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New Canaan, CA
As the world grows smaller, Samson devises a grand plan; Justin forces Iris to face her fear of heights; Stroud wants to protect Justin; Sofie finds herself in the dark; Rita Sue is touched by Samson's generosity; Ben performs his most important healings.

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Outside New Canaan
When Samson announces the carnival's next stop, Lila challenges his authority; Stumpy and Rita fear dark days to come; and Libby urges Jones to reveal a secret to the troupe. As Justin baptizes his converts, a new tragedy rises to the surface; Ben volunteers to stack firewood; Sofie sees a face from her past; Iris welcomes a chance to sponsor some fun; and Justin is startled by a development in the migrant camp.

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Cheyenne, WY
Libby struggles to stick to her alibi, buckling under the weight of Rita Sue's superiority; Jones goes for a ride with Ben; Ruthie delivers a nocturnal message to Lila; Talbot- Smith intercepts a near disaster for Justin and reneges on a deal with Scudder; Iris discovers a relative; Stroud increases security with his "Knights of Jericho," and Justin does some backseat driving.

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Lincoln Highway
Ben and Jones learn that justice is "for the birds"; Ruthie's visitor leaves lipstick traces; Lila tries to reach Lodz; Sofie finds salvation in her work; Iris takes Eleanor on a picnic; Balthus misses a big chance; Stroud keeps the morphine flowing; and when chaos breaks out during a public speech, Justin shocks the crowd with forgiveness.

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Outskirts, Damascus, NE
Ben and Samson have a heated argument; Iris and Justin back a local politician; Rita Sue tries to play hardball with Stumpy's debt collector; Libby shocks her parents with an announcement; Ruthie seeks refuge in the safety of her trailer; Smith interprets a bad sign for Justin; Stroud nurses a wound; Jones is blamed for an accident; and Sofie finds a new job.

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Damascus, NE
Justin and Iris placate Bishop McNaughton with a hearty breakfast; Ben follows his visions to a seedy hotel with Stroud hot on his tail; Sabina airs her dirty laundry with Lila; Libby and Rita Sue do some self-reflection; Iris displays her strength to Norman; the troupe worries about Sofie; Libby gives Jones special treatment; and Samson is distracted while Management tries to destroy a gift from Ben.

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The Road to Damascus
The troupe breaks bread with another carnival and Samson makes a deal with an old friend named Sabina; Iris and Justin prepare for their most difficult sermon yet; Stumpy panics as Rita Sue goes on a charity mission; Jones and Stumpy both try to defend Libby's honor; Lila makes a new friend; and Ben and Sofie dance around family issues.

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Creed, OK
Justin is pushed by Dolan to make a difficult decision; Iris gives an important dictation; Ben has a nightmare visit with a mask-maker; Ruthie shares her visions with Sofie, who decides to help Ben; Rita Sue is generous with Stumpy, who bets on a big fight; Libby fishes for a compliment from Jones; Stroud continues his pursuit of Ben; and Justin receives a mysterious gift that gives him a new perspective.

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Old Cherry Blossom Road
A relative of Ben's reveals to him dark family secrets - and the face of death. Stroud reports on his progress to Justin, who now sees the threat Ben poses; Balthus bears witness to more of Justin's abuse of power; and Iris beseeches Justin not to keep secrets, though she's desperate to protect her own.

Watch Carnivale Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Ingram, TX
As Ben searches for a mysterious next link, Justin tends to his flock. Meanwhile, Stroud investigates a mining accident that left all but one man dead; Sofie refuses to read Ben's tarot but the cards have an agenda of their own; Dolan grills another arson witness; Ruthie is visited by a mysterious shadow; Stumpy peddles the girls to a barely legal audience; Gabriel assists Ruthie in her latest death- defying act; and Ben receives a rough welcome when he stumbles upon distant relatives.

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Alamogordo, N.M.
Stroud hits the road on his mission, making rapid progress. Ben seeks out a former associate of Scudder's named Father Kerrigan, a disturbed artist whose "vision" Ben has seen before.

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Los Moscos
As Brother Justin spreads his radio message to the weak and huddled masses, his word reaches the ears of a new "apostle" - prison inmate Varlyn Stroud - and occultist Wilfred Talbot Smith, who pushes him to seek out the elusive Henry Scudder. Meanwhile, Management also urges Ben to find his father, showing him visions of the apocalyptic horrors that otherwise threaten.

