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The Absent-Minded Professor is a Disney classic from 1961 that tells the story of Professor Ned Brainard (played by Fred MacMurray), a brilliant but scatterbrained scientist who invents a revolutionary substance called Flubber. Flubber, short for "Flying Rubber," is a green goo that has the power to bounce super high and fly.

The movie begins with Brainard missing his own wedding to his long-time girlfriend Betsy Carlisle (played by Nancy Olson) because he is too absorbed in his experiments. Betsy is disappointed but forgiving, and she understands that Brainard's work is his passion. Soon after, Brainard makes a breakthrough in his experiments and creates Flubber, which has the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry.

The problem is, Brainard hasn't been paying attention to much else in his life, including the fact that he has a vital basketball game to coach at his alma mater. After a series of hilarious mishaps, including a memorable scene in which Brainard forgets to bring his pants to the basketball game, Brainard discovers that Flubber can also be used to help the team win.

As Brainard attempts to juggle his personal life, his professional life, and his revolutionary invention, he runs into trouble with his rival, Alonzo Hawk (played by Keenan Wynn), a rival businessman who sees Flubber as a potential way to make a profit. Hawk is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Flubber, including sabotaging Brainard's experiments and stealing his notes.

Despite Hawk's best efforts, Brainard's invention proves too valuable, and soon Flubber is in the hands of the entire town. Brainard's creation helps the basketball team win their big game, makes cars fly, and helps Betsy get out of a sticky situation. In the end, Brainard realizes the importance of his relationships with those around him and makes a heartfelt change in his priorities.

The Absent-Minded Professor is a delightful family film that carries a message about the importance of balancing work and personal relationships. Fred MacMurray is excellent as the quirky professor whose invention inadvertently helps him save his relationships. Nancy Olson is the perfect romantic counterpart, providing the heart of the movie with her loyalty and patience. Keenan Wynn is perfect as the villainous Hawk, providing a classical foil to Brainard's absent-mindedness.

The movie is also notable for its inventive use of special effects. The Flubber substance is brought to life beautifully with effects that were groundbreaking at the time, and still hold up today. The basketball scene alone is worth the price of admission, with players bouncing impossibly high and performing acrobatic feats with ease.

Overall, The Absent-Minded Professor is a charming and whimsical movie that will leave the whole family smiling. Its message about the importance of relationships and the balance between work and personal life is still relevant today, making it a timeless classic.

The Absent-Minded Professor is a Comedy, Kids & Family, Science Fiction movie released in 1961. It has a runtime of 97 mins. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 75.

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