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Episode 5
Christopher fights on the Front with McKechnie and Perowne. Valentine is waiting for the news of Christopher.

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Episode 4
At Rouen, Christopher tries to get the soldiers ready for the draft. While in London Sylvia decides to go see her husband in France, oblivious to the consequences it will have on him.

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Episode 3
Many rumors about Christopher start to circulate which leads to tragedy at Groby, his family estate. Sylvia finds a new admirer and Valentine moves to London.

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Episode 2
Sylvia and Christopher are reunited publicly but their private relationship is still turbulent. Christopher is torn between his marriage and Valentine.

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Episode 1
Christopher Tietjens marries cruel socialite Sylvia. She constantly flirts with other men, he Ignores it and remains faithful to her, even after he encounters young suffragette Valentine.

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Set during the First World War, Parade's End is a sweeping, five-part historical drama by HBO that presents a compelling study of high society in a time of an incredible societal upheaval. The series is based on Ford Madox Ford's novels, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall, Adelaide Clemens and Rupert Everett. It presents a fascinating look at Britain's ruling class as it morphs from Edwardian aristocracy to modern democracy.

Television audiences are introduced to Christopher Tietjens (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), an idealistic and principled member of the British nobility who becomes embroiled in a complex love triangle that spans nearly a decade. Tietjens is an officer feared by men and respected for his unshakeable integrity, combined with a repressed emotional temperament, providing Cumberbatch with a role that captures his penchant for portraying layered and complex characters.

Opposing Tietjens in his romantic pursuits, is his beautiful, high-spirited and equally strong-willed wife, Sylvia (played by Rebecca Hall). Not satisfied with their faltering marriage, Sylvia is an eternal rebel against the stifling confines of society and her husband's inscrutable demeanor. Hall's performance is a vivid depiction of a woman who is, by turns, manipulative, warm, angry and desperate.

Adding more emotional complication to this already troubled relationship is young Suffragette, Valentine Wannop (Adelaide Clemens), who comes into Christopher's life almost accidently, and remains to become his most genuine, if unlikely, ally. A polar opposite to Sylvia, Valentine embodies a new era of female freedom, embodying the emerging voice of women in public life and epitomizing the dramatic societal shifts taking place during and after the War.

The series is set against the backdrop of World War I, and the looming chaos of the conflict only amplifies the social, political and personal turmoil underlying. As these characters struggle to make sense of their lives amongst tragic, surprising and often heartbreaking circumstances, Parade's End expertly handles themes of morality, love, betrayal and redemption, all under the looming shadow of a war that threatens to change everything. The war scenes themselves are not glamorized, but portrayed with gritty realism, maintaining the authenticity of the period.

Parade's End is further enriched by a solid supporting cast that compliments the main performances expertly. Notable among them is Rupert Everett, who plays Mark Tietjens, Christopher’s older brother. Mark is a man who'd prefer the world to remain as it was, providing a stark contrast to Christopher’s progressive views. Everett portrays Mark with an aristocratic pomposity that serves as an effective foil to Christopher's moral earnestness.

Playwright Tom Stoppard, known for his nuanced character studies, deftly adapted Ford's novels for the screen. His sharp and incisive writing breathes life into these complex characters, unraveling their conflicting emotions amidst the tumult of a rapidly changing society. The script is brimming with intricate character interactions, silent undercurrents and quicksilver emotional shifts that keep the audience engaged and emotionally invested.

The production quality of Parade's End deserves special mention. From the stunning costumes to the meticulously recreated locations, every detail is thoroughly researched and accurately depicted for the period. Director Susanna White, renowned for her work on 'Bleak House' and 'Generation Kill' once again exhibits her flair for historical dramas.

Parade’s End is not just a conventional period drama; it is a vivid and poignant exploration of the human heart caught in a whirlwind of change. An engaging plot, riveting performances, and excellent production values make this series a treat for fans of historical drama and war narratives alike. It is a story of moral choices, personal sacrifices, and the enduring nature of love, set against a backdrop of one of the most intensely tumultuous periods in human history. Overall, Parade's End is a decidedly relevant watch, a mirror into our past that reflects on our present and the ever-recurring themes of war, love, and societal progression.

Parade's End is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 5 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall, Adelaide Clemens, Miranda Richardson, Roger Allam, Rupert Everett, Sasha Waddell, Janet McTeer, Tom Mison, Stephen Graham
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