are blindsided when their injunction against the mine is overturned.

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Scorched Earth
Joanna races to find evidence to dismiss the charges against her before her end-of-day hearing. Billy's search for a lead in the case has personal consequences.

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From Out The Gloomy Rack
Joanna becomes the target of a mysterious criminal investigation. Luna rushes back to Millwood to aid her sister.

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Breaking Points
Joanna (Kristin Kreuk) searches for her client's long-lost daughter to protect her client's legal interests and keep the case alive.

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River City
With Millwood divided over a proposed mining project, lawyer and new mother Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) takes on the case of a landowner whose farm is standing in the way of the mine.

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Burden of Truth is a Canadian drama television series that first premiered on CBC and was then picked up by The CW network. The series is a legal drama with an underline slice of a personal search that spans from 2018 to 2021. It stars popular actress Kristin Kreuk you might recognize from the long-running CW show, Smallville. She takes on the role of corporate attorney Joanna Hanley, who returns to her small hometown of Millwood, Manitoba, to represent a big pharmaceutical company. However, her mission is not just a straightforward case of protecting her client’s interests.

Once she arrives in Millwood, Hanley starts to uncover a town that's plagued by a mysterious illness that's crippling high school girls. This once booming mill town is fizzling out into an economically stagnant region, which forms the backdrop for this dramatic series that wrestles with medical and legal issues. It's there that she’s pitched against her high school nemesis, local attorney Billy Crawford, played by Peter Mooney. As the series unfolds, these two characters form an unlikely alliance.

The high stakes are not just centered at the courtroom drama. The suspense is heightened by Joanna’s underlying personal journey of self-discovery. After winning the case that dragged her back to her old hometown, Hanley decides to stay and dig deeper into the case that's causing an upset in her once peaceful hometown. As she peels away the layers of the cases, she will also be forced to reflect on her own past, her family history, and her personal connection to the town she had left behind.

Throughout the series, Joanna will become entangled in lawsuits that dig into long-buried secrets and uncover personal and corporate scandal. This often involves a play of power, deceit, and corruption that threaten to uproot this already declining town’s fabric. The show also delves into various social and ethical issues, touching on feminism, environmentalism, and community divisions. These are not just background fillers; rather, they drive the storyline and expose the strong and intricate character dynamics.

Besides doing an excellent job showcasing a brilliant woman at the center, striving to survive and win in a man's world, Burden of Truth also brings attention to various cultural aspects. It focuses heavily on indigenous communities of Canada, placed against the backdrop of discussions and events related to Aboriginal land rights and residential schools. This social justice theme adds a deep sense of realism to the narrative and offers a nuanced portrayal of a community often stereotyped or overlooked in mainstream media.

The writing, performances, and production quality of the Burden of Truth are commendable and impress upon the audience the significance of the themes it touches upon. The narrative is intense yet subtle, keeping the audience engaged and curious throughout the series.

Kreuk is fantastic as Joanna, projecting grace, strength, and vulnerability into her character who must carefully navigate the murky waters of corporate law and small-town politics. The cast's gritty yet soulful performances paint a vivid picture of every character's struggle in this complex drama, enhancing the show's immersive appeal.

The settings in Burden of Truth present a stark contrast between the multi-towered modern structures of the city and the quaint, expansive countryside of Millwood. Cinematically, this difference helps place the small-town community's issues into a broader perspective.

Overall, Burden of Truth is a compelling exploration of how the struggle for justice intertwines with personal identity and community ties. Its unique blend of court room thrill and personal drama, accompanied by its social commentary on important themes, makes it a powerful series that intrigues, inspires, and provokes meaningful thought.

Burden of Truth is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 35 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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