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Breakheart Pass is a Western action-thriller film released in 1975, directed by Tom Gries, and starring Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, and Richard Crenna. Set in 1873 in the American West, the film follows John Deakin (Bronson), a former army intelligence officer, who boards a train carrying medical supplies and troops to a remote military outpost in the mountains. However, things take a dark turn as a series of murders occur on the train, and it becomes clear that not everyone aboard has good intentions.

The movie begins with John Deakin arriving at a train station in the middle of nowhere, where a train is preparing to leave for a remote outpost in the mountains. Deakin, who claims to be a government agent overseeing the transport of medical supplies, is allowed to board the train, even though the suspicious stationmaster warns him that the trip will not be a pleasant one.

As the train sets off on its journey, it becomes clear that something is not right. A group of tough-looking men are also on board, and tensions rise as the passengers start to suspect that they may be criminals. Furthermore, several people on board start getting sick, and it is revealed that there are not enough medical supplies to go around. When the train arrives at a small station, the passengers discover that the local doctor has been murdered.

As the journey continues, it becomes apparent that there is a conspiracy on board, and John Deakin is not quite who he claims to be. Several passengers are murdered, and it becomes clear that someone is trying to cover up a series of crimes. Eventually, the train arrives at its destination, a military outpost high in the mountains, and the final showdown takes place.

One of the things that makes Breakheart Pass such an enjoyable film is the cast. Charles Bronson is perfectly cast as the tough and enigmatic John Deakin, and he exudes a quiet intensity that keeps the audience guessing about his true intentions until the very end. Ben Johnson, as the gruff and pragmatic Marshal Pearce, is also a standout, and his scenes together with Bronson are some of the film's best.

Another aspect of the film that makes it so compelling is the tension that builds throughout. From the moment that John Deakin boards the train, there is a sense of unease that never quite dissipates. The sense of claustrophobia and the sense of danger that permeates the film are masterfully executed, creating a feeling of constant dread that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

The film also benefits from an intriguing plot that keeps unfolding in interesting and unexpected ways. There are several plot twists and turns throughout the movie, and the final reveal is both satisfying and surprising.

Finally, the film is beautifully shot, with stunning panoramic shots of the rugged and wild mountain landscapes. The production design is also impressive, with the train and the military outpost convincingly recreated in gritty and realistic detail.

Overall, Breakheart Pass is a thrilling and entertaining Western that delivers on all fronts, with a compelling plot, strong performances, and impressive visuals. It is an excellent example of the genre and a must-watch for fans of action-thrillers and Westerns alike.

Breakheart Pass is a Thriller, Western, Mystery movie released in 1976. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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