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Prince Avalanche, a 2013 movie orchestrated with delicate blend of comedy and drama, is a unique cinematic experience. The film stars Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, with a supporting role played by Lance LeGault. Directed by the visionary David Gordon Green, the movie is inspired by an Icelandic film called "Either Way". Green takes the essence of the Icelandic movie and crafts it into a unique narrative suited for American sensibilities.

Set in the year 1988, the movie primarily follows two principal characters - Alvin, portrayed by Paul Rudd, and Lance, played by Emile Hirsch. They are linked through Alvin's girlfriend, who is Lance's sister. As the story unfolds, these two very disparate personalities, who seem to be from entirely different universes, are stuck together in the remote wild fire-damaged woods of Texas. Their task at hand is the seemingly mundane job of repairing and repainting lines on a rural highway damaged by wildfires. Through seemingly long periods of silence, Alvin and Lance find themselves in the midst of a strange wild world, with only each other for company.

Paul Rudd's character, Alvin, is an erudite, socially awkward, nature-loving individual. He is deeply focused on his work, often seen taking it more seriously than needed, constantly caught up in the details. Rudd gives a spectacular performance, managing to imbibe a sense of depth and hidden complexities within Alvin. His hilarious one-liners sprinkled throughout are a delight to hear and they give the movie its intricate, well-timed nuggets of humour, breaking the quiet canvas of solitude that the movie gracefully paints.

On the other hand, Emile Hirsch's character, Lance, is a fun-loving, city-oriented young man in his early twenties who is striving for something more than the tedious, quiet life the countryside and their current job provides him. He misses his city life, the hustle-bustle, and dreams of parties and women. Hirsch showcases his breadth as an actor while playing Lance - a naive, often frivolous young man who delivers his comedic timings just as expertly as his more emotional moments.

The contrast between the two men's perspectives on life, work, relationships, and the sudden bouts of poignant self-reflection forms the crux of the narrative. The movie uses an elegant, patient pace, where every tiny gesture and every word is heavy with meaning, allowing characters to grow and evolve beautifully over time.

Prince Avalanche is as much about the characters as it is about the environment they inhabit. The beautiful yet desolate Texan landscape, ravaged by wildfires (which also provide a symbolic backdrop), plays a significant role in the movie. Shot entirely on location, the vast open spaces and untouched natural beauty are utilized wonderfully by the cinematographer: Tim Orr. The empty, burnt out surroundings serve as a reflection of both Alvin and Lance’s mental states, emphasizing the loneliness and isolation they feel at different points in the movie.

The film's sound design also deserve a special mention. The sounds of nature are punctuated with wistfully composed music by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo. Their music underscores and amplifies the emotions of the character arcs as well as the nuances of the narrative. Without the soundtrack, many of the movie's silent scenes wouldn't have had the same, powerful impact.

Lastly, Lance LeGault in his final cinematic appearance graces the screen as a truck driver who offers the men wisdom and homemade hooch. He adds another layer to the plot, contributing to its depth and overall tone.

All in all, "Prince Avalanche" is an introspective film which expertly mixes elements of oddball comedy with a dramatic, character-driven narrative. You're likely to enjoy this film if you have a predilection for human stories wrapped in the tranquillity of nature combined with nuanced character development and great performances. It is about two men learning to cope with their fears, loneliness and the realization of their lives standing at crossroads. The movie is a beautiful journey through the wilderness of human emotions and the literal wilderness that encapsulates it - a soothing cinematic meditation.

Prince Avalanche is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 94 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 73.

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