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A chilling and visceral horror feature film, The Green Inferno takes viewers on a disturbing exploration of the dark underbelly of the Amazon rainforest. Directed by Eli Roth, the 2013 movie is a hardcore horror spectacle that employs graphic visuals and distressing situations to cater to the appetites of hardcore horror fans. Starring Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, and Aaron Burns, this film unravels a terrifying narrative of idealism muddled with gruesome reality.

The narrative of The Green Inferno centers around Justine (performed by Lorenza Izzo), a college freshman from New York City, who follows her activist roommate's lead and joins a team of student activists led by Alejandro (played by Ariel Levy). They set off on a journey to save the Amazon rainforest from merciless bulldozers desiring to exploit the richness of the forest for selfish needs. They pull out an audacious plan with an aim to disrupt a logging company's operations and to draw the global community's attention to the cause. They believe they can bring about change and save the indigenous tribe from the brink of extinction.

However, the movie takes a spine-chilling turn when their plane crashes leaving them stranded in the very jungle they aimed to protect. The students' dreams of being global saviors of nature meet an all-consuming nightmare when they encounter the indigenous tribe they sought to save – a pack of cannibalistic tribe members with terrifying customs and practices, in stark contrast to their envisioned romantic and noble savages.

Izzo's measured performance endows her character, Justine, with a sense of naivety and compassion that stands out against the backdrop of violence and horror. Ariel Levy's Alejandro is complex, with well-articulated conflicts and certain dark corners. The character development provides more depth to the narrative and makes the characters more relatable, despite the extreme circumstances they face.

The Green Inferno is heavily inspired by the 1980s genre of cannibal films and blends two very distinct themes - horror and activism. It successfully creates a shocking atmosphere with the gory presentation and bold direction from Roth. The horror of the film is amplified not only by its graphic depiction of violence but also by its lingering psychological dread, essentially challenging the viewers' comfort zone while deliberating on complex questions of human nature, civilization, and desolation.

Eli Roth has crafted a film that doesn't shy away from showcasing graphic gore and the gruesome reality of cannibalistic practices. The director transforms the rich, green Amazon rainforest from a symbol of life and biodiversity into an arena of dread, filled with the echoes of helpless cries and ominous tribal music. He uses the lush green imagery and primitive setting to craft a relentless sense of dread and doom that grips viewers, while maintaining a well-paced narrative that doesn't let up until the final seconds.

The film can be seen as a critique of blind activism, underlining the potential consequences of ill-informed efforts and misplaced idealism. It subtly questions the ethics of activism and its intersectionality with ego and self-interest, thus invoking thoughtful introspection amid the horrid scenarios unfolding on the screen.

The incredibly effective soundscapes and the expert cinematography by Antonio Quercia further elevate the raw fear factor of the movie, plunging the viewer deep into the heart of the terror-filled Amazon. The vibrant cinematography starkly contradicts the disheartening events, thus setting the tone for a ripping experience that takes the audience from the comfort of civilized society to the raw, brutal, and primal struggle for survival.

Despite its grotesque imagery, The Green Inferno is not intended merely to shock and alarm. Through the unconventional horror plot spun around activism, Roth raises unsettling questions on the human perception of civilization and savagery, the limits of idealism, and the price of naivety.

In conclusion, The Green Inferno is a unflinching foray into the harrowing depths of horror that is a must-see for any horror aficionado. Roth's distinct and visceral storytelling — set within the lush, yet ominous Amazon rainforest and bolstered by potent performances from the cast — forms a severe critique of misguided activism while stirring up a torrent of fearsome thrills.

The Green Inferno is a Horror, Thriller, Adventure movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 38.

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