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Facing the Darkness...
Past and present come to a head as Alma decides to face the truth, however dark it may be, of what happened on that fateful night in the hotel.

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It Was Always You
Montano confronts Lys with the piling evidence against her. Suspicious of Dar'o, Alma sneaks into his hotel room and comes to a chilling realization.

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A Perfect and Unbearable Triangle
Montano investigates the bank account in Andorra. Zoe and Karina reach a breaking point. Esteban comes face to face with the fake Dar'o.

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The Twins
A photograph found in Lucinda's suitcase takes the case in a different direction. New incriminating photos from the bachelorette party emerge.

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Who the #*%& Are You Really?
Montano interrogates Alma, Dar'o, Lys and Leonardo. Ínigo digs deeper into Lys and Alberto's past. Dar'os alleged doppelgänger shows up at Alma's house.

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Everyone Reads Their Own Story
Dar'o confronts Lys. Zoe goes to Mau's apartment to review Julieta's forensic report. Alma and Esteban focus on uncovering Lys' involvement in the case.

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You've Become Your Own Worst Enemy
Esteban resorts to an aggressive method to help Alma. A video taken on Dar'o's 18th birthday reveals a shocking truth about his relationship with Lys.

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Don't Believe a Thing You Hear
While Alma and Dar'o are on the run looking for Lucinda's suitcase, Esteban plants a microphone in Montano's office and sets out to find them.

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A Dangerous Cocktail
Esteban and Montano keep collaborating to crack the case. A video on Julieta's cellphone turns Alma into a suspect in the police investigation.

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You Were Always My Mirror
Alma spots Dar'o's alleged doppelgänger. Julieta's cellphone is found. Worried about her mom, Zoe orchestrates an intervention with Leonardo and Monica.

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Walking on Hot Coals
When Dar'o insists that someone is impersonating him, a distrustful Alma reaches out to Esteban to try to unearth his past and confirm her doubts.

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The Other
After having a conversation with Leonardo, Ínigo starts suspecting Dar'o. Then, crucial evidence found on the roof turns Dar'o into the prime suspect.

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No One Can Run From Themselves
Detective Montano takes the lead in Julieta's case. Zoe requests a favor of her friend at the morgue.

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You Can Never Escape Something Like This
Alma decides to warn Julieta about Dar'o and ends up bumping into him. At her bachelorette party, Julieta receives an eerie text and a tragedy occurs.

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Eros and Psyche
Esteban is released from prison. A mysterious woman named Lys joins Alma's support group. A letter in the mail brings shocking news about Darío.

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Dark Desire is a provocative and suspenseful Mexican thriller series that first premiered on Netflix in July 2020. This non-English language original proved so popular with audiences that a second season was quickly commissioned, releasing in 2022. The series is predominantly in Spanish but has been dubbed into English and several other languages, widening its appeal to international viewers. It is frequently commended for its complex plot and the intriguing depth it lends to a range of diverse characters. The show is all about a high-achieving law school professor named Alma Solares, who finds herself embroiled in an intricate web of passion and secrets following a particularly memorable weekend away from her husband. The narrative primarily leans towards the genres of psychological drama, erotic thriller, and even courts the edges of murder mystery. This multi-genre approach endears it to a broad swath of the streaming audience, from romance lovers to die-hard drama aficionadosand those who appreciate a good dose of crime and suspense. While away at her best friend's weekend wedding, Alma encounters a younger man named Dario Guerra. They share an instant and intense connection that leads to unexpected—and eventually dangerous— consequences. Upon returning home to her husband Leonardo, a prestigious judge, and their teenage daughter Zoe, Alma finds herself trapped between the trappings of her usual life and the dark desire she experienced over the weekend. This tug of war between her roles as a wife, mother, and professional, and her newly discovered passionate self forms the crux of the series. One of the biggest strengths of the series is its character development. Alma is presented not merely as a woman entangled in a steamy affair, but also as a multi-layered character struggling with the intricacies of morality and family duty. Dario, despite being initially presented as the rogue seducer, is revealed to have personal predicaments of his own. Leonardo, the seemingly cold and distant husband, is also provided depth, as his own secrets unravel throughout the course of the series, adding another layer to the capricious and tense plot. Amidst this drama, are the murder mysteries that align and interweave with the personal lives of the characters, resulting in unexpected alliances, hidden betrayals, and tension-filled plot twists. Dark Desire beautifully serves viewers with a blend of intense drama, eroticism, and thrilling crime. The series uses these elements to explore the darker aspects of desire and infidelity and the secrets that people hide even from those closest to them. It delves into the question of what happens when lust, guilt, and lies collide and how that might tip the scales of a perfectly balanced life, leading it spiraling down an unforeseen avenue. The show is set against the picturesque backdrop of Mexico, with its stunning locales complementing the intensity of the narrative. The cinematography is noteworthy, using darker tones to enhance the sense of intrigue and suspense that dominates the plot. The sound design and score also serve a crucial role in establishing the show's overall atmosphere. In terms of acting performances, Dark Desire boasts a cast of Mexican talent that brings authenticity to the characters they portray. Each actor delivers a performance that adeptly captures the emotions and conflicts of their characters, adding to the narrative's depth and tension. In conclusion, Dark Desire is not merely a story of a forbidden romance but a complex tale that explores the intricate dynamics of love, desire, deceit, and crime. It takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the tumultuous ups and downs of Alma's life, leaving them at the edge of their seats, eager to predict the next twist in the narrative. With constant plot turns, captivating performances, and a skillful blend of mystery, romance, and drama, Dark Desire proves to be a binge-worthy series that keeps viewers enthralled right until the very end.

Dark Desire is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

Maite Perroni, Erik Hayser, Jorge Poza
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