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So Long, Sucker
As Don battles with his raging migraines, he looks to secure a new talk show with the Network. After surviving their near-death experience in 207, Simone and JT search for their own independence and win over Aiya's foster parents.

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Love Will Keep Us Together
Don rushes back home to Chicago after his son Raymond alerts him of an altercation with the neighbor. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of 206, Ruby looks to get revenge on Don and Gerald.

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Low Rider
When the Soul Train Club is raided, tensions between Don and Gerald reach a boiling point with Ruby stirring the pot. Meanwhile, Simone steps into a new role when JT's plans for his sister take an unexpected turn.

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Say You Love Me
On the eve of their performance of Soul Train, James Brown loses his best musicians Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker. Don and Gerald help James get them back while learning a lesson in humility.

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Lovely Day
An eclectic Sly and The Family Stone bring their unusual pre-showpractices to set. Meanwhile in an effort to pull crossover audiences and advertisers to Soul Train, Brooks gets Don to book Elton on Soul Train.

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Don tries to salvage a performance with the Pointer sisters despite June flying off the rails.

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Don struggles to get the respect from popular advertisers despite the popularity of his show. After her return home to Los Angeles, Simone looks to rekindle her relationship with JT.

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While Soul Train has grown in popularity. Don deal with the stress of success. Meanwhile, Gerald is extorted by a former accomplice who now works for the Mob, Ruby.

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American Soul is a captivating Drama series aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET) from 2019 to 2020. The show takes the viewer on an enthralling journey back to the 1970s: a key period in American music history and a pivotal era for African American culture. The drama provides a unique perspective on an influential era and the birth of a television show that played a significant role in the popularization of soul music. The series is a semester on black music culture and modern American history. It’s essentially a biographical retelling of the life and times of the iconic Don Cornelius, the creator of "Soul Train", a local TV show that went on to become a national sensation. "Soul Train" is recognized for popularizing genres such as R&B, soul, dance/pop, and hip hop, among others, which were starting to take shape among the African-American communities. American Soul gives a behind-the-scenes look at the tumultuous production of Soul Train - considered one of the most instrumental platforms for artists such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and numerous others. The series vividly portrays the struggle, desire, and ambition it took to launch and keep this revolutionary show on-air. Sinqua Walls embodies the role of the enigmatic and driven Don Cornelius. He brings life to the character and expertly portrays the complexities of the ambitious TV host and producer. Cornelius' character is not just explores the professional life but also the personal struggles and challenges of the era. His vision wasn’t just to create a successful program, but to present a platform where African American artists could share their talents on national television. The narrative of American Soul is deeply layered, intertwining the historical socio-political climate of America in the 70s. Primarily set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, the drama captures the spirit of the times with its racial tensions, anti-war sentiments, and emerging music and fashion trends. The series also offers a nuanced portrayal of African American life, culture, and the struggle for social respect and racial equality. The supporting cast of the series competently aid in fleshing out the narrative. The ensemble, including Kelly Price, Jason Dirden, Katlyn Nichol, and Jelani Winston among others, delivers solid performances, each playing characters with distinctive personality traits and stories that unravel as the series progresses. Notable guest appearances include Kelly Rowland as Gladys Knight, Michelle Williams as Diana Ross, and Bobby Brown as Rufus Thomas, which add an extra layer of authenticity to the series. American Soul is not just about the music; it blends elements of drama, romance, crime, and dance to create a vivid representation of the 1970s. Through high-quality production value, the series succeeds in bringing the atmosphere, fashion, and idiom of the era back to life with an impressive level of detail. The vintage color palettes, the hairdos, clothing, and social norms all contribute to the immersive texture of the series. Even the soundtrack serves not just as an anthology of timeless soul, funk, and R&B hits but also as a narrative instrument and a voice of rebellion and empowerment. What sets American Soul apart is its ambition to be more than just a conventional biographical series. It goes beyond showing us an era or educating us on the history of "Soul Train". It gives the viewer an intimate look into the life of a visionary, the momentous performances, the racial issues, and the cultural dynamics of the period. To sum things up, American Soul is enticingly layered with solid performances and a compelling depiction of an era. It brings a nostalgic era back to life, making viewers tap their feet to the rhythm of Soul Train while at the same time shedding light on the social dynamics of the 70s America. It invites viewers to step into the dancefloor of history, presenting an engaging perspective on significant events and iconic figures in the world of television and music. It's a must-watch for those who have an appreciation for soul music, or even those who simply have an interest in TV and music history.

American Soul is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Sinqua Walls, Jason Dirden, Iantha Richardson, Christopher Jefferson, Katlyn Nichol, Jelani Winston
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