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Terror Train, a movie released in 1980, is a spine-tingling horror-slasher flick directed by the skilled hands of Roger Spottiswoode. The film casts veterans like Ben Johnson, the accomplished actress Jamie Lee Curtis, and versatile actor Hart Bochner in leading roles. In the earnest tradition of classic horror cinema, Terror Train is a thrilling story set against the backdrop of a train journey which, instead of heading towards a delightful destination, is poised to ride its passengers straight into a macabre nightmare.

The film unveils its eerie tale on a college campus, which becomes the epicenter of a nightmarish event that circles back three years later, haunting those involved. A group of medical students, played by a talented ensemble of actors including Jamie Lee Curtis and Hart Bochner, plan a raging New Year's Eve party aboard a moving train as a final hurray before their graduation.

They are anticipating a night filled with gaiety and jamboree exclusively with their fraternity and sorority friends. Their choice of a nostalgic setting places a vintage train to encapsulate their festive frenzy. However, the curtain of lighthearted revelry is gradually lifted to reveal a hidden guest lurking amongst them, turning their celebration into a morbid countdown of survival.

Ben Johnson portrays the character of Carne, a seasoned and wily train conductor, whose old-fashioned charm adds a unique flavor to the movie. The storyline proffers him as the moral compass and protector amid the chaos. His initial dismissal of the students' juvenile shenanigans takes a sinister turn when he realizes the deadly game that’s playing out on his watch.

Jamie Lee Curtis gives life to the character of Alana, a determined and strong-willed medical student. True to her "scream queen" moniker, Curtis delivers a stunning performance that imbues the movie with tension, horror, and raw emotional power. Alana's tenacity and courage play significant roles in the high-stakes cat-and-mouse chase that unfolds as the party takes a terrifying turn.

Hart Bochner, on the other hand, portrays the devil-may-care frat boy Doc Manley with relatable authenticity. Manley, though one of the party's initiators, is completely oblivious to the horrifying turn of events his frivolous celebration is about to experience. The interplay between Bochner's and Curtis's characters further amplifies the suspense.

Terror Train also stands as a testament to the mastery of legendary makeup artist Tom Burman. From unsettling masks to unnerving special effects, Burman's craftsmanship instills an added layer of skin-crawling terror to every scene - making viewers cringe in their seat but ensuring they cannot look away.

But the ambiance created isn't solely predicated on horror. Terror Train offers lush visual aesthetics through striking cinematography. The cinematography contrasts the vibrant party scene against the slow unwinding horror with a chilling use of colors and hauntingly atmospheric lighting, engrossing viewers into the palpable fear. Moreover, the sense of suffocating panic is depicted through long, revealing shots of the claustrophobic train interiors as the students are pitted against their unknown predator in a setting with no easy escape.

Terror Train’s score further contributes to the escalating suspense and bone-chilling horror. The soundtrack, made up of discordant tunes, shrill notes, and an eerie emphasis on silence, contributes to the overall audio-visual horror experience.

The film builds upon the terror in a gradual, sustained manner, without heavily relying on cheap jump-scares or excessive blood and gore. Hence, Terror Train offers a unique balance of mystery and suspense, shifting the audience's attention from the gruesome to the psychological aspects of horror.

In a nutshell, Terror Train is a movie that does not just rely on its horror premise to shake its viewer's core but also meticulously weaves a tale of suspense. It displays a deep understanding of its genre's nuances and brilliantly exploits its setting to deliver a memorable horror experience. With its fine acting, gripping plot, haunting sounds, striking visuals, and atmospheric direction, Terror Train is a distinct spectacle of 80s horror cinema that sends shivers down even the most hardened of spines.

Terror Train is a Horror, Thriller movie released in 1980. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 42.

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