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Hell to Eternity is a gripping and emotional war drama, released in 1960 and directed by Phil Karlson. The film tells the true story of Guy Gabaldon, a young Mexican-American who is adopted by a Japanese family and later becomes a hero during the Battle of Saipan in World War II.

The movie begins in Los Angeles where we see Gabaldon as a young boy, struggling to fit in with his foster family. Growing up, he finds himself at odds with his surroundings, wanting to find his true identity and grappling with issues of race and culture. However, he finds his calling when he joins the Marines at the age of 18 just before the outbreak of World War II.

Soon, Gabaldon is shipped to the Pacific where he is sent to fight against the Japanese. Despite his confusion over his mixed heritage, he starts to make a name for himself due to his remarkable ability to communicate with the enemy. Gabaldon, who speaks fluent Japanese, becomes a one-man army, sneaking into Japanese territory, and infiltrating their defenses.

As he continues with his mission, he gets captured by the Japanese and is sentenced to death. However, with his ability to speak the language fluently, he convinces the enemy to spare his life and surrender peacefully. Not only does this act of bravery save his own life, Gabaldon's efforts also save countless American soldiers.

As the movie progresses, we see how Gabaldon and his fellow soldiers continue to battle the Japanese in the grueling, blood-soaked Battle of Saipan. The battle is one of the most brutal and violent that anyone has ever witnessed, with both sides fighting with full force, causing massive devastation.

Jeffrey Hunter plays the role of Guy Gabaldon, and his performance is superb. He brings out the emotional complexity of the character, dealing with issues of identity and patriotism amidst the chaos of war. David Janssen plays his fellow comrade, Willie Wise, who is also battling his own personal demons during the intense battle. Vic Damone plays the role of a Marine who sings to boost morale amongst his fellow soldiers, an American classic trope in war films.

The film is well-directed, with the action scenes fully impressive for the time. The emotions are intense and genuine, with several heart-wrenching moments that bring tears to the eyes of audiences. The film also shines a light on the issue of racism in America, showing how ethnic minorities fought for a country that didn't always accept them.

In the end, Hell to Eternity is a film that is both tragic and inspiring. It shows the bravery of a young man who was very much at odds with his American identity and his Japanese heritage. It also depicts the horrors of war and the reality of conflict, where death is an ever-present risk.

Overall, Hell to Eternity is a must-watch for any lover of war dramas. The combination of action, emotion, and racial tension make it a standout film from the era, with a message that still resonates today. It is a tribute to a true American hero and the countless soldiers who fought and died during the Second World War.

Hell to Eternity is a Drama, War movie released in 1960. It has a runtime of 131 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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