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Death Wish, directed by Eli Roth and released in 2018, is a gripping and thrilling action crime film. The screenplay, penned by Joe Carnahan, is based on the 1974 film of the same name and the novel by Brian Garfield. A rich and thought-provoking narrative: the protagonist's journey towards his unconventional way of justice seeking is poignantly etched out.

Bruce Willis, the Hollywood superstar known for playing tough, indomitable characters with an edgy charm, takes on the lead role of Dr. Paul Kersey, a respected and unassuming Chicago-based surgeon with a seemingly idyllic life. However, his world soon takes a drastic rough turn when unforeseen circumstances plunge him into the cruel depths of misfortune and despair. As Willis traverses his character's harrowing journey, he breathes life into the role with commendable believability and sincerity, connecting the audience to Kersey's personal quandary.

Co-starring with Willis is Vincent D'Onofrio, who wonderfully portrays Frank Kersey, Paul's brother. D’Onofrio brings gravitas and a few much-needed lighter moments to the storyline. The characters' reactions and the narrative shift following traumatic familial upheaval provide a hard-hitting emotional anchor to the chilling saga of vengeance.

Elisabeth Shue steps into the role of Lucy Kersey, Paul's wife, exhibiting a touching innocence that truly underscores the tragedy that ensues. Her portrayal effectively manages to tug at the heartstrings, making the high stakes of the narrative all the more palpable.

Apart from the powerful performances, the film's technical aspects also play a crucial role in shaping its overall appeal. Leaning heavily into the action-crime genre the movie boasts a finely staged action set pieces that sincerely amplify the tension and thrill. The suspense is maintained with a combination of meticulous pacing and editing, making the story engaging throughout.

The film pulsates with Eli Roth's distinctive touch, who weaves an unsettling tale touching upon a socially relevant issue in an entertaining manner. The narrative frequently veers into areas of deep moral and social questioning, yet its thought-provoking approach never derails the entertainment quotient. Roth's challenge was to keep the tragic tone but add a glimpse of his very own style, and his distinctive touch to Death Wish is very apparent. It strikes a delicate balance: it's confronting but doesn’t revel in the rawness of the situations presented.

Much of the emotional power of the film emerges from the clever use of its urban setting, presenting Chicago as a city filled with charm but also riddled with crime. The cinematography smartly captures the city's duality, which reflects in Willis's character and his transformation.

The Director offers a fresh take on vigilantism and the costs it exacts on an individual, reflecting our contemporary social reality and challenging conventional perspectives on justice and morality. With stark contrasts and provocative themes, Death Wish is both an intense cinematic experience and a profound socio-political commentary.

Furthermore, Death Wish is enriched by a fitting music score, which augments the emotional vastly reality portrayed on the screen. The gripping narrative is well complemented by its powerful background score, which raises the emotional stakes and engages the audience.

Overall, Death Wish is a powerful film that explores very human themes of loss, resilience, justice, and vengeance against the backdrop of a crime-prone urban landscape. The formidable performances by Bruce Willis and the rest of the cast, combined with Roth's skilled direction and a pulsating script, crafts an emotionally resonant and socially potent crime-action thrill ride.

In conclusion, Death Wish is an action-packed film imbued with emotional heft, and is sure to leave audiences stirred and contemplating long after the final credits roll. The compelling story, the masterful performances, and Roth’s adept direction create a cinematic experience that is both satisfyingly thrilling and thoughtfully layered, making fans of the genre sit up and take note.

Death Wish is a Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 107 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 31.

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