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In the 1977 film The White Buffalo, Charles Bronson stars as Wild Bill Hickok, a legendary gunslinger who is haunted by a recurring nightmare in which he is attacked by a monstrous white buffalo. As he travels west to Deadwood, South Dakota, Hickok becomes increasingly fixated on the creature, convinced that it represents a spiritual threat to him.

Along the way, he meets various characters who are also hunting the white buffalo, including Crazy Horse (Will Sampson), a Native American warrior who seeks to kill the creature as a way of restoring his people's honor, and Charlie Zane (Jack Warden), a grizzled frontiersman who has made it his life's mission to bring down the elusive beast.

As Hickok and his companions embark on their dangerous quest, they must contend with treacherous terrain, hostile weather, and frequent attacks by hostile tribes. Along the way, they must confront their deepest fears and personal demons, while also learning to work together and trust one another in order to achieve their goal.

The White Buffalo is a gripping and atmospheric western that blends action, adventure, and horror elements into a uniquely thrilling cinematic experience. Director J. Lee Thompson, who previously worked with Bronson on films like The St. Valentine's Day Massacre and Death Wish, creates a vivid and immersive world that brings to life the untamed wilderness of the American frontier.

Bronson, as always, delivers a strong performance as the brooding and haunted Hickok, imbuing the character with a sense of depth and complexity that elevates the film above standard genre fare. Sampson, who previously co-starred with Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, is equally impressive as Crazy Horse, bringing a quiet and understated intensity to the role that is both powerful and haunting.

Warden, for his part, brings a sense of humor and earthy charm to the part of Zane, serving as a counterpoint to the more serious and brooding Hickok. Together, the three actors form a dynamic and unpredictable trio that drives the film forward with a sense of urgency and intensity.

In addition to its strong performances, The White Buffalo also boasts impressive visual effects that bring the eponymous creature to life in all its terrifying glory. The white buffalo itself is a stunning and awe-inspiring sight, a surreal and otherworldly presence that looms large over the landscape and haunts the dreams of the film's characters.

Despite its genre-bending approach and unconventional subject matter, The White Buffalo remains a compelling and engaging film that deserves to be better known and celebrated. With its potent blend of action, adventure, and horror elements, it stands as a testament to the power and versatility of the western genre, and a testament to the enduring appeal of Charles Bronson as one of cinema's most iconic figures.

The White Buffalo is a Western, Adventure, Action movie released in 1977. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 25.

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