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The U.S. Finals
It's time for the event that Youth Silver has been working towards all season - the U.S. FInals, the biggest competition the team has ever attended! When the girls take the stage, tragedy strikes. Will they be able to make a come back?

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The Eyes and Ears of the Gym
Alisha and James clash over changing a routine a week before the national championships. Meanwhile, Bonnie accuses Andrea of spreading rumors; and Shannon delivers tragic news.

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Watch Your Step
Youth Silver are in Chicago, where the competition is similar to what they'll face in the nationals. Meanwhile, Alisha is worried Kylie's injury is getting more serious; and the mothers enter a mud run that becomes emotional.

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I Got That Magic Pee
Alisha wants to return to Chicago with an elite group; Alisha faces a tough coaching decision; Andrea shares a tip for healing a burn.

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Enter Coach James
Alisha recruits a new coach to whip the team into shape after their first loss; Shannon has a big vision for Ann and Michelle.

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Learning to Trust
Youth Silver makes a potentially costly mistake in Dallas; Andrea plans a camping trip to get the moms to bond.

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Do What You Gotta Do To Win
After a narrow victory at their last competition, Alisha adds a difficult stunt to Youth Silver's routine. A cheer magazine puts on a clinic at CTR and scouts YS girls to feature in an article.

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With Success, Comes Pressure...
The second season finds Alisha revamping the team's routine to prepare the girls for bigger events, including one in Huntsville, Texas. One drawback, their parents are worried by the addition of faster dance moves and more complicated tumbling passes just a week before the competition.

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Cheer Perfection is an American reality television series that debuted on the TLC network on July 11, 2012, and is centered around the world of competitive cheerleading. Set in Sherwood, Arkansas, the show uncovers the cutthroat and high-pressure environment of cheerleading training as it follows a group of young athletes and their over-invested moms at Cheer Time Revolution, a nationally recognized gym known for producing some of the country's top cheerleaders.

The series gives a behind-the-scenes look at the grueling practice schedule, intense competition, and inter-parent rivalries, depicting just how much pressure these young cheerleaders, all between the ages of eight and thirteen, face as they aim for perfection in their strenuous routines and performances. Regular practice sessions are presented as battlegrounds where routines are practiced tirelessly, and the girls train under the watchful eyes of Alisha Dunlap and her spouse, RD.

Lively, tenacious and hands-on, Alisha Dunlap, Cheer Time Revolution's head coach, and her assistant, Bonnie Crow, expect only the very best from their students. Alisha's credentials as a former competitor, coupled with her experience in training some of the country's best cheerleading squads, gives her the know-how to navigate the cheerleading scene and the credibility to demand top-notch performances from her students. However, it isn't always smooth sailing, as her drive for perfection often pits her against the parents who have their visions for their children's success.

Cheer Perfection also delves into the lives of the exceptional young cheerleaders as they juggle their cheer schedule with everyday life. These girls defy the typical cheerleader stereotype proving to be not just pretty faces but also intelligent, hardworking, and committed athletes. Mothers of these cheerleaders play an equally significant role in the narrative, highlighting their own dramas and dynamics as they maneuver through the world of competitive youth sports. Viewers get a glimpse of the mothers' unequivocal support, intense involvement, and sometimes excessive pressure on their daughters to succeed.

Often, the parents' competitive nature becomes central to the drama, creating an environment of ambition and rivalry not only amongst the cheerleaders but also the parents themselves. Capturing the lengths to which these fiercely devoted and competitive parents will go to secure their daughters' success, the show portrays both the sacrifices made and the conflicts that arise in their pursuit for Cheer perfection. Their interactions and confrontations with the coaches augment the show's appeal as it offers a unique look at the intricacies of parent-coach relationships in competitive cheerleading.

The series captures the emotional rollercoaster that comes with competitive cheerleaders' journey and the immense pressure they face from parents, coaches, peers, and themselves. It portrays the personal and professional highs and lows that they experience: the thrill of landing a tricky stunt, the disappointment of making a mistake, the anticipation of team selection, and the exhilaration of winning a coveted trophy. Each moment, whether fraught with tension or filled with joy, is amplified on the screen, providing viewers with an authentic, raw insight into what it truly takes to aim for cheer perfection.

Beyond the immediate cheerleading circle, Cheer Perfection doesn't shy away from portraying how the competition affects the personal lives of the parents and cheerleaders. The blending of the professional and personal domains often sets the stage for some of the show's more significant moments, resulting in entertaining, and occasionally, emotional viewing.

Part documentary, part drama, Cheer Perfection offers a fascinating and original look into the extraordinary weeks of training leading up to the national competition. Packed with enthusiastic cheerleading displays, intimate family moments, explosive parental confrontations, and candid confessions, the reality series is more than just a show about cheerleading - it's about dedication, ambition, relations, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Viewed through the prism of sport, Cheer Perfection is a revealing exploration of the intensity and passion that drives these young girls and their families.

In conclusion, Cheer Perfection is a dramatic, informative reality television series that shines a spotlight onto the demanding and competitive field of youth cheerleading, presenting an unfiltered look at the determination, drama, and spirit that drive these young athletes towards perfection.

Cheer Perfection is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.6.

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