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Carnivale, created by Daniel Knauf, is an American television series broadcasted on HBO from 2003 to 2005. The drama is distinctive, filled with mystery, supernatural elements, and dark, atmospheric storytelling, all packaged in a well-researched historical setting of the Great Depression era.

The narrative of this series is told against the backdrop of a traveling circus, the 'Carnivale,' that moves through the American Dust Bowl. The contrast between the grim world outside and the colorful, though chaotic, microcosm of the carnival forms the perfect canvas for a tale that blurs the lines between good and evil, destiny and free will, and reality and illusion.

Nick Stahl heads the ensemble cast as Ben Hawkins, a young fugitive with a mysterious healing power who finds both refuge and a sense of purpose in Carnivale. His life takes a strange turn when he encounters the enigmatic Michael J. Anderson, who portrays Samson, the dwarf trailer manager and the right hand of unseen carnival owner, 'Management'. Adrienne Barbeau is the sly fortuneteller with her own secrets.

In another part of this beautifully imagined world, we meet Brother Justin Crowe, a Californian preacher full of charisma but grappling with dark visions. Brilliantly portrayed by Clancy Brown, Brother Justin represents the other end of the show's moral spectrum, paralleling Ben’s struggles.

As the story unfolds, viewers witness the turbulent happenings both inside and outside the carnival as various storylines organically cross paths. Patrick Bauchau's character, the enigmatic blind mentalist named Lodz, provides an additional layer of mysterious depth to the Carnivale.

Despite the heavily supernatural overtones, the series does not shy away from portraying the raw, harsh realities of the Great Depression era. The vivid and captivating portrayal of Dust Bowl society is one of the show's distinctive features. The enduring characters try to make their ends meet performing in the carnival by day, while navigating their inner demons, mysterious pasts, and challenging relationships by night.

The series also gives us a rich secondary cast, each with unique narratives that contribute to the overall narrative in significant ways. Debra Christofferson's Lila, the bearded lady, Tim DeKay's Clayton Jones, the strongman, and Clea DuVall's Sofie, the tarot card reader, are as essential to Carnivale as the main leads.

Adding to the narrative, Cynthia Ettinger, John Fleck, Carla Gallo, Toby Huss, provide vital support whose stories weave in and out of the central plotline, enhancing the richness and depth of the series. Amy Madigan, Diane Salinger, Steben Twins, Brian Turk, and Ralph Waite leave unforgettable impressions in their roles.

The production design and cinematography of Carnivale are as mesmerizing as the plot itself. The authenticity of the carnival set, the costumes, and the general atmosphere are praiseworthy, pulling the audience deeper into the world of the 1930s Dust Bowl. The creators do an excellent job of maintaining authenticity while keeping viewers submerged in this mystical atmosphere that is both familiar and foreign.

Carnivale utilizes its historical setting to confront larger metaphysical questions effectively. Powered by strong performances, it is an intelligent exploration of timeless themes like good versus evil, free will, and personal destiny. The narratives carry an eerie charm that keeps the viewer's engrossed.

Thus, Carnivale is a must-watch for fans of character-driven narratives with supernatural elements. Throughout its 24 episodes, Carnivale delivers a beautifully eerie saga, presenting an alternative view of the past filled with wonders and horrors. Through its unique concept and a cast of distinctive characters, Carnivale explores the complexities of the human condition in a parched, desolate landscape, dedicating itself to the indictment of universal dichotomies in the backdrop of historic trauma. The series showcases HBO's commitment to pioneering original and bold content. Be prepared to dive into the mysterious and sprawling universe of Carnivale, but remember – everything comes at a price inside the circus tent.

Carnivale is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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Michael J. Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, Clancy Brown, Debra Christofferson, Tim DeKay, Clea DuVall, Cynthia Ettinger, Carla Gallo, Toby Huss, Amy Madigan, Nick Stahl, Brian Turk, Diane Salinger, Patrick Bauchau, Ralph Waite, John Savage, Scott MacDonald, Robert Knepper, Linda Hunt, Blake Shields, John Carroll Lynch, John Fleck, Amanda Aday
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