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The Evil is a horror film from 1978 that stars Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, and Andrew Prine. The movie tells the story of a group of people who encounter a supernatural force while staying in an old mansion.

The movie begins with Dr. C.J. Arnold, played by Crenna, a psychologist who has purchased an old mansion to turn it into a drug rehab facility. He is joined by a small group of people which includes his wife, Caroline, played by Pettet, and patient, Felicia, played by Lynne Moody.

Soon after the group arrives at the mansion, strange things start happening. Doors slam shut on their own, furniture moves by itself, and dark shadows loom in the corners. One of the patients, Marvin, played by Prine, discovers a hidden room in the house that was used for Satanic rituals, and he believes that the darkness he feels within the house is due to the supernatural.

As the group tries to rid the house of the evil presence, they become more and more desperate. They enlist the help of a local priest, Father Adams, played by Victor Buono, but even he is unable to cleanse the house of the evil that lurks within.

The movie is a classic haunted house story, and it borrows heavily from other horror movies of the time, such as The Amityville Horror and The Exorcist. However, it manages to stand out thanks to its creepy atmosphere and engaging performances by the cast members.

One of the standout aspects of the movie is the house itself. The filmmakers did an excellent job of creating a creepy and foreboding atmosphere using the mansion as a backdrop. The creaking floors and dimly-lit rooms give the sense of a haunted house that has been uninhabited for years.

Additionally, the performances by the cast members are all excellent. Crenna is particularly good as the charismatic doctor who is determined to help his patients, despite the dangers they face. Pettet's performance as his somewhat skeptical wife provides a nice counterbalance to Crenna's character.

Prine's portrayal of the troubled patient Marvin is also noteworthy. He brings a sense of unease and paranoia to the role and is particularly effective in the scenes where he is convinced that the house is possessed by demons.

The Evil is a slow burn of a horror movie, which may not appeal to all audiences. The pacing is deliberate, and there are stretches where not much happens. However, for those who appreciate a good psychological horror movie, The Evil is a gem.

Overall, The Evil is a chilling and atmospheric horror movie that is worth a watch, particularly for fans of classic horror movies of the 1970s. The performances by the cast members, the creepy setting of the mansion, and the slow-building tension are all factors that make this movie a must-see for horror fans.

The Evil is a Thriller, Horror movie released in 1978. It has a runtime of 88. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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