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Out Cold is a fun-filled comedy movie that was released in 2001, based on the 1986 movie ‘Casual Sex?' The movie was directed by Brendan and Emmett Malloy and features a talented cast, including Flex Alexander, David Denman, and A.J. Cook.

The story is set in the snow-covered town of Bull Mountain, Alaska, where a group of friends runs a popular snowboarding resort. Bull Mountain's snowboarding resort offers the vacationer a variety of activities, such as downhills and alpine-style skiing. The movie revolves around the lives of these friends, who spend their days snowboarding, partying, and trying to live life to the fullest.

The main character of Out Cold is Rick Rambis, played by Jason London. He’s a good-looking, easy-going, and incredibly talented snowboarder. As the story unfolds, Rick gets caught up in a love triangle with his longstanding best friend Jenny (A.J. Cook) and the ambitious new local girl Anna (Caroline Dhavernas) that has taken an interest in him.

Things start to change when the town's richest businessman, John Majors (Lee Majors), decides to buy-out the resort and close it down in favor of a different kind of tourist destination. To prove the point that the mountain is something special, the group decides to hold a huge party on the mountain — Bull Mountain Festival. However, things don't go according to plan, and wild shenanigans ensue, including rogue snowmobiles and bungee jump accidents.

Throughout the movie, there are plenty of funny, and slightly crude jokes with some great comedy performances from the talented cast. There are also some exciting snowboarding scenes with the skilled snowboarders effortlessly navigating down the mountain’s slopes with camera work that gives viewers a feel for the speed and agility of snowboarding.

The music used in Out Cold is outstanding, including contributions from bands such as Lit, Sum 41, and Sugar Ray. The film has an upbeat and energetic soundtrack perfect for the snowboarding lifestyle.

The acting in Out Cold is top-notch. Jason London, who plays Rick, delivers a convincing performance as the laid-back snowboarder. His friends, played by Flex Alexander, David Denman, and Zach Galifianakis, bring the right blend of humor and personality. The supporting cast is also remarkable, with appearances from Victoria Silvstedt and David Koechner, add an extra comic element to the movie.

Out Cold is a fun and light-hearted movie that should be enjoyed with friends. Viewers might recognize similarities to the classic comedy film, Animal House with a blend of snowboarding knowledge added to the plot. This movie does not pretend to be more than it is- a good-natured comedy with engaging characters that fully embrace the absurdities, joys, and challenges of life on Bull Mountain.

In conclusion, Out Cold is an entertaining comedy movie perfect for the fans of the genre. It combines thrilling snowboarding scenes with hilarious antics making it an enjoyable and engaging movie. The performances of the talented cast, the outstanding soundtrack, the beautiful landscapes of Alaska make Out Cold an ideal movie to watch with your friends for a fun movie night.

Out Cold is a Comedy movie released in 2001. It has a runtime of 89 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 22.

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