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The Stranger, The Dummy, and The King
The Moonshiner Trucking crew has faced their fair share of foes, but they’re in for a real fight when three big bads stroll into town in the season finale of DALLAS & ROBO.

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I Was a Teenage Canibal Biker
Carol and her gang of cannibal space bikers are planning something big, but with DALLAS & ROBO in a fight, is there anyone else left in the solar system to stop them?

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Le Mars
When DALLAS & ROBO get the opportunity to return to the world of stock car racing, they’re forced to square off against their two biggest rivals - Whiskey Johnson and Dallas’s ego.

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The Joy of Cooking
After accidentally unlocking the secret of time travel, DALLAS & ROBO go back in time and come face-to-face with a couple of real assholes.

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Murder on the Georgia Overdrive
It’s a dark and solar stormy night aboard The Overdrive as DALLAS & ROBO attempt to discover which one of their new passengers is secretly a murderous cannibal biker in disguise.

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I, Robo
After receiving some unexpected news about a fellow Moonshiner trucker, DALLAS & ROBO pay a dangerous visit to Mars’s moon.

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Moonbound and Down
In order to win a bet and score free booze at The Golden Pathfinder Casino, DALLAS & ROBO blast off on a high-speed,no-rules, balls-to-the-wall, space-trucking moon run.

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Aces Wild
When space truckers DALLAS & ROBO have their trailer full of particle weapons stolen by the notorious cannibal biker gang, our heroes must go undercover to steal back their load and save the solar system from certain chaos.

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Dallas & Robo is an animated science fiction comedy series that was first aired in May 2018 on YouTube Red, YouTube's original content platform now known as YouTube Premium. The brainchild of Mike Roberts, the series features eight, twenty-two minute long episodes that combine Western, space adventure and comedy genres, offering an ample dose of escapism through a quirky, novel universe. The primary characters, lorry driver Dallas Moonshiner and her sentient AI partner Robo, are brilliantly brought to life with the vocal power of Kat Dennings and John Cena. Dallas & Robo exhibits a striking dynamics between its characters, allowing engaging character development to shine through the fast-paced narrative. Dallas, voiced by Dennings, is a fiercely confident and spirited former stock car racer who now pilots her spaceship through the cosmic highways of the universe. She is an intriguing combination of sassy and savvy, a country girl at heart with an astounding profanity vocabulary, bringing life and humor to the series. Accompanying Dallas is Robo, brought to life by Cena's baritone charm. Robo is an artificial intelligence, loaded on a hulking robotic body, who used to be a highly decorated warrior bot and now finds joy in reading human philosophy and having intellectually stimulating conversations. Despite his synthetic nature, Robo's character displays deeply humane characteristics and philosophy, which adds an interesting depth to the show. Traversing through the dangers of interstellar space, Dallas and Robo's primary occupation is to transport goods for a company named Moonshiner Trucking. In between evading space cannibals, confrontations with rival transporters and dealing with a range of zany space outlaws, Dallas & Robo encapsulates a motley crew of characters and situations. With a Mars base dating back to the wild west and a Smokey and the Bandit-meets-Guardians of the Galaxy vibe, Dallas & Robo sets a unique tone and provides a breath of fresh sci-fi air. The strange, yet captivating interspecies' diversity is reminiscent of Star Wars' cantina. The frontier flavor doesn't limit itself to the setting; it also permeates through the series' uncensored dialogue and character dynamics, bringing both hearty laughs and emotional moments. The animation of Dallas & Robo is another highlight of the show. It follows an adult-oriented comic style, full of bright, vivid colors and detailing that create a visually engaging and attractive cosmos. The complexity and attention given to space scenes are especially noteworthy, featuring intergalactic chases, celestial anomalies, and space station confrontations. While Dallas & Robo is packed with comedy, it does not sideline its serious elements. It engages with philosophical discussions about humanity and existentialism. It often uses its humor to gleefully skewer classic sci-fi tropes while also lovingly indulging in them. The series also features a rocking ensemble voice cast with recurring characters voiced by Milana Vayntrub, Jane Lynch, Giancarlo Esposito, Steven Root, Taran Killam, Clancy Brown, Dana Snyder and Bree Williamson, among others. They add layers and wealth to the story's universe by populating it with characters that range from hilarious to downright dangerous. Despite being characterized as an adult animation, Dallas & Robo's appeal extends beyond a mature audience. With Dennings’ and Cena's pulsating chemistry, a stampede of sci-fi references, and a nuanced blend of humor and heart, it manages to appeal to all viewers who enjoy space adventures coupled with a sprinkle of Western, slapstick humor, and existential cogitation. In conclusion, Dallas & Robo, as a YouTube premium product, pushes the boundaries of processional narrative and production value, showcasing aired episodes that amalgamate a smart, quick-witted script with powerful performances, aesthetically pleasing animation and a distinctive universe. So, if you love space westerns, irreverent humor, or just enjoy well-drawn complex characters, Dallas & Robo is very worth exploring.

Dallas & Robo is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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